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xXBornToGameXx Jul 2 2010, 3:53pm replied:

already fixed that, all HDR is done just AI nodes to fix now.

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 29 2010, 9:08pm replied:

Did that. Thats how I fixed the Lighting. But when you load a map, it still rebuilds the AI node graph. Mind you that yes the AIN builds faster now, but to get it to keep the AI nodes where they should be with out have to rebuild every time, I need to run through every map, and I've only done this with the HL2 maps, not the CSS maps yet. but that should take no time so long as I still have the gfc files from the old CSS. *crosses fingers*

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 28 2010, 2:36pm replied:

It's not that we have a problem with the light map, it's that the light map is not there. after the update, the maps all got the HDR upgrade, as you already know. But when the Smod, tried to use that, it deleted the light maps, so the "mat_" command won't really help. thanks for your help however.

Now the AK part might be something for us to look into.

PS: we now have the light maps back in place, but the AK is still acting up.

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 27 2010, 7:24pm replied:

Why are a lot of mods abandoned when they are making good progress? Why are a lot of Games abandoned by their company, when they are making good progress? There has been no notice about a quick fix from the team, The forums are down, and the website has become a single page that runs back to moddb. Now, yes there might be a new version coming out, but no one knows. I am working on a fix for what is already there, If they make a new version, then they do, no skin off my watch. No one knows when it will be and your thing of "will" right now sounds a little hard to trust in.

This is only a fixed version of what is already made, but no longer works, it's called community help. And again, if they make a new version, then people will move onto that version. But no one person is going to get in my way of fixing what needs to be done.

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 27 2010, 2:56pm replied:

I think you mean Phatcat? not phattie? so disregard the PM i sent you

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 27 2010, 1:59pm replied:

Because the one thing that isn't working mainly is the AI nodes. In the next few days, that will be fixed and the fixed mod should be uploaded. sadly you will have to do a full reinstall of the Mod. We did try to make this as a patch, but it wasn't working like we hopped it would.

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 27 2010, 3:04am replied:

if there's going to be an update, why are the forums down, and the website looks like there will never be news on it again. And even if there will be an update, they could tell us that there will be one. And if they do make an update, this all just a fix for 5.56, it's all temp tell something does happen.

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 26 2010, 11:31pm says:

SMOD LIVES AGAIN!!!!! <caps> (for now it does)

I'm not trying to promote my self, I'm just showing that something is being done.

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 26 2010, 9:20pm replied:

yes the use light maps, you can go in to the source SDK, and theres a thing about map light and rendering, but i think that my problem now is that all the maps went HDR, so all the lights that were added are now gone, so i need to add all the lights back in to ever map, and theres 113 of them to do. (I have a full list of them in TXT.)

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 26 2010, 8:58pm says:

ok so I got the MOD to finally work, I can load and I am able to play it with any of the AI settings. But I have 2 problems to fix before I can give out the new form of 5.56. 1) every time I load a map, it has to rebuild the node graph, so I'm loading all the maps to see if that will stop it from happening, 2) is the light mapping, so far I've done


All the light maps are missing, I'm starting to think that I need to recompile all the maps with the HDR settings changed. And on the topic of lighting, the AK has is now white in the places it should be metal. If I do fix all the light maps, should the AK go back to normal or do i need to change the model file? If any person can help by telling me what I need to do, this is my first "Mod" project that I've worked on that I know some what of what I'm doing, I'm not changing any of the game play, just fixing what's broken.

PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!! INFO ON THE NODE GRAPH WOULD BE NICE (if I load all the maps will fix the maps)

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 25 2010, 9:39pm says:

oooooo, looks good. can't wait to see more.

+2 votes   news: The Warning - First Update
xXBornToGameXx Jun 25 2010, 1:56pm says:

umm because this needs CSS to run part of it, and that CSS went through an update just like HL2, should it be a problem that we might run into when fixing the game?

+1 vote   mod: SMOD: Tactical
xXBornToGameXx Jun 21 2010, 8:44pm says:

Is anyone getting this Mod to work? after the HL2 update, None of the weapons work, or even appear, The NPC's are missing. The game is now pointless. Is anyone out there with the now how to fix it????

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xXBornToGameXx Jun 8 2010, 8:31pm says:

Love the added Info at the bottom, but I miss the talking. it just doesn't seem "personal" anymore. But thats just me.

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xXBornToGameXx May 31 2010, 1:36am says:

uummmmm is the password password?

+1 vote   media: Aperture Systems enter password...
xXBornToGameXx Mar 1 2010, 12:31am says:

seems a little under powered to take out 1 zombie, even if it is set to Hard.

+1 vote   media: Colt 1911
xXBornToGameXx Dec 28 2009, 2:17am says:

sweet i hope i get one, after all there are a lot of people that posted.

+1 vote   news: Desura Invites
xXBornToGameXx Dec 22 2009, 12:34am says:

this looks so freakn amazing, CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+1 vote   news: Introducing Desura
xXBornToGameXx Jun 10 2009, 11:06pm says:

WTF why do we have to pay to download this? this should be free, i dont want to have to go to a site pay good many just to download one thing, and find out i dont like it. this is posted on Moddb.com, we should be able to download it from the same web site.

-1 votes   mod: CURSE
xXBornToGameXx May 29 2009, 9:35pm says:

i cant tell whats more bad ***, BMS or this!!!!

+1 vote   media: Opposing Force 2 - Teaser Trailer
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