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XenonFORT Jun 30 2014, 4:32am says:

I will be honest, when I saw the news picture I said "It can't be, an indie game finally taking the ropes and doing something like RDR for PC, that's what I ever missed since they released it for consoles! yay!".

Then I saw it's another GTA Like sandbox game for PC. Well don't get me wrong, I love to see more variety on the sandbox genre on PC, but we have also plenty of those, all with their own twist, be it the Saint's Row Saga, the wheelman, Watch_Dogs and, of course GTA itself.

I desire you the best, to accomplish this game, and to make it unique, just that the news picture was missleading for me and that made me be a bit sad, nothing more.

Good luck and have fun, thanks for your time for reading this :).

+2 votes     article: AQP City News: LPV, A big Map
XenonFORT Jun 28 2014, 4:40am says:

Nice progress since I tested the Free 2 Play version, good work on this :).

So far, I miss Ragdolls from dead bodies (from 7.5 fresh beta), it was a real pain in the arse with the small non-hostile npc, but never had a problem with the worm-like hostiles going ragdoll mode, as they seem to brake themselves thanks to it's body, which was really good.

I also noticed that now, when you drop something, it has a probability to spawn on the floor something totally different from what you dropped.

Another thing that I would like is a way to loot faster, as each time I get something from a box, both menus reset, making it slower to get everything.

I would also like that the inventory had memory, so I don't have to scroll always down to where I want, and also memorized what tabs I have colapsed and what not, It's annoying to have to scroll though 57 BPs that I already have to see my other items.

Other thing I wouldn't say no are some buttoms to Collapse all/compress all tabs, and a show only items in inventory buttom too. Finally an option to hide all already reseached bps on inventory would be really useful to fast check if you got anything new to research.

Being able to select a group of items with ctrl + click and shift + click like in any os explorer would become handy too.

That's all I can remind so far, I understand it's a beta, but still I think by now the inventory should be as straighfoward and intuitive as possible, and all these things could contribute to that, imho.

Thanks for your time, good luck, and see you in the game :)

+1 vote     article: Week @ Code}{atch
XenonFORT Apr 18 2014, 6:12pm says:

Not much time lately, but I would love to be invited, from Spain (EU).

Edit: Forgot to say that I'm following the mod since it's beginnings, loved some things back then, like the explosive arrow (not sure if it still there), also liked that you had to charge the bow to adjust distance, a long way since then, back then I had hope for another now dead western hl2 mod).

Have fun, and thanks for reading this :).

+1 vote     article: Steam release is near.
XenonFORT Feb 22 2014, 1:53pm says:

Yet it doesn't fix the worst flaw (imho) CryEngine itself has: No multiplayer AIs, be it NPCs or Simulated PC. I deserve this mod the best, but it still missing what I really miss on vanilla wars.

Have fun :)

+1 vote     mod: Crysis Wars EXtended
XenonFORT Feb 16 2014, 7:55am replied:

You can always try to ask Crytek for the source code, they were "open" about that if people talked with them, or at least that's what they said on the moddb post when the Cry engine 3 Sandbox thing was announced.

Can't say much more, just try your luck, I desire you the best.

+1 vote     game: Marooned: Arcanus Island
XenonFORT Feb 7 2014, 9:26am says:

Ok, for those that had the same problem as me (and everyone who downloads this very same pack should have as it is an error inside it): Get the "Static Meshes" folder's files (should just be 1) and move it to "StaticMeshes" UT's folder (Notice the space in the folder inside the pack, which is causing the error)

Or you can just rename the folder inside the .rar file and delete the space in "Static Meshes" so it becomes "StaticMeshes" and it should go to the right place when you uncompress it.

I hope this helps :).

+1 vote     download: Jack carver and Fische11 V5 for BW 2.5
XenonFORT Jan 26 2014, 9:42am says:

I just checked and comments from ModDB and IndieDB are shared, a really smart idea knowing that most of us use ModDB mostly for everything.

Said that here is an small gift that I already posted on the greenlight page of the game, to make the wait for those eaging to get their hands into the game a bit shorter:

The guy who plays it seems to have more interest in exploring than in building stuff, but thanks to the comments and the chat between the devs and the streamers you should get a good idea of what to expect from the release.

