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A New Beginning.

Harley♥ Blog 9 comments

Hello my Friends and Followers, I've Returned from the Clutches of Ban Purgatory (Well Actually I have been for Quite some While), some of you may be Surprised, Happy, Grateful, Upset, or Disappointed, we'll I can thoroughly Understand that, since my Reputation on ModDB was Pretty Mixed back then, some People liked Me Whilst others Hated me to the Point where they Wished I was Dead.

From this Day forward I'm Turning over a New Leaf, Leaving the Horrors, Mistakes, & Shame of my Past Behind, I will no longer be the Selfish Ignorant Shell of a Human Being I was back then.

1. From now on I'm no longer Posting Comments of any Type that Contain Swearing whether its Directed to a Certain Individual or Not, since I'm now Under the Watchful Eye of a Certain ModDB Administrator/Moderator, because If I do I could either Lose my Commenting Rights for Good or Get Banned Forever & not get another Chance.

2. I Will be Removing A lot of People from my Friends List, not because I dislike some of you, but its because some of you have Inactive/Banned Accounts or we don't talk with Etch other Much, please don't take this as an Act of Hate, also I won't be Adding Random Friend Requests, if you wan't to be Friends with me then Send me a Private Message Stating why.

3. I Will no longer be Involved with the My Little Pony Fandom, because I've Thoroughly realized what some of the People say about it is True about it being Cancerous & Full of Obnoxious People, and being a Brony/Pegisister has just made my Stay on ModDB an Absolute Nightmare without realizing it.

Change is Happening, Good Change.

Thanks for Reading this and I hope to get back into the Fray soon. ;)

PS: I Cannot Reply to any Comments since my Commenting Rights still haven't been Reactivated.

Some info about me

Harley♥ Blog 1 comment

Profile Music: Command & Conquer: Red Alert Soundtrack - Hell March

Things I love ♥


+Crysis (the first one)

+Team Fortress 2


+Monster Musume

+Filthy Frank

+Indie Games


+Metal (depends what type)


+The Sims 2/Simcity 4/Spore


Things I hate ✖


-Call of Duty

-Battlefield (the ones that came after BF 2142)



-Soft Drinks

-Lets Players

-People who crave Graphics over Gameplay

-Rap Music (the old generation was better)

-Dupstep (anything that's made by Skrillex)

-People on DeviantArt with Disturbing Fetishes.

"More info to be added eventually"

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