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Dear Esther

Mod review - 1 agrees - 1 disagrees

I like these personal quest's, it would be nice though if you had to
solve, some puzzles or follow trails of sound or something.
The visuals and sounds are truly of great quality, it gave me a shocking yet satisfying experience wich i hope will be doubled, by playing the remade version sometime soon.

Get it here :



Mod review - 24 agree - 1 disagrees

It's a blend of horror and action, and it does a good job of keeping
the player immersed.
Some good weapons and models overhaul, make it look like a new game.
Be sure to keep it on your gameslist for future episodes

Get one of the copies here:


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Priboi Story

Mod review

Priboi Story features new weapons, enemies, story, and vehicles.
There are also some level changes or additions to the levels, so
if you can't wait for ''Lost Alpha'' to come out, from the same devs be sure to play this Mod.
Who doesn't like the original Stalker in a different suit ?

Download here:



Mod review

A very good Mod, and deserves to be played.
Storywise, i think next time the developers should make the storytelling,
immersive in the game, (while traveling or playing).
Some of the notes and dialogues are somewhat tiring and only for
story purposes, not for the puzzles, you will have some problem not
hearing certain people talk due to the music on the background but this
is only in the beginning.
Gameplay involves sneaking past enemy's, solving area-based puzzles,
and thats about it, its cool though.
Very nice levels and a little (meh story) makes the overall experience
quite good.

Download it here:



Mod review - 1 disagrees

Don't expect to be in control, wich isn't the aim of this Mod, its more about
telling a story and showing it off in a alternative way.
It's more sitting through a dialogue and feeling left-alone, when in control.
Because of this you will feel very unimportant, and rather wait for something to
actually happen but it doesn't, and when it does its like pushing a button and hoping
you did something right (finding stars).
It doesn't draw you into the game but makes you feel like an outsider,
you should really like the tone of this Mod to stay concentrated.
Games can tell a lot of stories or share a psychological view on things and
this has been done better in other games (example:MGS-2,Penumbra), but
immersion is key to making an experience fun.
It's not bad but needs more exercise and research i guess.
If your a fan of a Tale of Tales games ( wich i ain't :) than this
will also be, likely your thing.

Good luck in the future with making themebased experiences
Download it here:



Mod review - 2 agree

Dissolution is a linear fun action/exploration game wherein you
have to find your way out of a spaceship/station designed to shelter
the remaining humans from an catastropic world-war.
The game is simple and fun, though the missions can get repetetive and the
PDA's wich you find aren't really usefull (only for story).
The enemy's dont have many different weapons but thats ok, it will remind you
of System Shock 2 with less backtracking.
Overall decend and full of voice-acting wich is nice.

Easy to install and have fun.
download here:



Mod review - 1 agrees - 1 disagrees

Curse is a really short (around 30 min)puzzle Episode but its fun.
The Style is amazing, and the Source engine never ceases to impress.
Good and smart puzzles, leaves me waiting for more.

Download here:



Mod review - 8 agree - 3 disagree

Just finished the game, the levels are great, the story is great,
the work put into this game is great, its just great for a fan-based project.
It can be buggy at times, and sometimes the fighting sequences tend
to be a bit on the hard side, but overall managable.
This is a true Episode to the Half Life Universe wich earns to
be played and then replayed.
Just try it out, its completely free and easy to install, like a
regular game (restart steam after install).

My final verdict is an 8.5
download here:

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