I like games. Mostly, I LOVE modifications. Mods are a way to use a particular gaming engine (with/without available SDK's or tool creating) and make it "more useful". Useful in a way that it hasn't been used before. Maybe HL2 in space. Or COD4 and MW in a paradox. Or reviving GTA games' textures, models, scenes and missions into our current generation. Maybe using assets from the contents of a game and making it into something new, something better....something thrilling and inspiring! Whatever a mod is, it's no doubt a change in a game.

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Wilson Chronicles

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Silent Hill: Alchemilla

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It was a pretty ok no-combat Silent Hill inspired mod but that's basically it. Aside from the beautiful level design, the puzzles were pretty tame. I feel like the VA talent was wasted on something that should've been worked more on. The game just...ends.

However, I liked how the levels were all mixed up from each Silent Hill. You have the mall from SH2, the original Silent Hill from the first game, and more. Each room had a similar kind of atmosphere, with models that are essentially inspired from the series. I wished we had an inventory though, since that made some of the objectives more easier to realize.

As a fan game, it kinda does make me want to go back to playing some more Silent Hill.