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zanet Feb 15 2008, 7:23am says:

jeez take it easy lol. people just dont like a starving artist these days eh? lol. anyways, i would probly dl if i had any more space left on this lag-tastic comp of mine.i think the tau kinda got shafted in some of the latest mods anyways so this may be just what i was looking for.

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zanet Feb 15 2008, 7:14am says:

very well done maps, your team definatly disserves a well done on this one if you ask me.the 8 player skirmish maps were HUGE! ive never seen a map that size with so many far im very pleased with the dl but i have one question.i know how to use skirmish maps and to put them in the dxp2 folder but what decals and files should i move if i want to incoreporate them with the regular dc/other mods as i would love to play the maps useing ttru or fok. i wouldent post this on any site or say it was my idea i just realy like the maps. ps you should look for someone named ira aduro on filefront, so far hes proved himself to be an excelent mapper and i think you would make a perfect team-just a suggestion not saying you need help or anything.

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zanet Feb 15 2008, 1:01am says:

hey for all those who dl'ed and have a problem running this i think i found the problem. all you need to do is re-arrange some folders becouse the installer is screwed up and it should work. it installs them under dawn of war dark crusade in the main dark crusade folder. i guess it does this becouse of the combiner-mod i downloaded.(it makes some folders in the tyranids folder but becouse i didnt have the nid mod it just istalled the folders under tyranids so move all the folders in there and it should work! have fun killin

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