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2 comments by RumasLaut21 on Jan 15th, 2013

Barubaru pa lah, hibaik na ya pagpulung ya pinakamakontrabersyal na bala'ud na "Anti-Cybercrime Law" o "Bala'ud pakontra Cybercrime."

Naidayon kaen bala'ud sa niaging toeg pa lah, apan nasuspenda kini kegaprotesta man ya manga kadamu'an, kekkatandog na man sad kato ya ilang pagkamalaya, ke'n gobyermento kemaka bu'ot man kon unsa imo isulti o ipost sa internet, dayon puyde ka mapriso sa bisan gamay lah na sipyat.

Kini ke online martial law, den kun de puyde gamartial law sa kalibutang ginpuy'an naton, nganong ma puyde man gadeklara o martial law sa kalibutang dakoriyente?

Barubaru ra sad, nang hibalik na ya pagpulung, hisugod na sad o baik ya manga Anonymous Hackers o guba'guba sa manga website sa gobyerno sa ilang pagprotesta. Satto ira, kedapat dili gayud kita maharangan sa atong dapat isulte.

Konmatiman li bala'ud, gintandog nang atong karapatan pantawo o Human Rights, na gisulti ni Eleanor Roosevelt na "Inalienable" o dapat dili mabuwag kanaton.

Makalagut gayud king manga politiko no, na ira galingkudlingkud lah ira ara, nagpulung kun tangtangon ba kaha nila atong karapatan na magsulti sa ganahan natong isulti. Hulga na lah da!

Makalagut kanang inyong ginbuhat; kon aruna kamu panahon, melain pang dapat totkan ninyo, sama sa korapsyon o pagkapuno sa banwa naton sa manga tawong grasa. Makalagut kamu, na melain pang dapat mas tutkan ninyo kesa magpulung kon tangtangon bang amung karapatan.

Huluga na lah da!

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0 comments by RumasLaut21 on Nov 4th, 2012

Hyuppah! I am back to modding. However, it's not Generals I am modifying... no, I'm creating my own version of Touhoumon version 1.8, a fire red mod wherein the pokemon have all been replaced by the Touhou girls.

As of now, I plan on making a vast underground network as diverse as the one aboveground, except that of course, only those puppets that CAN live underground will live there. I will try to make sure the game will play a little bit differently and I will see to it that everything works well.

As of 2012-11-4, pewter and pallet will be part of this network as two different regions of one massive city. The underground city will possess its own Pokemon Centre, Pokemon Mart, and NPCs (as soon as I figure out how to edit text.) It will have no GYM, but it has a place that might be interesting to visit if you know the Touhou canon.

More on this will be noted later.

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2 comments by RumasLaut21 on Apr 29th, 2012

Recently, I've switched to writing Fanfiction and here... HERE IS THE LIST OF MINE CREATIONS!

Chaos Paradise [T: Main Story: Touhou: Varied]
It has been ten years from the "Ten Desires" incident and so far, nothing major has happened yet. However, several new faces appear out of nowhere. Will their sudden appearance break the peace of ten years?
-this is the fiction that I am working on with all my heart.

Sadako's Misadventures [T: TouhouXRingu: Humour]
Reimu Hakurei had seen the cursed tape. However, by a twist of fate, Sadako emerged FAR away from her victim, marking the beginning of the Onryou of the video's existence in Gensokyo and the start of her strange, strange misadventures.

Scarlet Heart [M: Touhou: Lemon Warning]
After an unexpected assault, Remilia finds herself with close to nothing and seeks solace in the Hakurei Shrine's omnipresent hospitality. Note: Main story is T, has an M omake and a second omake written by another person.

Death and Justice: Divine Punishment [T: DeathNoteXTouhou: Shiki-owange]
Light has gained victory. L is dead, and no-one is there to stop him! or so he thought... meanwhile, observing the Kira case from her courtroom, Shiki Eiki could be no more angered by L's Death than anything else...

A Night To Remember [M: Aa! Megami-Sama!: Lemon Warning]
[no description]

Ah well...
My profile:

0 comments by RumasLaut21 on Apr 2nd, 2012

Great. I give up on modding. Why? Because MY FREAKING GENERALS, MOD FILES AND TOOLS DIED WITH MY PC!!!!

