I'm Javonta, an 18 year old student that is currently learning C and JavaScript. I have worked with Game Maker and RPGMaker XP in the past, but I'm looking to get into languages that are more flexible to aid me in my career as a developer.

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xJavontax @ AirMech

You're just being difficult. The game needs you to create an account to connect to it's servers. And it's F2P, the least you can do is spend 10 seconds creating an account to log in with.

Or you can save yourself the trouble and get the Steam version in an IndieRoyale bundle and it'll log in for you.

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xJavontax @ Lamecraft

Oh my god you guys, THERE IS NO MINECRAFT FOR PSP. THIS PROJECT AIMS TO SOLVE THAT ISSUE. God, I don't know why it's so difficult to grasp that concept. If this was bothering Mojang or infringing on anything in ANY way, they would have been contacted by now and been told to remove it.

Plus, it's nothing like the paid version of Minecraft, it's more of Minecraft Classic Edition for PSP (no mining, redstone, NPCs, just building)

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xJavontax @ Mythruna

Hahaha Minecraft anyone? Just kidding :P That looks cool.

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xJavontax @ Why do you pirate games?

Most of the time I buy my games. On the seldom occasion that I do pirate a game, it's because I'm a poor student and I like to see if it's worth the cost to buy it now or get it later when it goes down in price. Sometimes, it's because it's an extremely old game and finding it is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

I think the last indie game I pirated was Terraria. And that was a year ago. I liked the game so much that I bought it right away from Steam.

Also, Steam is what PREVENTS me from pirating. It's seriously so convienient to have ALL of my games in one place, with information about the game, a nice banner to go along with it, and the amount of playtime I put into a game. The ability to download something again if I need to at no extra charge is nice too. And with the constant sales Steam has on everything, pirating is something that shouldn't really have to be done unless buying said game is still a gamble.

Too much effort goes into pirating games too. You have to download it from some sketchy site, search ALL over the place for a stupid crack to run it, and then mount the disc so it thinks you have a physical disc in the drive. It's just too much, it's worth it to buy it just so you don't have to go through all that trouble. Doing all that is worse than dealing with DRM itself.

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