At the age of 4, my grandfather bought me a Playstation 1 and Resident Evil 2. Ever since my first play I've had an interest in zombies. Years later more info has been built, and now it's more of an obsession. I make games, mods, books, etc. with zombies and sometimes other things but mainly zombies. There may be a problem with me...I seem to have a bad obsession with zombies. I get games that have zombies and or zombie mods -_- only reason I got A LOT of games. Listen to metal, all kinds, preferably death. Enjoy survival horror, the classic style not the modern COD action packed garbage crap.

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Stenches of The Night


May 25, 2013 Stenches of The Night 0 comments

It's been almost two long years since Stenches of The Night was released. With good reception for our first game, I (since ZE Gamez is pretty much done...

New Gamemode
ZE Tournament

New Gamemode

Aug 29, 2013 ZE Tournament 0 comments

There is a test going on and YOU can participate in it! A new gamemode idea is in the works, check it out.

Mod Being Rebuilt and More
Half-Life 2

Mod Being Rebuilt and More

Sep 8, 2013 Radiational Wasteland 1 comment

Ok so the original version isn't going to work. So instead I'll be remaking everything, for good reasons.

Game's Awaiting Trial
It Is Just A Game

Game's Awaiting Trial

Sep 8, 2013 It Is Just A Game 0 comments

This title may cease development for good or may continue, the trial has begun and is not looking good. Everyone at ZE Gamez is arguing if It Is Just...

Dementia: Lone Nightmare Update #1
Dementia: Lone Nightmare

Dementia: Lone Nightmare Update #1

Nov 11, 2013 Dementia: Lone Nightmare 0 comments

Ok here's the update so you know what's going on. Engine, content, and lack of resources.

Done With This

Done With This

Dec 4, 2013 ZE Gamez 9 comments

It's time, there's nothing left, nothing to keep this going any longer. Done with it. All projects cancelled.

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