....and It's going to be a pain re-doing all the lost work.

As for me, I've switched to writing FanFictions instead. Specifially:

Have a good day. I'm never modding again. At least, not now. It's too much a waste of time for me to do it again. So, as I said, I've switched to writing FanFiction and making Music.

Blah Blah Blah Blah.Blah Blah Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah Blah.

ZUN is EPIC by the way.

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1 comment by RumasLaut21 on Nov 13th, 2011

Ugh, so as the title says, Misfortune.

Yesterday, (that is, 2011Y-10M-12D), I was using my computer when the lights suddenly went out (eight in the morning) and, after a short pause, there was the dreaded sound.
The next thing i knew was smoke... wisps of it coming from my Beloved Computer's CPU and my Beloved TELEVISION! oh, and there was popping. a sound like the kind you hear when you cook popcorns... only stronger.
Electricity Returned, Stable. However, my computer no longer switched on when i pressed the power button. *sigh* so i opened the CPU and Surprise! the Motherboard and Hard Disk were Unharmed! aside from that, the smell came from the power source! so... it is most likely that the FUSE popped. but then why the popping? there was more than one!
anyways, the next day, i learned that Two people died of electrocution on that same day at the exact same hour. one at Cambinoy (which i prefer to call 'Kanbinoi') and another one at the proper.
i guess i am not so unfortunate after all.
anyways, the TV was sent to be repaired and my computer... is on hold.
"repairing the CPU is more expensive than repairing a television set" my father said.
i could almost die of boredom... and just as i was on a writing spree!
i was writing a LOT last night and was aiming to write at least TWO chapters for that day, but then misfortune had to strike.
I am dying of boredom.
To clear my boredom, even just a bit... err, i tried making drawings and... *pops up with purple umbrella* SURPRISE! the quality is much HIGHER than all others i've made so far.
i want to post them but...
my computer is unable to run.
please! let the repairs come ASAP!
(and install a more powerful motherboard on the way, please? my midi programs sometimes slow down the computer significantly when i open the "BAD APPLE ORCHESTRA MIDI" file i've downloaded)

Best luck to me!

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1 comment by RumasLaut21 on Oct 10th, 2011

A'ight, so this is about me... not about L.
anyway, for some reason, I could not stop thinking about this, so here you go!

1. Strange Silence.
I am usually silent, preferring to think and think (mostly about Tunes, music, drawings, my Fan-Fiction, my MOD, etc...) or draw (ya, ya, ya.). and as such, I would not find it strange that my classmates would find me strange. in addition to that...

2. Strange Communication
When I do actually speak, I speak fast. and not just fast-- i mean REALLY fast! (in addition, i also slur quite a bit) so fast in fact, that I usually have to say the same sentence twice to be understood clearly (in addition, I may occasionally use accents) and fast enough to bug my parents. I also spell Bisaya a bit differently (some cannot understand my method of spelling. tamakara nu?) and prefer using the revived BAYBAYIN script along with Kana and Kanji to write private notes. but that is not all...

3. Strange Topics.
When I speak, not only do I talk strange, I talk about things that may seem strange (maybe they have little or no relation to the current topic or are just plain otherworldly). as such, one more point to the weirdness factor. but then, there is also...

4. Strange Behaviour.
For some reason I am uncomfortable sitting in the normal seating position, and thus, when playing computer, i usually crouch on the same way as L (Not imitating him and am not lying) and, when this is impossible, I sit cross-legged instead, which, in the case of an armchair, lifts the chair a bit. on couches, i prefer to lie down. also, when letting nature relieve, i sit on the toilet in a crouching position (again, look at how L sits for an example... a habit since i was four and around 11 years before i first saw death note). i also hunch over slightly when walking, gazing at the floor (for some reason, my crush [love interest] does the same). maybe it is because we prefer to think instead of look? I dunno. anyway.... i also hum without reason the tunes that were playing in my mind. i may also dance and act without reason. insane? maybe i am a bit insane.

5. Strange Eating Habits.
I prefer spicy and sweet foods (mostly fruits) and cinnamon coffee. I despise FISH and most other seafood. an exception is Hīpon which, while i have an allergy to, if delicious enough, i eat. also, while the rest of the family use spoons and forks, i use chopsticks. considering that my father has more chinese blood than me, quite strange, nu?

