Creatures came out of what seemed to be thin air. Animated and alive. They came without a warning and swept the world ...

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All around GREAT mod. The new weapons and new weapon animations give a good, crisp, feel to the game... Like your actually kicking some ***! Mapping is great and very detailed. Game play is probably the best part about this mod ... The story is what got me hooked from the beginning .. Especially when your stuck in the apartment at the beginning and the zombies invade. This mod is definently up there with mods like Flesh, Nightmare House 2, and Smod Tactical/Outbreak.


This mod does indeed deserve any award it gets, it has great storyline, tough enemies and kickass weapons. I'm honestly astounded you made a mod this incredible. Just everything from the gameplay, to the characters is just in-short, realistic.

THE ONLY thing I would have to complain about this, the crowbar. I love using the crowbar's two-handed swing to beat the crap outta zombies but the way that it swings is ever-so annoying, I miss them 1 out of every 3 swings even if they're right infront of me.

Other than that, I love the mod, keep working on it and making amazing material.

The mod is actually pretty good.

I love the animations and the mapping.
The sprinting system and legs just makes it perfect.
Looking foward for another release. :D

Well, I may as well bring some truth into this review board. Most reviews I've seen either hail it as incredible or call it absolutely hideous. I'm more in the middle, personally.

Make no mistake, this is a beautiful mod with unique enemies and incredibly fun segments at some points. At others, it can be boring, bland, or frustrating.

Nothing much new about the gameplay. Ironsights were well-done, and the Sniper ironsights are the best I've seen of any mod. However, certain maps are horribly done in terms of gameplay. Some points in the game that you feel should be simpler, just something you could easily jump over or avoid, are rigged as completely inevitable. This inspires more frustration in the player than actual enjoyment. Death is constant in this game, and some fights seem impossible. Eg: Fighting 4 Houndeyes with nothing but a knife, as I experienced in my playthrough.

Excellent quality models, weapons, and maps in terms of presentation. The soundtrack is also incredibly good. Certain parts can be bland, but others leave you breathless.

STORY - 8/10
The story is well-composed and works well, but confusing at some points are just plain cliche at others. The story can be lacking in zest or actual unique qualities in some spots, but is overall well-done.

All in all, 7/10. Not the best mod I've ever played, but not the worst either. It shines sometimes and is absolutely awful at others. I say, it's worth a playthrough if you're willing to put up with some awful parts of the game.


BRILLIANT! Some of the best modding work ive ever seen!


Gandbon says

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An Mod that goes deeper in to the half-life world with more darker story line and the man who we just need to know. This mod is what the half-life fans need. A mod with story that is in the half-life world.This mod is more like a game with.
Gameplay: this mod is more like the half-life series but without the HEV suit and with more weapons.This mod has allot less ammo spots that will be hard for gamers like me(i cheat thou :P).This is more like the first half-life mixed with half-life 2's ways. Half-life 1 foes and half-life 2 gameplay 5/5.
Story: Unlike most mods that take place outside the half-life world. I loved how this was that stayed in the half-life world then making or like a very good old mod. This mod has one of the best storyline i have every played. The story with a man who wakes up in a country in pure choas in a town that is over run with zombies and finds a friend that they fight the omega's mercenary army under the combine command. And starts right at the combine invasion of earth(that was to have avisors it may have been a Mitch take) 5/5
Voice acting: lol what do i need to say? The voices are pure game voice acting. 5/5.

Well this mod is a +A rating for me..... Without this mod gamers will never know what happen in the middle of half-life 1 and 2.
Well look out for the DLCS and the New episode. -Maxbun

I would have given it 9 points if the quality of the graphics would have been constant. The Rifle looks like plastic while the Sniper looks great. The Revolver looks like it was made of stone, while the Pistol looks nice. Some detail, like the furniture right at the beginning of the game, look too blocky, while the overall look is above the "average mods" quality. Besides that, I already was halfway through the mod, before they released the patches to fix melee weapons and make it possible to disable headbobbing, because it's NOT realistic. I don't know how people get the idea that it is, because I don't swing my head to the left and right when running. The movement my head does, is negated by my eyes, that move independently. Try it, try it right now. Run a few meters, while looking at something in front of you.
So, that were the negative aspects, now let me get to the positive ones.
The lenght of the mod is good. It does not feel like it was filled with unnessesary content, to extend it, but also is short enough to make me want more of it.
The story pulled me in a way, the big AAA titles rarely manage. Especially certain "letters" in a subway...
The gameplay is full of action, while maintaining a "constant flow", by which I mean that relaxed parts and parts with heavy combat are not seperated from each other. In laymen's terms: This mod is more like Half-Life and less like Call of Duty, because all the areas are logically conected to each other.
Overall one of the best mods I played yet.

A very good long mod that I enjoyed but had a weak begining.

-maps design
-weapon models and animations!
-climatic levels
-voice lines

-too hard in few moments
-tiny graphical glithces
-could be better optimised

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