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I have just passed my secondary studies so I am totally free to choose whatever I want to study next, so how should choose it?

The main thing I know from myself is I like learning English. Also I get some interest around physics, even if I don't get outstandings marks on it, I have some interest on it. What's more firstly I was very attracted to a degree called "Sea's sciences"', which is focused on what does the title says, theoric biology, geology, maths, physics and chemistry. At first I was fancy studying that degree, but then considering that beyong whatever infinite times I read what's that degree for, I mean for workingnI didn't feel sure about that.

So next, I started looking for informatic engineering, which was my second option. Looking to the studies' schedule it has in the first year, three subjects related to maths, two related to use English specific informatic vocabulary, two about programming, two going on explaining hardware's components, one about leading bussisness and that's all, cool.

My main hope is being able to program games, that would make me feeling proud of myself, and even more if I could live with this work that would be great. My second hope is being able to study this and English at the same time, I mean, study it on an official languages academy, knowing that I really like it, plus it is so useful that would make me so happy. My third hope is take an Erasmus plan and being able to do some of my degree out there, the only condition is a country with mild temperatures, so then, all the shoutern european countries. Doing that would be awesome, just maybe one of the most unique experiencies of my life.

In conclussion mainly I could write that hopes are as important as formal education, I mean subjects. Also I am highly sure about studying whatever oneshelf really wants is just better than studying whatever is better paid/seen socially, because oneshelf needs only to care about what does him wants to do on his life, instead of been pussy enough to get into some studies that are popular or something like that. Especially under the fact that after like more than 10 years studying whatever the "Governement" wants you tu study, now is time to break that out, and approach the opportunity to choose freely, because I am enough sure I won't bork my degree, looking what whishes do I have, I won't tolerate myself to fail some year out there...

And what about you? How did you guys decided what to study?

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