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the concept art always looks way more interesting than the actual games i wonder why :)

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After the butcher of Ark this whole piece is just amazing really deep characters and emotions. very niceeeeee

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Final chapter of the Butcher of Ark is out dont know if you missed it here is the link:

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Will Enderal have same installation as Nehrim ?

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Love the mgs series

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I do hope Enderal will be a bit more forgiving than Nehrim, i like a challange though but nearly every creature (except spiders) kick my f*cking ***. :)

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Just finished reading chapter 9 of the butcher of ark. There has to be another chapter this cannot end ? or will Enderal explain further ? (please release a book :)

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Hello will DC come out this year ? (still havent played)

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You mean skyrim ? thats something, but enderal's areas are much more filled with object n stuff than skyrim is.
Imagine all those shadow effect, etc so perhaps we can play, but no juicy effects :) still the story is worth the trouble i think.

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I know thanks, will give it a try though

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PLEASEEEEEEEE tell me i can run this game with only 3 gig memory i could play skyrim on high settings even pleeeeeeeeaseeeee :(

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maybe bit of a spoiler but will the game also have inscriptions (alduins wall) or messages written on empty cave walls etc ? this to tell a bit of backstory ?
like the beginning of the story trailer, the art look like murals very nicely done people :)

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Awesome and good voiceacting

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So its been years since any update, is the DC coming this year ?

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I will probarely not play the game itself due to hardware limitations, ill try of course.
I should read more books but this little story just had a special kind of vibe to it.
Good writing, i shall eagerly await the last chapter.

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Again to the one(s) who wrote the butcher of Ark please release a book or story set within the universe, i really liked reading the Butcher of Ark story it sucked me in and with the released screenshots it was easy for me to visualize the characters and story even more, thanks

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YESSssssss i hope you write a whole book on the butcher of ark ,though it pretty much looked like it was ending its story. I woul pay for a real copy of a full fletched book, the writing is superb and my imagination runs wild reading it.

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thank you im outta luck with only 3 gig memory so much will lag

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One more question if i can play skyrim i will be able to play this mod right ? Can you post system requirements here ? Thanks

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Another chapter ? Will it be released ingame or before ?

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I have just finished reading the Butcher of Ark, i am impressed.

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Yee German voiceactors with English subtitles

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Still not sure what the emblem for Enderal stands for, is it a comet ?

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thanks, because this looks way better than vanilla NewVegas

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The project is cool and all but where can i find system requirements ?

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thanks was looking for that page.
I will try to emulate the 2004 settings (oblivion lost settings), maybe
with full dynamic lighting

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Can you show us a link with system requirements ?
If i can play call of pripyat i can play lost alpha right ?

I have quad core
3 gig memory
Ati 5770 HD 1 gig

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Will you release the Mod on steam ( like DX revision ) ???

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I just had to say that your product (after experiencing Nehrim) is triple A quality, hands down.

The butcher of Ark is such a great story, i cant get enough (release a book ) haha.

Even if it takes more years to release i wouldn't mind.


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