I'm a 14 year old boy that just wants be a level and game designer. I started making maps and modding when i was almost 10 in 2010. I've made a whole ton of maps in UT99 and a couple in ut2k4 and ut3. please help me be a level and game designer by taking a look at my games and downloads and blogs!

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Heres my story about how I got into Level Designing and why I want to work in the game industry and for Epic Games...
When I was about 4, my dad bought the new Unreal Tournament game for PC and he would play the assault gametype and i would watch him play it all the time. I didnt really know how to play it because i was young and still about everything, but once i got to the age 7 or 8, i started playing by myself and eventually I started playing online multiplayer. Multiplayer changed the way I looked at UT, there were hundreds of people out there that loved to play UT like me and I would play with them, join clans, join clan websites and all that stuff. By the time I was 10 I started making maps UT. I made small cube-ish maps that were monsterhunt for my MH clan at the time, and then my clan admin, started teaching me about spawning things, adding textures, playerstarts,light, pathnodes and all most all the actors in the editor. Then i started looking up tutorials on youtube and other websites. I learned how to make lava, slime, water, low grav, elevators, doors, making my own textures, my own music, my own brushes, my own tools, and a LOT more. I started making maps super fast, making my own tutorials and making maps for clans and servers throughout the world. But of course some people didnt like my work and it would make me upset because I would try really hard and learn new things to make my maps better. By the time I was 11, 3 years ago, I got Unreal Tournament 3. Right after I finished installing the game, i went straight to the editor and started self teaching myself. But the multiplayer on UT3 wasnt as big and popular and interactive as the first UT. So then I went back to UT and worked on more maps. By the time I was 13 I probably made 300 + maps and about 50 submitted. For my 12th birthday I got Unreal Tournament 2004 ( UT 2 ) and same thing again - went straight to the editor. It was very similar to the UT3 editor and I can understand that. And then I noticed that the UT 2004 multiplayer was kinda big and popular. So i made about 2 maps and went to a random UT 2004 clan website and submitted them. Since then i have no clue what happened to them, but they were actually pretty good. I looked up random stuff on youtube and found out this mega editor called the Unreal Developement Kit ( UDK ) and i thought i might take a look. I downloaded it and started looking around at it. It wasnt a game, it wasnt a program, it was a tool/SDK that can be used to make games and a lot more. I first started out by making deathmatch maps and just putting static meshs around. Heres a pic of my very first level thingy i made in UDK...
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After that I found out that people were making these beautiful scenes with the UDK and i showed a few to my dad. My dad said asked what they were doing with them and why would they spend so much time on it and not do anything with it. I told him that some people are in college and some people are working games. So my dad said maybe you can make your own little game. So i started working on one. Since I have about 4 years of unreal engine experience I knew how to navigate and everything. But the thing that got me off track was the kismet thingy and the content browser. Right then I knew I had a problem, so i looked up probably about 50+ tutorials on the UDK i watched Bucky's beginners playlist in about 2 weeks ( bucky's tuts > Thenewboston.org ) so in 2 weeks i learned about the kismet, matinee, and almost all of the basics. Then i looked at books from WorldOfLevelDesign ( Worldofleveldesign.com ) and started making visual aspects like the feeling of things. And after that i found Hourences ( Hourences.com ). He's an amazing level designer that inspires me to do my work with a good feeling. He taught me about more complex stuff, like cutscenes, cool tricks with lights, matinee tricks, and a lot, lot more. And so then I had all this knowledge to put into a small simple indie game. Hourences inspired me to make a good looking indie game, make my own static meshs with 3DsMax, my own materials and textures through photoshop and a lot more. He worked with the unreal engine for so many years and many other engines too. And so now with so much knowledge on level designing, and the UDK, I started with a my own little indie game called HereComesTheRain. You can download it a few days after its finished. I know im not a full out expert on the UDK, but i know a decent amount of knowledge to be successful. So throughout the UT series, I want to work in the game industry and become a level designer. I'm also gonna start working on another small indie game called " Diamond Heist " where you simply steal a diamond through stealth and agility and being really really careful. So, thats how I got into all of this, I hope i see you guys downloading my small indie game and playing it and sending some feedback and i hope you see me in the future in the game industry.

- ZaccyBoy
" You can either have it right or you can have it right now. " - A member in the creation of UT2004

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