6. Strange Emotions
I rarely feel emotions. mostly, I am just nonchalant. call me a proto-nihilist... though i really do not want to be a nihilist as i still want to experience emotions... though less vividly as others. but this feature of me is overshadowed by something greater...

7. Strange Unpredictability.
I am very whimsical, maybe around Yuyuko's level at times. so whimsical in fact, that it has become a subconscious action. this irks my parents greatly due to foodstuff that i may like today, i may depise later. i may also do random activities based no what interests me for the moment. my mod(s) are incarnations of this Unpredictability. however, when i am truly determined, i stop at nothing.

8. Strange manners.
I can also say that i prefer a bow or a hug as opposed to the more traditional phillipine custom of holding the back of your superior's hand to your forehead (called a 'bles' or "bless" here)

9. Strange Inability be with crowds
I also cannot do well in crowds and well... let's just say that i am not so good at socializing.

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1 comment by RumasLaut21 on Jan 17th, 2011

Okay, this playlist has been re-formatted for the third time.
It contains now 4 groupings -- "Japanese" "Bisaya" "English" and "Instrumental" at two each, and a variable amount of "Select" videos.

Japanese Music

1. SCANDAL - Space Ranger
Ah, i cannot believe i forgot to post this here. anyway, an epic track! this had me literally desk-banging several years ago!

2.Yellow Zebra - Story of Scarlet
So... yeah. i like it. aha! one of my favorite U.N. Owen was Her? vocals.


1. Assembly Language - Chineta
This one? quite active, the way i like it. and... he cannot be any more correct! there sure are cute garls at school, but then, there are also arrogant hate-able ones. maybe school is not that great? oh wait-- it is! i've never seen enough music tracks about school though.

2. Suroi Suroi - Missing Filemon
Epic, 'nuff said.

English Music

1. The Doors - Riders on the Storm
Whoo~ one of my favorites! always gives me a carefree dark feel, and i say, the Snoop Dogg remix cannot have this beat. still, Snoop Dogg is quite good, but not as good as this classic!

2. Reel 2 Real - I like to move it
Rave Rava Rave!~


1. [Synthesia Orchestra Edition] Bad Apple!! ft Nomico - 東方
I know... i know... this track is a bit overused and overrated. still, i cannot deny it's epicness and this one has got to be one of the best i've ever heard!

2. Cool&Create - Night of Nights
Di-Di-Di-Disco! *starts spinning*... well, sure makes me want to dance, so come on! let's do it like John Travolta!


First episode of amaya-- beautiful!

The stroking patterns of Sujat Bisaya.
Man! he writes well!


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0 comments by RumasLaut21 on Nov 11th, 2010

maayung buntag mga higala!
good morning my friends!
magandang umaga mga amigo!
welcome to my second blog about me and my first blog about my newest project

about me: i am very much depressed and so i try to shake it off by acting idiotic online (but quiet and ...alone in real life) so... here is something more: i feel NO real positive emotions...
hell, i don't even know what "happy" feels like... i just fake it... as for laughs.. i don't laugh because something is funny... i laugh only when something is outrageously funny or as a form of mockery...
but i feel negative emotions full brunt! i mean, i always feel at least one of these: anger, emptiness,
no emotion, sadness, depression, and rage. and due to that... i get ANGRY EASILY and it takes me
a LONG TIME to forget and FORGIVE. ...and as i said... i am pretty much the loner in real life....
and... please... while i may be polite when i want to... do not kick my ire
(and do not be jeje, but 1337 is alright tho)
or else... i will be rude... so.... be nice or.... LAYAS!!!!
and by the way, you know my username has a meaning...

now, my likes and dislikes:


sibuyas dahun :
i like to use the reverse question mark in place of the normal question mark : ؟
i also like spicy foods, dinuguuan (pork blood stew), chilli, bhut jolokia... oh wait.. a bit too much
i am depressed (not just depressed but as in depression, the disease)
i LOVE vocaloid
i like ievan polkka
i like acne iku
i like all vocaloids
i like hentai
i like what i like
i like people who like what i like
i like people who read this and listen to all the embedded tracks below till the end...
i like the visayas
i like my fellow bisaya
i like to use bisaya
i like people who rap good songs
i like who i like
i like my friends
i like long blogs
i like to prefer long blogs over wide blogs
i like people who understand bisaya
i like people who like me
i like people who likes people who like me
i like people that walk around nonstop
i like speed
i like... iku macne...
i like.... iku macne...