See you all tomorrow (for me at least here in Europe), have fun and good luck with everything :)

+1 vote     game: Signs of Life
XenonFORT Jan 25 2014, 6:09am says:

It's funny to see that some mod for the Gldsrc Engine releases their code before than the engine itself... Valve should learn from this.

Thanks, you really gained my appreciation.

Have fun and good luck with NS2 future and your future projects :).

+1 vote     article: Natural Selection source code now available!
XenonFORT Dec 15 2013, 9:36pm replied:

Well thanks to everyone who made this mod awesome. I hope at least we can get the last version of this, even if it a development one.

Thanks for the time used to make this great mod, and I hope it will get the attention it deserves.

Good luck, and have fun :).

+3 votes     mod: OccupationCS: Source
XenonFORT Dec 9 2013, 4:50pm says:

Nice show, but I really miss some masterpieces of moding aswell as good know ones from the old days, like Firearms (Half-Life), Sven Co-Op (Half-life), Infiltration (UT99) and well I could continue listing, but I think everyone with age and knowledge know it.

Besides of that, is good to see an small footage of modding history :).

+2 votes     article: ModDB Hall Of Fame - Celebration of 17 Years of Modding
XenonFORT Nov 28 2013, 10:32am says:

It's awesome to see that this mod is still in development. To be honest, I would get ready for when the GoldSrc Engine gets updated and made free(Not open source, but people will not have to buy half-life to use its mods) by the Sven-Coop team, it may open new ways of optimization and customization.

Again, good luck with the project, and have fun :)

+1 vote     article: BZSmod anno 2013
XenonFORT Nov 9 2013, 1:24pm says:

Gratz for the steam release, you really deserve it ^^.

Just one question, will there be any kind of multiplayer? If I remember well a kind of co-op Multiplayer was planned long ago, but not sure what happened with that.

Sorry if I you already said something about this subject, but I would really love to play this game with others in the same world.

Thanks you for your time, and I hope you the best for your game, good luck and have fun ^^.

+2 votes     article: Latest update is out!
XenonFORT Aug 4 2013, 2:28pm replied:

(Second part of the replied message, sorry for the inconvenience :/)

To be honest, as I finished already the game once in vanilla, what I aim now to play is a kind of freemode that let me be free and not encapsulated into a mission, being able to learn how to make chemicals and prepare healthy food from npcs and/or with books, be able to camp, maybe form a group, being able to help individual npcs so they befriend you and give you better deals.

I suppose most of this "sandbox" ideas doesn't fit well in what misery goals are in near future, but aren't so far from what it already achieved, and could add what is left to create a true surviving experience in the zone. Just a few key maps more and it could be awesome, for example, an abandoned lab (maybe the Pripyat lab could be re-used for this) which you can secure and capture, for yourself or any faction, and let chemists work there for an small fee on their profits, make your own drugs or other kind of things there, that stuff.

Maybe I just dream to put the best of the TES series into a great survival game, but I think if it done right it could create one of the most awesome things ever achieved in video-games, again, imho.

So good luck with the project, I can't wait what the team can achieve in the future, thanks for your dedication and best whishes.

Last but not least, I have an strange bug: When I use the lantern with "o", the guy grabs it like any other detector, thus making the lantern point weirdly at me. Any way to fix it? Thanks in advance ^^.

+2 votes     mod: MISERY
XenonFORT Aug 4 2013, 2:26pm says:

Well, the mod is really for hardcore players, that's for sure. I really miss a kind of "freerun" gamemode in which you start as "nobody" and gain some reputation, do some jobs that could be somehow randomly generated (rescuing an stalker besieged by badints, and vice versa, and those kind of things) procceduraly generated stashes, like spawning a non-important npc that hides anywhere part of his loot, for example.

Also a way to cultivate mushrooms, or any other kind of stuff, to make yourself drugs or just plain food would be great, as I had to relay on others npcs killing pseudo-animals to actually be able to get some money, as some of them are really tough even for the starting rifle of the sniper class. Being able to recycle the used ammo with the right equiment would be also really aprecciated in my humble opinion.

