11-99 Enhancement Mod aims at reaching the full potential of Swat 4. We have made many overall changes, but have tried not to take away from the core of the game. Major changes include: Additional weapons like: --> Kimber Custom CPD II -->Talon II -->Guncrafter Industries GI50 -->Brettzies M4 alt 1 and 2... -->And many more! AI levels has been completley overhauled to make them more intelligent and generally harder. Another key feature of 11-99 is the amount of custom maps that have beenincluded, so no more joining a server then getting kicked because you don't have the map already installed (because we all know that the auto download doesn't work). For a full list of changes, check out our website Click here! Apart from that, ENJOY!

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Feb 8th, 2008
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This release features many new levels, all available in the Custom Mission Creator. I have also further enhanced the AI, added a training AK47, and an Airsoft M4a1. Most importantly, this release fixes all the bugs created in version 1.2 and 1.25. Enjoy!

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11-99 Enhancement Mod v1.3
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hiysb Nov 4 2008 says:


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rauli95 Jul 4 2009 says:

didn't work and now afterwards cant download again..

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az3nk Aug 27 2009 says:

hey, this mod has a good improvement...
but it doesn't work... what the hell!!!.
can anyone help me with these damn code, I don't understand what is this...

No Label

Crash Time: 08/25/09 15:57:46

OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
CPU: AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 2603 MHz with 1791MB RAM
Video: No Video

UserName: *******
ComputerName: ********
Application location: D:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\Content\System\

SWAT Build Number: 34688

ERROR: GameEngine, native class size (504) does not match scripted class size (512)

History: UClass::Serialize [(Class Engine.GameEngine)] <- LoadObject [(Class Engine.GameEngine 385555==385555/3191773 385390 166)] <- ULinkerLoad::Preload [(Class Engine.GameEngine)] <- PreLoadObjects <- UObject::EndLoad <- UObject::StaticLoadObject [(Core.Class SwatGame.gine NULL)] <- UObject::StaticLoadClass <- InitEngine

this dialog box always showed up when i try to run this mod...

please.... someone.... help me...

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xXHAZe Oct 10 2009 replied:

I'm getting the same error, I tried updating to 1.35, but that still didn't help. I hope someone figures out a solution to this problem. I thank whoever does in advance.

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CorporalHicks Oct 11 2010 replied:

Yes find a solution to this error ffs...

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mantvydas525 Jun 17 2011 replied:

First launch normal swat not moded shortcut worked for me ;)

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CR!M!NAL Dec 6 2009 says:

will i able to play normal swat 4 after i installed this?

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Elite.Spectre Dec 13 2010 says:

how the hell i get this mod to work.. where i install it too? -.-

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Jaster_Mereel Author
Jaster_Mereel Jan 23 2011 says:

If anyone has problems with 11-99 Enhancement mod, please e-mail us at:

Also, if you get an error with the following message in it, you need to install the Swat 4 v1.1 patch for the original game:

ERROR: GameEngine, native class size (504) does not match scripted class size (512)

@ CR!M!NAL, yes you will be able to play normal swat 4 after this mod is installed. It does not overwrite any original files if properly installed.

@ Elite.Spectre, 11-99 should be installed into its own folder located inside the Sierra folder (the Swat 4 folder is installed in this Sierra folder). After the files are there, all that is needed is for you to run the "Launch 11-99 Enhancement Mod" batch file (which tells swat 4 where to find the modded files so as to keep all swat 4 files original so you can switch between 11-99 and original swat 4).

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|FUN|Wizard Jan 29 2011 replied:

Hello Mereel, i sent a e-mail, but i don't recieved response, my problem is , i don't know how start playing with this mod, i opened (in C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\11-99 Enhancement Mod v1.3) The program Launcher Enhacement Mod, but the game does not work, please help me.

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blinky123abc Feb 28 2011 replied:

he just said the directory should be "C:\Program Files\Sierra\11-99 Enhancement Mod v1.3" in the Sierra folder not Swat 4 folder. ****.

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larry117 Mar 15 2011 says:

if you get a error all you have to do is patch the game to v1.1 then install this mod =) worked for me

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thanos96 Nov 6 2011 says:

why you dont have a readme??