i dislike using tagalog on a person who is bisaya
I HATE AHUS!!!(Garlic)
i dislike using tagalog (hard time)
i hate that that i hate.
i hate whatever i hate
i hate whoever hates me
i hate whoever likes a person who hates me
i hate people who plot against me (you know... steal my food... tease me...)
i hate people who just hate people
i hate people who do not recognize my hate for fishes
i hate people who know, but do not recognize my allergy to crustaceans
i hate people who do not understand what i hate is what i hate
i hate people who do not understand i hate what i listed above

recent activity

okay, now i said what i want to say, i will say what i want to say...

i got vocaloid, i had it installed, i downloaded some music
then i saw that no-one so far has tried making a bisaya song with vocaloid
so i am now working on a bisaya track using vocaloid
the original track i wanted to make was "butete" but then ....
miku cannot rap... as i found out...
so i chose another track which was "bati ka'g nawong" (you have an ugly face/your face looks ugly)
it went better than last time... so i think i will stick with this track
here's the first few lines i managed to complete on "butete" before i realized that rap on miku sounds terrible:

here is the base of this song:

now the base is no longer either of the two, it is now visrock's bisan pa.!

the first few lines i have made so far... (still focusing on the pronunciation, pitch and others will be later)

the base is:

(note, i changed NG to N or G, LA into RA and you know... in order for miku to say it..)

please wish me luck my friends.......

0 comments by RumasLaut21 on Nov 6th, 2010

Poker Face Megurine Luka

Remix to The MAX!!

Imma Melting due to the Cuteness!

nganu kaha... pero ganahan aku ini...

epik kini!

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0 comments by RumasLaut21 on Nov 3rd, 2010

one of the languages that affected palomponganon bisaya.
well, this language affected the palomponganon bisaya but we palomponganons cannot easily understand waray unless we have been around them. (waray bisaya owns northeastern leyte and most (or all) of samar
i will post later palomponganon bisaya as soon as i finish compiling. (there are significant and not significant differences with sugbuanon(cebuano) and palomponganon bisaya.
Wikang Bisaya sad ni ang waray, apan dili sa sugbuanon-bisaya nga pamilia
btw, me, personally, can understand some waray (i always listen to waray music) .
well... here goes
(from wikipedia)

Wáray-Wáray or Samarnon (commonly spelled as Waray; also referred to as Winaray or Lineyte-Samarnon) is a language spoken in the provinces of Samar, Northern Samar, Eastern Samar, Leyte (eastern and northern portion), and Biliran in the Philippines.

The Waraynon group of languages consists of Waray, Waray Sorsogon and Masbate Sorsogon. Waray Sorsogon and Masbate Sorsogon are called by the untrained as Bisakol because they are intermediate between Visayan and Bicolano languages, however, all of these are just variants of the Waray Language.

Absolutive Ergative Oblique
1st person singular ako, ak nakon, nak, ko akon, ak
2nd person singular ikaw, ka nimo, nim, mo imo, im
3rd person singular hiya, siya niya iya
1st person plural inclusive kita, kit naton aton
1st person plural exclusive kami, kam namon amon
2nd person plural kamo niyo iyo
3rd person plural hira, sira nira ira
[edit] The Waray copula

Waray, like other Philippine languages, does not have any exact equivalent to the English linking verb be. In Tagalog, for example, the phrase "Siya ay maganda" (She is beautiful) contains the word ay which, contrary to popular belief, does not function as an attributive copula predicating maganda (beautiful) to its subject and topic Siya (he or she). The function of Tagalog's ay is rather a marker of sentence inversion, which is regarded as a literary form but somewhat less common in spoken Tagalog. The same phrase may be spoken as Maganda siya, which has the same meaning.

The Waray language in comparison would express "She is beautiful" only as "Mahusay hiya" or sometimes "Mahusay iton hiya" (iton functioning as a definite article of hiya, she), since Waray doesn't have a present-tense copula or even an inversion marker. As in other Philippine languages, attributive statements are usually represented in predicate-initial form and have no copula at all. Take for example the ordinary English sentence "This is a dog" as translated to Waray:

Ayam ini.

