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Xular Jan 30 2012 says:

+1 on the no auto-restart. Thats a BIG no-go!

+3 votes   news: Renegade X: Black Dawn (UDK) - Download Today!
Xular Sep 6 2010 says:

Wth? Where did you take that real world photo? :o

Looks absolutly amazing!

+4 votes   media: Marsh
Xular Aug 14 2010 replied:

Try deleting the whole folder and re-download it from steam

+1 vote   news: NS2 Alpha Patch #2 released (Build 151)
Xular Jun 23 2010 says:

Woah, that was a lot of work! - I like the jacket part most, looks so realistic in the end :)

+1 vote   media: Making of Garrido
Xular May 9 2010 replied:

Lags for everyone, they will release an update soon

+1 vote   news: NS2 Engine Test and Tools Just Launched on Steam!
Xular May 4 2010 says:

Hum, only about $7,50 on average... Thats like $1,50 for each game - looks like nothing...

But I think the publicity and mass of ppl buying this now will hopefully be worth much more :)

+2 votes   news: Introducing the Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want)
Xular Apr 1 2010 says:

You got me there... until I read the 2nd part of the news :)

+2 votes   news: ModDB Gold Membership
Xular Mar 3 2010 replied:

well theres only one way: register your cd key on steam, eh?

+2 votes   news: NS2 coming to Steam!
Xular Feb 11 2010 says:


+1 vote   media: Cry of Fear - Crow
Xular Feb 10 2010 replied:

NS2 won the ">Upcoming< indie game of the year", not the "Indie game of the year"... theres a difference - but since both groups were put together in the evaluation process it effectively kicked out some already released games.

Still very deserved win.

+2 votes   news: NS2 Wins Indie Game of the Year! Pre-Alpha Footage Released
Xular Feb 10 2010 replied:

Actually there are still a lot servers up for it, yes... and theres still a huge, active community! :)

+1 vote   news: NS2 Wins Indie Game of the Year! Pre-Alpha Footage Released
Xular Feb 9 2010 replied:

have fun ;)

And don't give up too fast, you'll be killed a lot from *wtfwasthat* at the beginning but once you get whats going on its just great :D

+3 votes   news: NS2 Wins Indie Game of the Year! Pre-Alpha Footage Released
Xular Feb 9 2010 replied:

I'm sure the answer is "when its done" ;)

Personally I think they'll try to release something big on halloween - either the beta or the 1.0 - we'll see :)

+1 vote   news: NS2 Wins Indie Game of the Year! Pre-Alpha Footage Released
Xular Feb 9 2010 replied:

yep, try it! Its still the best hl1 mod :D

0 votes   news: NS2 Wins Indie Game of the Year! Pre-Alpha Footage Released
Xular Feb 6 2010 replied:

It really is, however you need about one hour to fully get wtf is happening ;) - read the signs in the starting room, they really help!

oh and some shortcuts are nice to know:
x stops your mech (0 speed)
, is the buymenu
m is the map
e targets the next enemy
space makes some mechs fly (those with a JJ)
the arrow keys "bind" your mouse1 to the weapon category that is highlighted at the top-right weapon display

Also watching the tutorial videos on their website helps quite a bit.

+1 vote   feature: Players Choice - Mod of the Year
Xular Feb 6 2010 says:

Grats on winning the MOTY

I <3 MWLL :D

You could sell this, really :) - try getting the rights to release it as an indie :)

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
Xular Feb 5 2010 says:

Woot, <3 Natural Selection 2 :D

And nice to see that 0 A.D. made it into the top5, thats the prettiest looking RTS Game I've seen yet - I really hope they release an alpha soon :)

+1 vote   feature: Players Choice - Indie Game of the Year
Xular Feb 4 2010 replied:

NS2 really isnt a singleplayergame - play NS1 and you'll know what I mean.

