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Titan: XCIX

Mod review

Well the Mod looks great and you can easily tell it has lots
of work put into it, it's a shame though that hard work can go
to waste if you don't know what you are doing exactly.

The voicework is fairly good as is the leveldesign for most
parts, the problem is with the story (System Shock 2 anyone ??).
I think the story suffers from jumping from one point to another.
I couldn't really connect with the characters in the game, and the
storytelling is a bit too dramatic for me to believe, it wanted to
connect to me but it just didn't.

The Mod deserves to be played though, just so you can see the amount of work put into it.
Better luck with Episode 2 though...

Try the Mod here:



Game review

Its a start to something really happy and beautifull.
It only needs more variety in gameplay and leveldesign, it can
become quikly boring with no, or true objectives and real points of interest.

This can become great and something gamers of all classes and gender could easily fall in love with, it just needs more features and things to happen to make it last.

I replayed the game following some clues from the creators of it, and
they said to explore everything, i suggest you do too :)

Try the Mod here :

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