Well, the mod is really for hardcore players, that's for sure. I really miss a kind of "freerun" gamemode in which you start as "nobody" and gain some reputation, do some jobs that could be somehow randomly generated (rescuing an stalker besieged by badits, and vice versa, and those kind of things) procceduraly generated stashes, like spawning a non-important npc that hides anywhere part of his loot, for example.

Also a way to cultivate mushrooms, or any other kind of stuff, to make yourself drugs or just plain food would be great, as I had to relay on others npcs killing pseudo-animals to actually be able to get some money, as some of them are really tough even for the starting rifle of the sniper class. Being able to recycle the used ammo with the right equiment would be also really aprecciated in my humble opinion.

(End of first part, second will be added as reply, as the message initially had more than 2000 chars :/ )

+2 votes     mod: MISERY
XenonFORT Aug 1 2013, 4:56pm replied:

It could be a main cvar like sv_powerupcontrol, with the values 0, 1, and 2.
0 would use the default mod config times; 1 would let the server admin choose the values (time, ammount of health restored, etc) of the powerups; and 2 would use the parameters that the map designer assigned to the powerups, be it globally or locally (for example, the mapper wants to optimize powerups so the one that is secrectly placed could give the finder a real advantage for the risk involved in getting it, or just to create a great gunfight in a special area). Of course, the values for each thing are totally up to the one who implements it.
About the cvars for each powerup, could be that anything besides -1 or 0 would set the time/health that each powerup, 0 would use the map defined value for that powerup type and -1 would use the mod default values for that powerup type (again this is up to the one who implements it).

Now talking about weapons, I hope the Mac-10 comes back to stay this time (I really missed it since 2.0, and while the UMP was useful, the feel of "badass Uzi" that had the Mac-10 was unrivaled in my humble opinion). I haven't played the current version so I don't know if it is already back, if so I hope it stays forever this time ^^.

Nothing more to add, I just hope this mod rocks and give a lot of people loads of fun in 9mm or .45 cases xD.

Good luck with the proyect, you really deserve it ^^, Best wishes, a TS Lover.

PD: I supposed it would be implied, but I will write it to leave not intended confussions: Use these ideas however you want, just to see any of them implemented the way you guys feel is enought for me.

+2 votes     mod: Double Action: Boogaloo
XenonFORT Aug 1 2013, 4:54pm says:

Damn it looks like TS but enhaced with the source engine has to offer, it's great to see a mod that does justice to his GldSrc Brother and continues where the first left it off.

That said, I hope it retakes the "matrix" effect on Slow-Pause, as I really liked them more than the John Woo ones, to be honest.

If that's not possible, I hope at least there is an option to choose what kind of effect you want, so people can choose the one they like the most. Not sure if this is feasible on the coder points of view, be it technically impossible or just would waste too much time to code, but well, asking for it never hurts I suppose (and hope).

And talking about game effects, I remember how many times I hope to be able to use slow-pause as long as I wanted back then, as 3 seconds (2 if I remember well in 3.0) was just not enought for me. I know it was for balancing the gameplay, but I just wanted to use a command like the one for slow-motion that let me be on slow-pause as long as I want.

To be honest, I just though something that could be really flexibe and could satisfy everyone (if they are still being pickeable power-ups, if not they could be adapted to the system in use, I hope):

(Replying with the second part of the text, it was too long for a single comment :/)

+2 votes     mod: Double Action: Boogaloo
XenonFORT Jul 17 2013, 5:28pm replied:

About hte Key problem, just requested one on desura and it worked... Odd but at least it is fixed, hopefully this helps anyone with the same problem.

For those who don't knwo it, you request them here ^^:

Have fun ^^.

+1 vote     game: Rooks Keep
XenonFORT Jul 17 2013, 5:20pm says:

Not sure if I should post this here, but I bought the game in the build a greenlight bundle from groupees, and the cd-key provided doesn't work for the game for some odd reason (in-game that is, desura detected it perfectly and it is already in my games list)

Anyone know what I can do?

By the way, the game seems to be good and I feel that this one is some of those which gets better as time passes, can't wait for a mutator that allows total mutilation (Blade: Edge of Darkness anyone? :P).

Your modding talent precced you and it was great, hopefully you manage to get the same feeling on gaming industry, I desire you the best (at least right now I feel like you did it, I hope I'm not wrong ^^u)

Nothing more, nothing less, I hope I can fix this and play with others soon, anyway, good luck with the times to come ^^.