NS1 with bots sucks too, its just way too complex for bots

+3 votes   news: Spark Engine Questions and Answers #1
Xular Feb 3 2010 replied:

The default link is dead: 404 - Not Found

If the link is dead click on "... if it doesn't start automatically or try another <<<mirror>>>"

...on the mirror... - then you will get a list of available servers to choose from - at least one will work ;) try the Moddb EU netherlands server, it works for me just now.

if everything fails here are two direct links I grabbed from the mirrors box:

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
Xular Feb 2 2010 says:

Please add an option to fly with non-inverted mouse, I just cant use planes otherwise, it sucks :/

And turning invert mouse on and off all the time in the options menu takes way too long... especially when you jump out of a plane, you need it instantly back to normal...

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
Xular Feb 1 2010 says:

ahaha rats... :D

I dont have deus ex but I enjoyed reading the TNM manual a while ago.. someone had great fun writing it - so its great fun reading it too ;)

+3 votes   feature: Editors Choice - Best Singleplayer Mod
Xular Feb 1 2010 says:

So much negative Feedback...

I like this mod - of course there were a few bugs where I had to reload (plane crashing into trees, car getting stuck at the fuel station...) - but as a whole its really nice!

Best wishes to Dustin!

+3 votes   mod: Living Hell: Noname Island 2
Xular Jan 31 2010 says:

Congratulations on winning the editors choice!

I'm gonna try playing this again now, tried it with 1.0, looked really great but crashed after 5 mins.. Three times.

Hopefully those crashes are fixed now :)

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
Xular Jan 31 2010 says:

Damn remembers me to buy UT3 for RenegadeX ;)

MechWarrior: LL is really cool too, only if it wouldnt crash every 5 minutes :/

+1 vote   feature: Editors Choice - Best Multiplayer Mod
Xular Jan 28 2010 says:

I thought NS2 would win this easily...but meh :)

The guys from Overgrowth deserve it yeah - but ns2 still looks much better in my eyes (guess thats true for almost every ns1 player) - I've played around with both editors since I got an overgrowth key for free.. - I prefer spark, more functionality and less shiny/buggy icons ;)

Wolfire's blog entries are great though, high quality

+2 votes   feature: Editors Choice - Best Upcoming Indie
Xular Jan 14 2010 says:

This is great fun, at least if you find an acceptable server - playing with a ping of 800+ isnt that much fun anymore ;(

Fix this and I'll be happy :D

+1 vote   news: Zero Gear Contest
Xular Jan 8 2010 says:

Dr. Looney

Dr. Surgeon

Ella Vader

Rose Mc. Kill


+1 vote   news: Jailbreak: Top 100 Giveaway!
Xular Jan 7 2010 says:

Domina - wonderful double meaning :)

Censory - too hot to tell

Wetty - causes wet dreams... ;p

0 votes   news: Jailbreak: Top 100 Giveaway!
Xular Dec 23 2009 says:

No, it wont be free - but you can play the free hl1 mod Natural Selection (1) to get an idea how it will be...

I pre-ordered this not only to get ns2's alpha and beta but also just because I played ns1 for like 4 years for free - so I kind of owe them the money anyway :D

Banana: I'm not sure what the final specs will be but for me it looks like it will need at least a HD4670 /nv equivalent to run smoothly... the editor isnt optimized yet (it will be in the future!), so it takes a lot of gfx power to run it right now...

Landmine: the xbox360 thingy is a future thing, I dont think they have thought about that yet; They are just making the engine platform independent, so theres a 'chance' the game and maybe the editor will be ported to other platforms in the future - I wouldnt bet on it.

If you guys like ns1 (remember its already 7 years old but its still the best-looking hl1 mod) you can pre-order ns2 here:

+4 votes   game: Natural Selection 2
Xular Dec 21 2009 says:

Looks nice - two questions though:

- How do you handle privacy on Desura? - I hate all the statistics Steam gathers from me, thats just waaaay to far... at least it should be optional

- Since Desura is a standalone program like Steam what browser do you use to display webpages? the standard background IE or firefox/ something even better? - hate steam for using IE...

I hope moddb is ready to take this step - just imagine you sell games to ppl for two years and then go offline for whatever reason - all games lost and thousands of angry customers...

However, count me in for beta testing :)

+1 vote   news: Introducing Desura
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