Creatures came out of what seemed to be thin air. Animated and alive. They came without a warning and swept the world ...

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Very well put together mod.
Good story and decent voice acting
Great level design and enviroment.

I found this to be a great mod, it was fun and kept you playing for a long time. There are a few problems with the voice acting and graphics for me, but other than those it was great.

Very good gives a good backstory of Half-Life with the portal storms and when the Combine notice's us through them.

Good Game
Very good modeling
Very Very good voices and mapping
Very Very Very interesting storyline
I'm waiting second episode ^_^



Very good mod 9/10 Story 9/10 Game play 8/10

It's really horror, very hard. I haven't seen such a mistic and interesting game before. It's awesome.

really fun and interesting game. i like it 10/10 :D

One of the best mods I have ever played.

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