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swat4pc May 24 2012 says:

EASY FIX for those not able to start up mod. First make sure you begin by installing version 1.1 then continue up to the final 1.3 to 1.35 patch. You can skip the 1.25 from 1.2, the wallpaper and Beta13 files. Once all necessary files are installed in the Sierra or Swat4 directory simply copy and paste the original Swat4 exe application file from the original game directory in Sierra/Swat4/system or Sierra/Swat4/content/system or like my downloaded version from SWAT 4/content/system. You can then start the mod and game up at the same time using that copy and pasted exe. You can also make a shortcut of it once it's been copy and pasted, it may read "Swat4(2)", put it on your desktop next to your original Swat4 icon and it's that simple. I love these old games. AIX 2.0 for Battlefield 2 is my favorite mod. If you love singleplayer Swat4 you'll love AIX 2.0 for B2. Peace

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ziriguidumcps Jan 10 2013 says:

Yeah... you need SWAT 4 V 1.1 to play the mod

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Daemon_PL009 May 10 2013 says:

Really nice mod. Congratulations ! I especially liked the ability to move faster and the full auto firing mode on the MP5SD. The enemy AI has better perception/awareness and friendly AI seems to be more competent in this mod too. The weapons work fine but I don`t like the idea of raising the rate of fire on the UMP45. The non lethal shotgun IMO looked better in green :P

The added maps are good too, but I`m still wondering: Has anyone made a "Home invasion" map remake for SWAT 4 ? (It`s a classic SWAT 3 mission, in which you assault a luxury villa with swimming pool at night)

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Daviss1 Jul 7 2013 says:

I am looking for someone who can help me put the guns of 11-99 Enhancement alongside the gameplay changes of SAS mod on TSS for a great single player / co-op experience. Anyone willing to help please contact me somehow on moddb.

I am borderline willing to pay money for this. I think that at this point SWAT 4 deserves a respectable, comprehensive mod pack.

Of course any other adaptations are okay, but the more guns, maps, and AI / roe changes the better. I want someone to help me accomplish this, if only just porting 11-99 to TSS.

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thomasmart35 Aug 15 2013 says:

Help me! I tried playing the game, but I got this error:

No Label

Crash Time: 08/15/13 18:26:44

OS: Windows NT 6.2 (Build: 9200)
CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 1797 MHz with 1933MB RAM
Video: Intel(R) HD Graphics (2875)

UserName: ****
ComputerName: ****
Application location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra\11-99 Enhancement Mod v1.3\System\

SWAT Build Number: 34688

Access Violation caused General protection fault!

History: UModel::BuildRenderData <- ULevel::PostLoad <- UObject::ConditionalPostLoad [(Level Entry.myLevel)] <- PostLoadObjects <- UObject::EndLoad <- UObject::StaticLoadObject [(Engine.Level None.MyLevel Entry)] <- LoadLevel <- UGameEngine::LoadMap <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

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thomasmart35 Aug 15 2013 says:

Okay I reintalled this mod, but I don't know how to get it to work, when I play SWAT 4, nothing has changed (I also have patch 1.1)

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LordKillalot Sep 8 2013 says:

When I try to lan with the mod it said this to me

No Label

Crash Time: 09/08/13 02:30:59

OS: Windows NT 6.1 (Build: 7600)
CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2443 MHz with 2047MB RAM
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT (9621)

UserName: Zellie
ComputerName: ZELLIEPC
Application location: C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\Content\System\

SWAT Build Number: 34688

Access Violation caused General protection fault!

History: UGameEngine::GetMD5ConfigFiles <- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Realloc [010F0000 0 FArray] <- FArray::Realloc [0*2] <- FMallocWindows::Free <- UGameEngine::AuthorizeClient <- AttemptLoadPending <- TickPending <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop->GenerateExtraCrashInfo [(GLevel: 'myLevel' PendingLevel: 'NetPendingLevel0' NetMode: 'NM_Client'] <- MainLoop


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Guest Jun 13 2014 says:

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