Creatures came out of what seemed to be thin air. Animated and alive. They came without a warning and swept the world ...

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I have a lot to say. This mod has it's nice moments, but it definetely also gets very annoying.The visuals, custom weapons and textures are good but that doesn't cut it. I know the dev tried to go for realism but most of the time, too much of that doesn't make it fun. didn't like the bobbing and realism options but they can be disabled so no problem there. no subtitles and not having a constant flashlight ended up beeing very annoying at some points.And why not even allow crosshair to be enabled from the console? Also being able to go everywhere is not that good, when the game doesn't properly show you what you have to do you end up just walking and walking for way too much, until it gets boring.

On a few ocassions i was so overwhelmed by enemies that i was thinkg i have something to do to escape, not just kill them all, because on a some points it seemed almost impossible, and having to constantly heal and save the guy thats with me as he just goes into enemy fire like an idiot made it even more frustrating. but even at the start of the game seems like thats what you have to do.But trust me, the beggining is easy compared to the frustrations ahead. And i say this because i really wanted to love this mod and enjoy it but it was not possible, or on rare occasions. Please take this as a constructive criticism not a hating comment.

An interesting mod with both impressive visuals and voiceacting, that ultimately falls flat on its face due to confusing levels, irregular difficulty, awkward dialogue, wobbly camera, no subtitles, and most of all, scripted sequences that not even the player knows of.

What this mod has in plenty, is visuals. The animations are good, textures smooth, and the models are all very well made. The sound effects from the guns might not be the best around, but they serve their purpose well. It is, in every way and form, a pleasure for the eye.

Unfortunately the gameplay itself is incredibly frustrating. The player has no clear idea of what to do next in the start of the game, and while it is fun to have a bit of freedom of exploration, it becomes quickly frustrating as enemies start piling up with no means to defend oneself.
The difficulty is increadibly irregular. One moment it's a breeze, just shooting a headcrab here, shooting a zombie over there, and all of a sudden, the mod pulls a dickmove and forces you to fight over 25+ enemies at once. Many of these enemies can take quite a beating as well, one example being the houndeyes, who can not only deal a impressive amount of damage compared to its original, it can take an very high amount of damage as well, making it easily one of the mod's most diffuclt enemy.
And this is at the start of the game.

One of the truly most annoying thing though is not knowing what to do and where to go. One scene, in the sewers, have the companion saying "go on ahead". And I did. I continued through the level, fought some new enemies, and went to a loading screen to the next section. All of a sudden, my companion arrives right next to me, indicating that I should have gone back and picked him up. I also had a moment when the AI broke entirely forcing me to fight hordes until I arrived at a scripted scene forcing him back.

Overall, the mod has potential, but there are plenty of frustrating moments chipping away at this rough diamond.

In summary, although the visuals are good, the gameplay leaves something to be desired.

(It is also buggy as heck but since some of those are due to the mod being old I can't blame them on the creator too much.)

The battles were very difficult even on "easy" mode. I HATE it when enemies spawn infinitely because you're expected to run somewhere rather than fight them all. It took me a while to figure out what was happening. Then I couldn't find where I was supposed to go and the map lagged from having too many soldiers/bodies. I was forced to go to skip to the next map which made the story even more confusing.

John was useless and annoying. He refused to follow the player when he should have. The dialogue scenes were insanely long and slow moving. The maps were too maze-like and I was always lost.

Since cheating was necessary I felt mostly bored while playing this.

Disapointed, to say the least.

The mod started off good (For me anyway, I played the previous demos so the level has become a favorite of mine) but then it slowly went downhill.

The level design was just hideous in some places and It was just asinine leading John around after a few hours of play-time. But I never liked leading rebels around either, so I reckon it's just me.

The guns themselves didn't seem all that cool when I began using them more often, since I began noticing animation flops and signs of amateurish design (The crowbar was impossible to use in the first release) and many of the set pieces were far more difficult then they should have been

The work that went into making this shows, I'm just disappointed by the outcome. Perhaps it should have spent another year in development :(

there are a lot of errors in this mod

lacked alot of direction on what to do and was kind of light on details i thought.

Just read the 2nd and 3rd page. Those basically sum up what I feel is wrong with the mod.


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