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Currently developing an open source game engine for the recreation of Hanako Dash, aside from taking over the fallen company's Music Project...

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End of the Test Series, start of the Engine!

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It's been forever since the last release came out. The latest two bring promising news: the addition of fonts, text, 3D graphics and some tests for saving a game. Now while this is good and all, only v0.1.6.4 actually have something to offer. I got a little lazy with the latest release and didn't bother commenting the code properly, with it being the last Test release and all.

Now for the good news: The next release will begin development on the Editor Utility. This utility will be the central point of game development for the engine. It'll feature a nice, feature-rich, yet simple GUI interface for slapping a game together. It will still, of course, use the original game engine to run things, but the design will all take place there. My hopes is to get this utility to a usable point within less than three releases, but we'll have to see how that goes...

For now, you can check out the latest two releases at under the Official Updates section.
Along with the latest release also comes two videos, demonstrating the engine's new capabilities.

That's all for now, hopefully the next will have something great to look forward to!
- -youka

The Ikezawa Project - open source game engine

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When I say game engine, this one is very basic. It has been developed from the ground-up multiple times using C++ and DirectX and now, it's moving over to just C and OpenGL. This is mostly because of easier compatibility with other platforms porting would be easier).

Now why am I making a game engine? A long time ago I posted up a hobbyist project named Hanako Dash on this very site. While it got a decent amount of attention, this soon died out due to my inability to continue. Life issues, work, family and friends were more important. Now that things have settled down, instead of resuming the game, or even starting it over, I'm rewriting it's engine and making it fully open source. This way, other beginner programmers can see some basic detail in creating something that could possibly be the heart of their game.

Aside from the engine itself and all the coding, there will be utilities included with this engine allowing games to be put together without the need to do much (if any) coding at all. Once this project is complete, Hanako Dash will be re-made using these methods and this engine and be given the same name as this project.

Until then, you can follow development on my site at under the official development news section. The site is still new and there is not that much activity just yet, but I hope for it to grow and perhaps maybe even become useful to others. All releases can be downloaded (as well as the old Hanako Dash) from there. The engine is built using MinGW on Windows and the utilities with Delphi 7 Personal Edition (so you might want to freshen up on pascal if you're a programmer ;))

Anyways, there's my announcement in all its glory! Hope to see more members on the site and for those of you who were following Hanako Dash, just so you know, that's no longer what this project is all about. This is for all game developers, Hanako Dash will merely be ONE of the possible outcomes of this engine.

Enjoy! :)
- -youka

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