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ZaliaS Jul 15 2011 says:

YES! Wahooo!

+4 votes   news: Forgotten Hope 2.4
ZaliaS Jul 15 2011 says:

YES, finally!

+1 vote   news: Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Released!
ZaliaS Jul 11 2011 replied:

Same damn thing, lol. Some of the old Quake code is still in GoldSrc. Its just Valve's heavily modified version of the Quake engine.

+1 vote   media: The real Half-life
ZaliaS Jul 10 2011 says:

wait, so how much is it? $9.95 or $9.99?? lol

+2 votes   news: Silas Releasing Early September
ZaliaS Jul 9 2011 replied:

What? He didn't get a job at EA, lol. He got a job at DICE. That's not EA bro, its a completely different company.

+2 votes   news: News about things
ZaliaS Jul 7 2011 replied:


+3 votes   media: unsc destroyer variant concept
ZaliaS May 7 2011 says:

I think it's total and utter ********. We have services like Youtube, where other people will upload videos of game play for games. Thats how I tell if I like a game or not. I get to see exactly how the game plays out. Piracy because a demo isn't that good, or because a game doesn't HAVE a demo, is a sorry F'n excuse for anyone to ILLEGALLY achieve the game off a ******* torrent site. Now again, this is MY OPINION. People do what they do because they want to. That's just life.

+2 votes   news: How can we lower game piracy?
ZaliaS Mar 19 2011 says:

Man, I say **** "political correctness." **** you who supported the mod, or are trying to defend its bringing down with some stupid **** about constitutional rights. To be blatantly honest, I'd love to just beat the ******* **** out of the idiot who created the mod in the first place not JUST because I don't agree with it, but because of the fact that the guy must have a screw loose to even think about creating such content. Let's face it, the world today is strictly dog-eat-dog. Thank you MODDB for doing what you had to do to save the integrity of the community as a whole. For those of you who believe that I'm "out of line" by posting this, go **** yourself. And if you REALLY have that much of an issue, feel free to find me in the world, and we can straiten **** out face to face.

+2 votes   news: Why we removed the school shooter mod
ZaliaS Mar 10 2011 says:

woot for keeping FPS Creator alive!

+3 votes   game: Fox`s Game : ZWar
ZaliaS Feb 15 2011 replied:

Also feel free to e-mail me at and add me on STEAM.


+1 vote   news: Be The Voice of ORION - Win an NVIDIA GTX 480
ZaliaS Feb 15 2011 says:

Hey guys, just wanted to post a sample of my announcement reel for Orion here so that I can get some constructive criticism back from you all. Link is on MediaShare, so just click the play button on the left to listen. Thanks all.

+1 vote   news: Be The Voice of ORION - Win an NVIDIA GTX 480
ZaliaS Dec 11 2010 buried:


How dare you insult me as an idiot! You sir, have no respect what so ever. With all do respect, **** you.

-13 votes   news: Cry of Fear - Mod of the Year 2010
ZaliaS Dec 11 2010 buried:


Okay, first of all, I would like to point out that it is completely redundant for someone to vote Mod of the Year on a mod that hasn't even had one public release yet! This is rediculous! Great mod though, can't wait to play it, but I will be bluntly honest, I will not vote for this mod just because it looks good, it needs to play good too, and I can't base any vote on that if I don't have a version that is playable to do so. I do wish the best of luck for this team, and I am excited to see release.

With all do respect,

-Zalias oO

-10 votes   news: Cry of Fear - Mod of the Year 2010
ZaliaS Nov 25 2010 replied:

Actually, Valve doesn't have publishers at all bro. The company comprises of 2 bodies, a self-publishing establishment, and the Development team. So really, Valve publishes there own stuff legitly.

-1 votes   news: NS2 closed beta released...and how we got here
ZaliaS Nov 2 2010 says:

Wow, I almost thought that FPS Creator was dead, especially since FPSCX10 didn't sell too well. Good to see that people are still using a great game creator that has a lot of potential.

+1 vote   news: In the City
ZaliaS Aug 29 2010 says:

Nice thievery of a well known artists work for your main menu background. You shouldn't steal work from other people. :/

+1 vote   download: LT Orion System B├ęta RC7
ZaliaS Aug 17 2010 says:

Gaming on my ASUS 23" Monitor at max res (1920x1080) fullscreen. Flawlessly pwns. And that's with everything maxed out. I love my PC ^^

+1 vote   poll: How do you set your resolution for PC gaming?
ZaliaS Jul 29 2010 says:

Yay, FPS Creator. Man, I remember this from back in the day.

+2 votes   game: Mutiny on the Moon
ZaliaS Jul 19 2010 says:

Anyone think this looks a lot like Killzone 2? lol, Don't hate, I'm just stating what first popped in my head when I saw the vid. This looks epically sick, and I can't wait to see future projects

+1 vote   game: FPS Terminator
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