I enjoy making drawings, paintings and 3d models. Currently working on the Half-Life 2 mod Raising the Bar. If you have any questions or crits for my work, feel free to contact me. // ZitaX

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10 years on Moddb

ZitaX Blog 2 comments

Just the other day I noticed that its been more then 10 years since I registred on this site. It feels wierd that its been a decade since that 17-18 year old pimplefaced, insecure edgelord who only cared about instant gratification and provocing as many people as possible decided to sign up here. I cant belive how many things have changed since then. In some ways, I have exceeded my goals and aspirations, in others, I have failed miserably.
I have yet to become the artist and person I want to be, but every day I feel im moving forward and learning new things - Not just artwise, but also as a person. Im getting rid of destructive habits at a rapid rate and replacing them with good, constructive ones. Im in no way where I want to be (in fact, Im at a pretty miserable place at the moment), but I will never stop fighting to get the career and life I want.
Heres to 10 more years on moddb that will hopefully be far more productive and creative!

/ ZitaX

Life Update

ZitaX Blog 2 comments

Hey everyone, I hope you have enjoyed your summer. Heres some life updates from me:
* I wasnt accepted to The Game assembly despite my big hopes. I didn't even get to go to the interview infact. This was quite a hard blow to me, but I have decided to use it as motivation and push myself to improve my art and my 3D modeling skills. This year will be extremely important, and I need to improve my art as much as possible, so lets hear any crits you got!

* I finally began Plein Air painting this summer. Mostly in Gouache and watercolor, but I have also been experimenting with bringing my laptop outside and painting. I really love it and im hoping to invest in a good plein air Easel as soon as I can find one. If you got any suggestions on witch one to get, let me know!
P.S. Whatever store you link has to be able to ship to sweden.

* I relocated to a new location once again. Im looking for an apartment of my own, but the lack of apartments in sweden is ridicolous. Atm, im renting a small cabin from a friend, its cloose to nature, but the internet out here is terrible! Because of this, I can not stream atm (Its just to slow for it).
New work is on its way, both 3D and 2D, maybe even some traditional as well ...

Currently Learning theese programs:




My Main website: zorrentos.deviantart.com

My Work.

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You can see my art here:

ConceptArt.org sketchbook (Tons of studies, sketches and practice made by me). Updates often with lots of new stuff! Do comment and crit me!

DeviantArt Account (please ignore the old work, i've learnt new stuff!)

Crimson Dagger SB:

New Livestream channel:


Should I submit my comics here as well? What do you guys think?

ZitaX Blog 2 comments

Up until recently, i've mostly been drawing comics and graphic novels. Just this year did i decide to get into concept art as well (im actually publishing a 24 page comic next year witch im currently working on.)

I don't know if anyone is interested, but should I submit some of my comic pages here as well on Moddb? Or do guys think that I should just concentrate on submitting concept art?

Also, im kinda thinking about setting up a blog for all my art. Does anyone know of any "free blog" pages or similar? I can't really afford to pay for a proper one :P

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