The predicate Ayam (dog) is placed before the subject ini (this); no copula is present. Another example:

Amo ito an balay han Winaray o Binisaya nga Lineyte-Samarnon nga Wikipedia.
Asya it an balay han Winaray o Binisaya nga Lineyte-Samarnon nga Wikipedia.

In English: "This is the Waray/Leyte-Samar Visayan Wikipedia". The predicate Amo ini is roughly translated as "This here" but the rest of the sentence then jumps to its subject, marked by the particle an. A more literal translation would therefore be "This is the Waray/Leyte-Samar Visayan Wikipedia". Unlike Tagalog, it is grammatically impossible to invert a sentence like this into a subject-head form without importing the actual Tagalog inversion marker ay, a growing trend among younger people in Leyte. The word amo is used only in Leyte Waray-Waray. In Samar, asya (this) is used.

Despite the debate regarding the Waray copula, it would be safe to treat structures like magin (to be), an magin/an magigin (will be or will become), and an nagin (became) as the English treat linking verbs:

Makuri magin estudyante. ([It's] hard to be a student.)
Ako it magigin presidente! (I will be the president!)
Ako an nagin presidente. (I became the president.)

may-ada meron/mayroon there is
wara/waray wala none
[edit] Modal
puyde/sadang maaari/pwede may/can
diri puyde hindi maaari/pwede may not / cannot
Pahudma Pahiram/hiram May I borrow?
Pakit-a Patingin May I see?
[edit] Interrogative Words

* Waray of Leyte (Winaray nga pan Leyte)

hin-o sino who
kay-ano bakit why
diin saan where
kanay kanino whose
pa-o-nanho paano how
san-o kailan when
nano ano what

* Waray of Samar (Winaray nga pan Samar)

sino/hin-o sino who
kay-ano bakit why
diin saan where
kankanay kanino whose
guin-aano paano how
san-o kailan when
nano/ano ano what
[edit] Orthography issues

While the now-defunct Sanghiran San Binisaya ha Samar ug Leyte (Academy of the Visayan Language of Samar and Leyte) formulated and recommended a standard orthography, this was never widely disseminated and therefore as of present there is still no official orthogr aphy commonly accepted. In effect, there may exist two spellings of the same word (these usually limited to differences in vowels only), such as

* diri or dire ("no")
* hira or hera ("them")
* maopay or maupay ("good")
* guinhatag or ginhatag ("gave")
* direcho or diritso ("straight [ahead]")
* ciudad or syudad ("city")
* espejo or espeho ("mirror")


Waray-Waray is one of the ten officially recognized regional languages in the Philippines and used in the local government. It is spoken through out the islands especially in the Eastern Visayas region. But it is also spoken in some parts of Mindanao, Masbate, Sorsogon and Metro Manila where Warays migrated. There is also a very small number of Filipinos abroad, especially in the United States, that speaks this language. Waray-Waray is widely used in media especially in radio and television. One good example of this is the regional version of the Philippine news program TV Patrol for Eastern Visayas, TV Patrol Tacloban, which broadcasts in Waray-Waray. There is also a regional cable channel that broadcasts its programs in Waray-Waray, the An Aton Channel operated by DYVL. However print media in this language is seldom because most regional newspapers are published in English. The language is also used in the eucharistic celebrations or Holy Masses in the Roman Catholic Church in the region. Bibles published in Waray-Waray are also available. Waray-Waray songs are widely appreciated and can always be heard in the radio. In 1993, the LDS Church or Mormonism published a selected Waray-Waray edition of the Book of Mormon entitled "An Libro ni Mormon". Today, many Waray aficionados advocate the spread of usage of this language.

