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Paranoia is an excellent Mod i must say, though it crashes here and there ( you will have to find a way to circumvent the crashes by crouching or moving backwards into the next area)
If you like to be scared and wanted to be a russian Spetnaz agent than this Mod is for you


Dear Esther

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I like these personal quest's, it would be nice though if you had to
solve, some puzzles or follow trails of sound or something.
The visuals and sounds are truly of great quality, it gave me a shocking yet satisfying experience wich i hope will be doubled, by playing the remade version sometime soon.

Get it here :



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It's a blend of horror and action, and it does a good job of keeping
the player immersed.
Some good weapons and models overhaul, make it look like a new game.
Be sure to keep it on your gameslist for future episodes

Get one of the copies here: