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Mod Review on Sep 17th, 2012

Completed it. It's so amazing. Loved every moment.

There are two or three moments of not knowing where to go (Minefield one of them, highlight the overhanging rocks to the hatch a bit better?)

There are about 5 big graphical errors, the dam has a massive missing triangle on the back side of it, nearest the end where the player first walks onto the dam, I fell off the edge and saw a massive hole in the world, the other big one for me is the opening tram, the tram model clips very badly with the side of the wall on the first turning.
Turn your flashlight on at the cliff-edge in surface tension and the sky box itself lights up (Looks like the textures drop a resolution?).
I noticed some incorrect bump-mappings on signage, like a flat-sign has bump maps where someone has just grey-scaled out a height-map?
There's also a few texture Z fighting and models overlapping.
The FPS drops massively in some areas and in those areas you can murder your machine by turning on the flashlight.

Overall, it's the world's greatest mod. It still feels like old half-life, so I don't think people who haven't played the original will enjoy this, also the music didn't work in some areas, it felt like the action music came on but you're in an empty room with no action going on.

The voice acting was amazing, my only sadness with voices is Eli's having a completely different accent, I can understand his voice sounding cleaner (Less gruff than HL2), but he actually gained a different accent with his pronunciation? Eli as a whole felt like a completely different character than in HL2, he seemed very cold towards the player and his facial expression was just blank.

This gets a solid 150% score, absolutely fantastic.

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