Hmmm not much to say... i like mods of all types and kinds... except maybe another CS clone.

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yourgrandma Jan 13 2006, 11:47pm says:

cool i thought this mod died along time ago.. good to see its alive!

+1 vote   mod: Citizen-132
yourgrandma Jan 13 2006, 11:45pm says:

in this mod i tried you can pick up objects like in hl2 and bodys still an alpha but realy cool anyways..

+1 vote   mod: BrokenArrow
yourgrandma Jan 13 2006, 11:43pm says:

my favorite online mod heck its one of my favorite online games of all time.. hunting eachother down in the forests rules so much

+2 votes   mod: Obsidian Edge
yourgrandma Jan 13 2006, 8:47pm says:

i guess this is a good mod to have until sven coop gets going..

+1 vote   mod: Tim coop
yourgrandma Jan 12 2006, 10:39pm says:

the reason for gordon not speaking is because it makes you relate to the charater more allowing you to be the charater and not just play him.. sorry that was a little to deep for this croud

+1 vote   game: Half-Life 2
yourgrandma Jan 12 2006, 10:35pm says:

this is in my book the second greatest game out right now (hl2 first) the gameplay should be a 9 and sound can be the 8.. heck this game deserves a 9 all together.. the haters should die the graphics are a work of art and the ai is something we dont see in many games or any at all now days..

+1 vote   game: Far Cry
yourgrandma Jan 12 2006, 10:32pm says:

i think its going to be all in the style of max payne which is very good.. and i know nothing else lol

+1 vote   game: Alan Wake
yourgrandma Jan 5 2006, 4:33pm says:

sven coop for hl1 was about 2000 times better than crap overated counterstrike... and me just finding out sven coop for hl2 is coming all i have to say is AIIAIAIIAIIAAIAIAIIIAIIYEEEEAAAAHHHOOOOWWWWIIWIWIEIEIEIE yes!

+1 vote   mod: Sven Co-op II
yourgrandma Jan 5 2006, 4:28pm says:

This is the best game ever made that is out right now... some say that it isn't the best game out.. but then what is!! This game owns any game that you will ever mention... its got incredible graphics insane gameplay and variety!!!!!!!!! Plus ... a awsome story which is rare these days and it presents it like no other game.... pluss it offers a very easy to make levels 4 engine.. the level editor works the exact same way as it used to!!! freakin easy monkeys that fly over the rainbow!!! And if your real to stupid to make your own levels.. which is hard to believe... there is about 399 mods out for this game i think one of them might fit your style. Even if this is one of the most popular games out... its still underated.

+1 vote   game: Half-Life 2
yourgrandma Nov 19 2005, 5:51pm says:

i hate big companys stoping mods.. such as many star wars mods and contless others..

+1 vote   poll: What do you feel is hurting the mod community the most?
yourgrandma Oct 14 2005, 4:59pm says:

surpasses many games online and is just plain fun for people with pimp pc's or older systems.

+2 votes   game: Soldat
yourgrandma Oct 14 2005, 4:54pm says:

:de: *drooling uncontrollably* :de:

+1 vote   mod: Hall of Mirrors
yourgrandma Oct 14 2005, 4:46pm says:

this is how far crys muliplayer should have been! woot! why such a low rating :-(

+2 votes   mod: Obsidian Edge
yourgrandma Oct 14 2005, 4:39pm says:

depends on the game.. if its just another game i just want the cd and jewle case but if its like half-life or one of my favorite games i want everything!!!!

+1 vote   poll: How do you prefer the game you purchase to come?
yourgrandma Oct 13 2005, 11:15am says:

cod 2 was disapointing for me. the game has got consolitus the controls and gameplay feel comprimised for the consoles. so does the diffulcty. I voted for FEAR multi player even though i wish i could vote for the single player. only thing wrong with fear multi player is that if you get more than 6 people in a match its just a respawn nightmare... more people doesnt = more fun. more people server limits please :''-(. other than that its freakin awsome.

+1 vote   poll: Which of the demos released most recently has you the most fired up?
yourgrandma Oct 3 2005, 10:51pm says:

this game distracted me for like 2 weeks.. single player was repetive... and online was sad.. it was so easy online i could get 30 kills and like 2 deaths everytime :-/ so i got bored and went back to far cry.

+1 vote   game: Halo: Combat Evolved
yourgrandma Oct 30 2006, 12:28pm says:

watching this mod sense the very beginning... can't wait!

+1 vote   feature: Nuclear Dawn
yourgrandma Jun 23 2005, 9:46pm says:

who ever gave this mod a bad rating is on crack... not the drug but the body part!!!

+2 votes   mod: K-9 Vision
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