Creatures came out of what seemed to be thin air. Animated and alive. They came without a warning and swept the world ...

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In this mod, Team GT took the source engine we all know and love and injected it with adrenaline. Your weapons have jumping/crouching animations, you have ironsights, you can perform melee attacks with each weapon, and for what may be the first time, YOU CAN SEE YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND IF YOU LOOK DOWN. They did not spare any details, recreating even the Xen-styled environments from scratch. This mod even includes some new enemies, such as a zombie covered in tons of baby headcrabs which fly out upon his death.

The gameplay is too fantastic for words. Your companion has great voice-acting and is actually helpful. The story is good as well, being simple but effective.

As hard as it is to imagine, even this mod has its flaws. One of the only complaints I could think of is that the combat can get a bit overwhelming in some parts of the game, having to fight what seems like a platoon or two of soldiers.

Overall, though, this is a vital addition to any moddb-goer's collection.

this is a great mod get it you will not regret it. its one of the best mods ive ever played and if your a coder or mapper or something that can help make mods see if you can help with this one its great and if the team works hard on episode 2 i bet it will be great and they can reach great heights if they try. the gameplay was great, one suggestion though the melees could have more range other then that its great . i think that adding a zombie survival mode would be cool but i know your teams a little short right know. i bet the team of 1187 will move on to work for gabe.. i mean valve or other big name electronc companies so good luck guys and and as kliner said "best of luck in your future endevors" and i hope you recieve more members to the team that can work as hard as you.

very fun but gets really hard

Solid gameplay, but the melee system is very inaccurate, and the voice acting isn't as good as it could be. Otherwise, excellent game. This has easily occupied me for entire weeks.

This is one of the greats. One of the legends. You have to be an idiot to not LOVE this mod.

Absolutely amazing, fits perfectly within the half-life universe, nothing is out of place and it even hints at some very interesting twists in the half-life world (I wont spoil anything) regarding the combine invasion.

The opening levels really draw you into the world and show what life is like in the time leading up to the invasion and the mod just gets better and better as you play! No spoilers but the finale are goddamn epic!

There are flaws of course, some of the combat sections drag on too long with repeated waves of enemies, there are the odd places you can get stuck, and whilst the voice acting is very good compared to most home-made games it is a bit off at times. But honestly, I don’t care; it was so damn good in every other area! It wouldn’t take a great deal of improvement to bring this mod up to the same standard as valve's Half Life games.

Awesome game, really good use of the Source engine by a very talented team. Only problem is that a certain companion just so happens to be a massive tool as well as having a fail AI. And occasionally level layout makes it extremely hard to figure out where to go.

Other than that, this game is made of win. =)

First off the good,
I really enjoyed this mod, best one I've played so far,
unique characters, story, weapons, levels, just really great.
Now for the complaints that I wish I didnt have,
The beginning is really dissapointing, I almost gave up on it quite a few times but after meeting john and getting out of the building it was really good.
The crowbar is a damn pain in the ***, especially when fighting headcrabs at the beginning, takes way to long, sways the screen to much, and is to innacurate.
Fun to beat down zombies but infuriating when in close quarters fighting anything
There were a few points I felt infinite respawns and it really ****** me off, like when you leave the subway and you gotta take down 3(4?) helicopters,
having to find rockets while worrying about multiple choppers, infinite soldiers, and armored zombies is just annoying.
What especially sucked was when John would just sit there, they would run into the garage, and just blast me to pieces while he watched.
My last complaint is that I didn't know there were iron sights lol, it ****** me off to no end that the sniper and all the rifles were innacurate as hell, I'd zoom in then hip fire and have loads hits with the revolver than any rifle.
I only saw the iron-sights in a hint AFTER I beat the game, of course its my fault, I didn't bother doing the "crash course" as I figured it was straight forward, wouldve made life 10x easier.
John got lost and stuck a few times,
but yeah even though I'm complaining a lot I really enjoyed this mod, great job.


This could have made 10 on my list but with all the bugs and crashes I could barely have any fun playing this mod, the ideas the concepts the game play was amazing. but when you have poor scripting that causes your AI partner to activate an event that he wasnt even near and then when the game crashes every time you reload after death made this game rather unsavory to play

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