The Waray language has sixteen consonants: /p, t, k, b, d, ɡ, m, n, ŋ, s, h, w, l, ɾ, j/. There are three main vowels: a [a], i [ɛ ~ i], and u [o ~ ʊ]. [i ~ ɛ] and [ʊ ~ o] sound the same,[clarification needed] but [o] is still an allophone of [ʊ] in final syllables. But they now have separate sounds for each.[clarification needed] Consonants /d/ and /ɾ/ were once allophones but cannot interchange, like palaron (to be lucky) [from palad, palm (because someone's luck is seen in the palm] but not paladon and tagadiín (from where) [from diín, where] but not tagariín.
[edit] Numbers

Native numbers are used for numbers one through ten. From eleven onwards, Spanish numbers are exclusively used in Waray-Waray today, their native counterparts being almost unheard of by the majority of native speakers numbers (except for gatus for hundred and yukot for thousand). Some, specially the old ones, are spoken alongside the Spanish counterparts.
English Native Waray-Waray Borrowed from Spanish
One Usá Uno
Two Duhá Dos
Three Tuló Tres
Four Upat Kuwatro
Five Limá Singko
Six Unom Siez/says
Seven Pitó Siete/syete
Eight Waló Ocho/otso
Nine Siyám Nuebe/nueve
Ten Napúlô Diez
Eleven (Napúlô kag usá) Onse
Twenty (Karuhaan) Baynte
Thirty (Katloan) Trenta
Forty (Kap-atan) Kwuarenta
Fifty (Kalim-an) Singkwenta
Sixty (Kaunman) Siesenta
Seventy (Kapitoan) Setenta
Eighty (Kawaloan) Ochienta
Ninety (Kasiaman) Nobenta
One Hundred Usa ka Gatus Cien
One Thousand Usa ka Yukut Mil
One Million Usa ka Ribo Milyon
[edit] Some common words and phrases

Below are examples of the Waray spoken in Metropolitan Tacloban and the nearby areas:

* Good morning (noon/afternoon/evening): Maupay nga aga (udto/kulop/gab-i)
* Can you understand Waray?: Nakakaintindi/Nasabut ka hin Winaray? (hin or hiton)
* Thank you: Salamat
* I love you: Hinihigugma ko ikaw or Ginhihigugma ko ikaw or Pina-ura ta ikaw
* I don't care: "Baga saho" or "Waray ko labot" or baga labot ko
* Where are you from? : Taga diin ka? or Taga nga-in ka? or Taga ha-in ka?
* How much is this? : Tag pira ini?
* I can't understand: Diri ako nakakaintindi
* I don't know: Diri ako maaram or Ambot
* What: Ano
* Who: Hin-o
* Where: Hain
* When (future): San-o
* When (past): Kakan-o
* Why: Kay-ano
* How: Gin-aano?
* Yes: Oo
* No: Dire or Diri
* There: Adto or Didto or Ngad-to
* Here: Didi or Nganhi
* Front or in front: Atubang or Atubangan or "Atbang"
* Night: Gab-i
* Day: Adlaw
* Nothing: Waray
* Good: Maupay
* Boy: Lalaki
* Girl: Babayi
* Gay/Faggot: Bayot
* Lesbian: Tomboy/Lesbyana
* Who are you?: Hin-o ka?
* I'm a friend: Sangkay ak.
* I'm lost here: Nawawara ak didi.
* Maybe: Kunta or Bangin
* how are you: Kumusta or Kumusta ka

Other common words

* Beautiful - mahusay
* Ugly - Mapurot/maraksot
* Table - Lamesa
* Spoon - kutsara
* Fork - tinidor
* Open - abrihi/abrido
* Can opener - abridor

Technical terms

* Steel - puthaw
* Car - awto / sarakyan
* Airplane - edro / eroplano
* Airport - lupadan

Astronomical terms

* Earth - kalibutan
* Moon - bulan Indonesian - bulan
* Sun - adlaw
* Star - bituon Indonesian - bintang
* univers

Natural terms

* Wind - hangin Indonesian - angin
* Fire - kalayo
* Land - tuna Indonesian - tanah
* Water - tubig
* Nature - libong
* Mountain - bukid Indonesian - bukit
* Falls - bangon
* Sea - dagat
* High Seas - lawud
* Ocean - kalawdan Indonesian = laut i.e. ka-laut-an
* Island - puro/isla Indonesian - pulau
* Archipelago - kapuruan Indonesian - kepulauan
* River - salug
* Lake - danaw Indonesian - danau

Parts of the house

* House - balay
* Room - kwarto/sulod
* Bedroom - sulod-katurugan
* Kitchen - kusina
* Outdoor Kitchen - abuhan
* Dining Room - kaunan
* Bathroom - kubeta/kasilyas/karigu-an
* Living Room - sala

