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ZoidFlanders Dec 23 2014, 4:14pm says:

Cozur, do you plan to add some limited river travel on some of the bigger rivers?
Cruising down the rhoyne or the mander would be amazing.

+2 votes   article: 2.0 preview 2: Chickens, Boats and Deserters
ZoidFlanders Dec 23 2014, 4:00pm replied:

Yes, winterfell has the wintertown, but as the name should make clear, it is only used in winter. In the time the mod is set it is not winter, therefore Cozur has not made it a town.

+3 votes   article: 2.0 preview 4: Towns, Mountains and Pigs
ZoidFlanders Dec 21 2014, 5:34pm says:

where are the results?!?!?!

+4 votes   article: Top 100 Mods of 2014 are here!
ZoidFlanders Dec 17 2014, 9:01pm says:

These may seems like small additions, but they're just solidifying this mods place in ASOIAF greatness.

+6 votes   media: The fires of Old Valyria
ZoidFlanders Dec 8 2014, 11:17am replied:

Why would you even bother trying to argue a point you clearly have no idea about???

+3 votes   article: 2.0 preview 3: Princes, Sellswords and Seneschals
ZoidFlanders Nov 14 2014, 4:00pm says:

Thank you Cozur. I, and I'm sure many others, really appreciate the effort you put into this mod. Your attention to detail is so great; I can't wait to see all the changes that AWOIF has spurred on. Keep on being awesome.

+9 votes   article: 2.0 preview 1: Scales, Chairs and Eggs
ZoidFlanders Sep 12 2014, 12:45pm says:

Gotta say, Cozur, you're doing some amazing work here, and this mod has become the thing I most look forward to in terms of games/mods being released. To all the people who complain or say that "Cozur is mean," just look at his work. He's got a vision, he's sticking to it, and it's definitely paying off.

+1 vote   article: Changelog
ZoidFlanders Aug 2 2012, 4:31pm says:

This is such a great idea. I don't know how many times I've been walking back to unload a bunch of stuff when a pack of dogs comes to ruin my day when I'm out of stamina...

+1 vote   media: QRS may save your life
ZoidFlanders Aug 2 2012, 4:27pm says:

The wait will be so worth it! Thanks so much and keep up the good work :)

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