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z741 Jul 2 2014, 4:39am says:

As do I. However I would like to see rotating turrets, is this possible?

+1 vote     media: ISD Model Updated
z741 Jun 18 2014, 2:51pm says:

has anyone figured out how to make mods run on 1.82? this one here happens to be my favorite

+1 vote     mod: Maelstrom
z741 Apr 17 2014, 11:53pm says:

nice gong zeke, good to see you back in action. if you need any possible beta testers let me know. btw, did you ever compile that musicpack from reborn?

+1 vote     article: Back in the Game
z741 Mar 23 2014, 5:09pm says:

its been almost a year and a half. I enjoy the mod a lot but im wondering if the next major release will ever come?

+2 votes     mod: Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations
z741 Mar 22 2014, 10:00pm says:

question. why is it read that photon torpedoes do more damage than quantum torpedoes when the quantums are newer and do more damage? And why does the Excalibur (My favorite btw) read photon torpedo damage when it obviously fires Quantums?

A couple things I have noticed. Also, is there going to be a rework of the borg help text?

+1 vote     mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
z741 Mar 16 2014, 12:20pm says:

so does this mean that we can use the chopper with a spotter ability and give the base howitzers unlimited range with said ability?

+1 vote     article: Rise of the Reds Blog Update 5
z741 Mar 15 2014, 4:27pm says:

great job on the mod although I found a bug. when I play as virons or Terrans with viron supports on Tranquility Base I have no helidynes or support powers.

+1 vote     article: Version 3 Released
z741 Feb 12 2014, 12:56am says:

id like to see the turrets rotate when they fire. and not just on this ship. or is that a limitation of the sins engine?

+1 vote     media: Venator SD
z741 Jan 31 2014, 1:20pm says:

Still hard to believe the USA chickened out over a bunch of ocean-hoppers. That would seriously screw everything up in RL, as it did in ZH.
Hunter if you were to give a realistic percentage of completion for 1.85, what would that percentage be?

+2 votes     article: Heavy Hitters
z741 Jan 28 2014, 11:22pm says:

well im getting the technical error on startup. running as admin with win7 compat. extracted files as said and renamed scripts folder. wtf?

+1 vote     download: Contra 008 BETA 2
z741 Dec 5 2013, 12:48am says:

will this be translated over to English?

+1 vote     download: TreMorS of EaRtH 2.0
z741 Dec 1 2013, 6:02am says:

Man, are you ordering those things to fire from your mic? And if so, where did you come up with the orders on grid and authentication?

0 votes     media: MW Mod 4.1 - M142 HIMARS
z741 Nov 14 2013, 5:50pm says:

just a question, will everything be translated into English?

+1 vote     download: The End of Days 08
z741 Nov 13 2013, 3:08pm says:

this mod is by far one of the best out there. Xitars should come back and make a 1.5. I love this mod and I can play it for days to weeks at a time.

+1 vote     download: Destructive Forces V1.4 Automated Install
z741 Nov 13 2013, 1:49pm says:

this is badass!

+1 vote     media: M270 MLRS - Steel Rain Reloaded
z741 Sep 24 2013, 7:28pm replied:

well how do I capture them then?

+1 vote     download: Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.5
z741 Sep 24 2013, 1:58am says:

im sure this has been answered elsewhere but I cant seem to figure out how to capture a planet..... any ideas? when I did it in the original complex mod i used carriers.

+1 vote     download: Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.5
z741 Sep 24 2013, 1:57am replied:

man what are your options on? mine are all maxed except for detail geometry..... that causes a shitload of lag for me zoomed in so i turn it off. try it

+1 vote     download: Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.5 Manual (PDF)
z741 Sep 10 2013, 11:51am says:

Are you also planning on releasing an updated manual due to the DLC?

+1 vote     download: Maelstrom Rebellion v1.52 R6 (DLC)
z741 Sep 6 2013, 3:53pm replied:

ok my mistake. theres been talks about a prequel/sequel over at blackbox. im worried because blackbox has affiliated with EA and EA ***** everything up. CNC is done -_-

+1 vote     mod: Tactical Fleet Simulator (4G)
z741 Sep 4 2013, 10:54pm says:

dude where are you from? you need some English work that I would be happy to provide (translations/error correcting)

+2 votes     media: Pronto/Comming Soon :D
z741 Sep 3 2013, 7:53pm replied:

Battlecry was the main guy for PDS, he implemented it into TFS IIRC

+1 vote     mod: Tactical Fleet Simulator (4G)
z741 Aug 27 2013, 5:43pm says:

i got my maelstrom to run by putting vanilla sins on admin for win 8 then convert over to maelstrom. keep it up saose :D

+1 vote     mod: Maelstrom
z741 Aug 17 2013, 4:55pm says:

it has worked for me on win xp, vista, 7, and 8 with no problems. the User Action Control allows you to do things as an admin automatically if you set it right. its under control panel.

+1 vote     article: Windows 8
z741 Aug 12 2013, 5:46am says:

great idea, would definitely help to not have descriptive text cut off

+1 vote     media: HD user interface progress for v2.9
z741 Jul 28 2013, 3:34am says:


+3 votes     media: CCK-76 with shaders preview for v2.9
z741 Jul 27 2013, 10:59pm says:

cheesecake will you be adding stuff for GCs later on down the road?

+1 vote     article: (Not) Making the Cut
z741 Jul 14 2013, 8:08pm replied:

its called shadow of the empire, check it out. I know you are looking for realistic ships of the time period but it may also give you some fresh ideas.

+1 vote     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
z741 Jul 14 2013, 6:06pm replied:

one of the other mods I play if you play a GC, they have a ton of ships dived by category. one gives you the starfighters, another corvettes/frigs etc... it was a cool idea ill find out what mod and ill be back to tell you

+1 vote     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
z741 Jul 13 2013, 5:41pm says:

sorry ive been away for a while tons of stuff I had to do. anyway I was playing a mod earlier, legacy I think and they had a ton of units. they hardcoded icons for different types of ships. its a great idea I think, maybe it will be put to use in here or in ascendency?

+1 vote     mod: Thrawn's Revenge
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