Retro, multiplatform and pc gamer. loves mods, classic games and indie games. anti-SOPA and dislike restrictive DRM such as ubisoft's. im not big into current generation games beyond indie titles and valve's multiplayer selection. this generation of major developers seem to mostly pump out rentals.

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yumyalls @ Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.3 released

wish i had a version 1 copy of SA. back in the day i only had a ps2 and gamecube. when i finally got a pc and a constant internet connection only version 2 was sold on store shelves. i tried the downgrade patch recently so i could use version 2 with mods but it didn't work. since i legally own the game i could download a cracked copy but i lost my best buy receipt so im not taking the risk.

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yumyalls @ psYbeRotubirtsiD

perhaps O.0 <@;)

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yumyalls @ OrangeNero

thanks, almighty cornholio. or is it tom cruise?!?!?!?! i know it's you. come fight me like a man, tom! the galaxy is mine!

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yumyalls @ SOPA and PIPA - our internet freedom

oh yeah, let's not forget the death of mods if it passes. mods make existing games and expands them beyond their original potential and replay value. i don't have an up to date pc but i love modding in source games and older games such as quake and unreal tournament. publishers want to force overpriced map packs down our throats "which i don't even buy for my console games".

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yumyalls @ SOPA and PIPA - our internet freedom

funny how the same big media company supporters of this bill actually started and made torrents popular and easy to use. this is just an excuse to kill off potential indie enterainment franchises such as youtube characters such as angry video game nerd and fred plus indie games such as minecraft or world of goo. they would be dead before the began. basically the whole internet would be a glorified app store where no one could make a living unless paramount pictures or EA games etc gets all the rights and most of the profit from your creations. plus taking people to court to make a quick buck is an issue. it scares me because all they need is your IP address to screw you over, a friend could use my pc and download something and i could be taken to court resulting in me being in debt for life "and if this bill passes i would also be a fellon and face prison time". you NEED to watch this video if your as paranoid of this bill as i am:

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