Members of the Family

* Parent - tigurang/kag-anak
* Father - amay/tatay/papa
* Mother - iroy/nanay/mama
* Son/Daughter - anak
* Brother - bugto nga lalaki
* Sister - bugto nga babayi
* Grandparent - apoy/lolo (male) / lola (female)
* Cousin - patod
* Nephew/Niece - umangkon
* Son-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law - umagad
* Brother-in-Law/Sister-in-Law - bayaw(male) / hipag (female)
* Father-in-Law/Mother-in-Law - ugangan
* Oldest Child - suhag
* Youngest Child - puto

Fashion words

* Jeans - saruwal
* Clothes - bado / duros
* Belt - paha


* Bread - tinapay
* Rice - kan-on
* Viand - sura
* Coffee - kape
* Vinegar - suoy
* Soy Sauce - toyo


* Dog - ayam
* Cat - uding/misay
* Rat - yatut
* Crocodile - buaya
* Bird - tamsi
* Snake - halas
* Water buffalo - karabaw
* Crab - masag
* Lobster - tapusok
* Goat - kanding
* Horse - kabayo

Waray Waray loanwords
Common Waray Waray words and its foreign and local origin

* Abandonada (Spanish: Abandonado/a) – abandoned
* Abaniko (Spanish: Abanico) – fan
* Abriha (Spanish: Abrir, Filipino: Abrihin) – to open
* Abrelata (Spanish: Abrelatas) – tin-opener/can opener
* Abril (Spanish: Abril) – April
* Abogado (Spanish: Abogado) – lawyer, attorney
* Aborido (Spanish: Aburrido) – bored (used in Tagalog as 'anxious, confused')
* Akasya (Spanish: Acacia) – acacia tree
* Aksidente (Spanish: Accidente) – accident
* Adurnuha (Spanish: Adornar, Filipino: Adurnuhan) – to decorate
* Agrabiyado (Spanish: Agraviado) – being aggrieved
* Aginaldo (Spanish: Aguinaldo) – Christmas gift
* Agosto (Spanish: Agosto) – August
* Ahensiya (Spanish: Agencia) – agency
* Ahente (Spanish: Agente) – agent
* Alahas (Spanish: Alhaja) – jewel
* Alambre (Spanish: Alambre) – wire
* Alkansiya (Spanish: Alcancía) – piggy bank
* Alpilir (Spanish: Alfiler) – pin
* Alsaha (Spanish: Alzar, Filipino: Alsahin)
* Ambisyoso (Spanish: Ambicioso) – ambitious
* Ambisyon (Spanish: Ambición) – ambition
* Arbularyo (Spanish: Herbolario) - Medicine man (from "Herbo" -herb)
* Arina (Spanish: Harina) – flour
* Arkitekto (Spanish: Arquitecto) – architect
* Armado (Spanish: Armado) – armed
* Armibal (Spanish: Almíbar) – syrup
* Artista (Spanish: Artista) – artist (used in Waray Waray as 'actor/actress')
* Ariyos (Spanish: Arreos) – tack (used in Waray Waray as 'earrings')
* Asintado (Spanish: Asentado) – settled
* Asero (Spanish: Acero) – steel
* Asno (Spanish: Asno) – donkey
* Asoge (Spanish: Azogue) – mercury
* Asosasyon (Spanish: Asociación) – association
* Asukal (Spanish: Azúcar) – sugar
* Asul (Spanish: Azul) – blue
* Asyatiko (Spanish: Asiatico) – Asian
* Intyendeha (Spanish: Atender) – to attend to
* Atrasado (Spanish: Atrasado) – overdue, slow (clock), backward (used in Waray Waray as 'late')
* Ayudaha (Spanish: Ayudar, Filipino: Ayudahan) – to help
* Baboy (Spanish: vaboy) - pig
* Banyo/Kasilyas (Spanish: Baño) – bathroom, toilet
* Baraha (Spanish: Baraja) – deck of playing cards
* Baratilyo (Spanish: Baratillo) – flea market (used in Waray Waray as 'bargain sale')
* Barato (Spanish: Barato) – cheap
* Barbero (Spanish: Barbero) – barber
* Barbula (Spanish: Válvula) – valve
* Bareta (Spanish Bareta) – bar
* Bagahe (Spanish: Bagaje) – baggage
* Baho (Spanish : Vaho) – steam (used in Waray Waray as 'foul smell')
* Bintana (Spanish: Ventana) – window
* Bintilador (Spanish: Ventilador) – electric fan
* Birhen (Spanish: Virgen) – virgin
* Bisagra (Spanish: Bisagra) – hinge
* Bisikleta (Spanish: Bicicleta) – bicycle
* Bisitaha (Spanish: Visitar) – to visit
* Botika/Botica/Parmasya/Farmacia - drugstore, pharmacy
* Conbensido (Spanish: Convencido) - convinced
* Demanda (Spanish: Demanda) – demand
* Demokrasiya (Spanish: Democracia) – democracy
* Demonyo (Spanish: Demonio) – demon, evil spirit
* Huygo (Spanish: Juego)- game (used in Waray Waray as 'gambling'
* Hugador (Spanish: Jugador)- game (used in Waray Waray as 'gambler'
* Dentista (Spanish: Dentista) – dentist
* Departamento (Spanish: Departamento) – department, bureau
* Depensa (Spanish: Defensa) – defense
* Deposito (Spanish: Depósito) – depot (fuel), deposit (money)
* Desisyon (Spanish: Decisión) – decision
* Diyos/a (Spanish: Dios/a) – god/goddess
* Doble (Spanish: Doble) – double
* Doktor/a (Spanish: Doctor/a) – doctor
* Don (Spanish: Don) – Mr. (used in Waray Waray to address a rich man)
* Donya (Spanish: Doña) – Mrs. (used in Waray Waray to address a rich woman)
* Dos (Spanish: Dos) – two
* Dose (Spanish: Doce) – twelve
* Dosena (Spanish: Docena) – dozen
* Drama (Spanish: Drama) – drama
* Droga (Spanish: Droga) – drugs
* Karsonsilyo/Carsoncillo (Spanish: Calzoncillo) – boxer shorts (used in Waray Waray as 'shorts')
* Marigoso (Spanish: Amargoso) - bittermelon
* Padre (Spanish: Padre) - father (used in Waray Waray as a title for a Roman Catholic priest)


