Sup guys. I am a former mapper for the CNC series but with the recent releases of CNC4 and Starcraft 2, the choice was very clear, Starcraft 2 was going to be the game to map and mod. So I have been very busy working on some stuff for starcraft 2 and well, looks like i will be releasing a mod soon but not too soon, Getting a souped up PC soon so I may hold off on previews till then so the previews dont look like hell. But always, sorry to all the CNC modders / mappers, i grew up with one game and only one game, Starcraft.

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It would be nice to be able to install this to my tablets but due to the fact it cant use CDs, I need no cd patch for it since the Built in Windows 8 / 8.1 mount ISO features bugs out alot on 8.1. Since this mod blocks cracks, Its unplayable. Its sad how I cant play it on my Ativ tab 3 or Surface Pro.

I understand its a fight to prevent the use of unofficial copies of the game but it also hurts people who actually wasted money on the game.

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