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Yone wrote: "At
first I thought it would be just a foolish thingy, but then I realized it would be a cool, fresh and enjoyable idea!"

"THE ONE - Survive the game"

by "TheSingulaFactory" company

It´s a game for iPad´s and smartphones which looks good especially if you have tried other games such as: Angry Birds, the Hangman, sport games or intelligence tests which are funny but don´t really
keep the mobile limits to its maximum!. It´s a game with an unknow game genre, I could define itas an epic fight survival multiplayer super interactive game, with a post-apocalyptic medieval dystopia setting and what you would say? if I tell you, your mobile IS your toy-sword to PLAY it!?
Also you CAN´T play alone nor decide when to play, because it´s the game which decides when starts using a GPS sytem to search other opponent within a 500 meters range, it pops-up and then you fight in front of the other guy.
On the other hand, the new is that it hasn´t been published by an American, Japanese nor German team, it has been worked by an indie Canary team!. It´s located on Gran Canary island on the Telde Township, it´s formed by 15 programmers and 2D artirst led by "Gustavo Medina" the senior dev.
It has been released on the app store in Spanish, Frecnh, English, Chinese ... Finally the game is Free 2 Play, but obviously it has some payable options like better swords or powers for you character, and what do u think about it????

Captura de pantalla del iPhone 1
Captura de pantalla del iPhone 2
Spanish Interface

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