* Porta (Portuguese: Porta) - door
* Morto (Portuguese: Morto) - ghost


* Achuete (Nahuatl: Achiotl; Mexican Spanish: Achiote) – annatto seeds used to give food a reddish color
* Kakao/Kakaw (Cacao) (Nahuatl: Cacahuatl) – cacao or cocoa
* Sayote (Nahuatl: Chayotli; Mexican Spanish: Chayote) – a Mexican squash
* Tiyangge (Nahuatl: Tianquiztli; Mexican Spanish: Tianguis) – seasonal markets
* Tsokolate (Nahuatl: Xocolatl) – chocolate


* Bakya (Fukien Chinese, Chinese: 木屐) – native wooden sandals
* Bihon – Vermicelli (made of rice flour, Chinese: 米粉)
* Bitsin (Fukien Chinese: Bi chhin, Chinese: 味精) – monosodium glutamate
* Jueteng (Fukien Chinese) – illegal numbers game
* Lumpia (Fukien Chinese, Chinese: 潤皮) – spring rolls
*Sho-mai (similar to japanese Sho, from siomai)


* Basket – basket
* Basketbol – basketball
* Basketbulan - basketball court
* Baysikol - bicycle
* Bilib - believe, envy
* Bilyar - billiard
* Bilyaran - billiard hall
* Dyip – jeep
* Elementari – elementary
* Ekonomiks - economics
* Eksport – export
* Ekspres - express
* Erkon - aircon
* Greyd – grade
* Groseri – grocery
* Hay Skul – High School
* Iskor – score
* Iskrin – screen
* Ispiker - speaker
* Keyk – cake
* Kostomer/Kustomer – customer
* Kompyuter – computer
* Kondisyoner - conditioner
* Kontrol - control
* Krim - cream
* Kukis - cookies
* Lider – leader
* Losyon - lotion
* Manedyer – manager
* Masol – muscle
* Makroekonomiks - macroeconomics
* Maykroekonomiks - microeconomiks
* Isparkol - sparkle
* Traysikol - tricycle
* Pidikab - pedicab
* Giyt - gate


* Bana (Cebuano: Bana) - husband