+1 vote     game: Rooks Keep
XenonFORT Jul 16 2013, 8:44pm replied:

Well if I want to experience almost all campaing of HL1 as today, I would choose Black Mesa as right now is playable totally free of charge.

This said I suppose the HL1 content will require having hl1 files, as garry's mod need the other games content to use things made with them.

And, in my personal experience, I always ended playing more custom maps in Sven Coop than the main HL1 campaing (toonrun anyone? :P) so even if it doesn't have the main campaing it will not suffer a great impact (even if it was the goal for what the mod was first created)

Let's wait for official responses so they clarify all this ^^.

Edit: Saw what they said about the campaing just now, don't know how I passed it (I suppose I'm so joyful if the engine is usable for free that I skipped the rest ^^u)

+4 votes     article: The Big Announcement
XenonFORT Jul 16 2013, 8:36pm says:

To be honest, this really shocks me, as, if I'm not wrong, could make history somehow, and I will explain myself, but this can't be explained without a question:

Will be this new upgraded engine free for all steam users? (as Source SDK is right now, for example)

As this could make what TF2 did to source, making the engine free so all the mods for hl1 that still being in development (as ESF, for example) will be free for everyone.

Second, will this new/updated engine be retro-compatible with older mods?, or will it break them?

If not (break), then something I have been praying for is finally getting on our hands.

I would extand myself, but right now I don't find anything more in my head to say (2:32 AM here :D)

Anyway, and last but not least, congratz for what you got, I can't wait to finally see "real" upgrades to the great engine know as GldSrc.

Good luck with the mod and the "updating" task and, if at least something of what I asked has a positive answer...

You will make history :).

Nuff said :P, and again good luck ^^.

+4 votes     article: The Big Announcement
XenonFORT May 18 2013, 5:42pm replied:

Thanks for the fast response, I will try it as soon as possible ^^.

And also sorry I haven't saw it, I haven't check this page for a long time, so I didn't noticed it ^^u.

Have fun ^^.

+1 vote     mod: OccupationCS: Source
XenonFORT May 18 2013, 5:02pm replied:

So, the real question is: Where we can get the 5.0.0 patch? If the mod is dead, which I hope it's not, having the last version, aviable would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance ^^

+1 vote     mod: OccupationCS: Source
XenonFORT Apr 4 2013, 2:56pm says:

It's nice to see mods supporting tunngle, nice way to set up easy matches, keep up with that.

Alongside this, will be there any kind of bot support? I really miss those in any cryengine based mod and would be awesome for testing maps and such before the REAL thing, I hope you know what I mean ^^.

Nothing more nothing less, good luck with the project, I really like it. Have fun andsee you in the game ^^.

+3 votes     article: Casus Belli – Update #25: Release SDK, patch 1.35 and tunngle association.
XenonFORT Mar 31 2013, 11:29am says:

Sounds great that even using a bit hacked style mods stills arrive into BF3.

But to be honest, a game that doesn't allow their purchasers to set-up their independant servers, even if they are unranked, bot support is non-existant, and not even lan support (alas 2.0), makes me reget to buy the game. I haven't even "downloaded" the campaing to test it.

Why? Well, I loved BF series, starting from 1942 to 2142 (in which they started with this crap, more or less, having almost to log-in online to play well, offline mode was only shown if you hadn't internet connection) but they already cut down what made me have great times on old BFs (not gameplay but self server and bot support wise, as I stated above).

If I want a good history driven gameplay I can go into CoD, Crysis and such, but for me BF3 is all MP and Offline MP Lan with/without bots.

Anyway, good luck with this project ^^.

+4 votes     article: HER Battlefield 3 Server is BACK
XenonFORT Mar 2 2013, 8:40pm says:

Uhm, wasn't "toys in space" mean to be Army men 3? And why wasn't it mentioned in the article, as far as I remember it was made by 3DO too.

Anyway, nice to see this saga revived, good luck with the project and thanks in advance for the answer ^^.

+1 vote     article: Army Men III - Series Recap & Beta Release Date Announced!
XenonFORT Feb 26 2013, 4:22pm replied:

I have the same 2 map errors. Can't use gamefront, as it doesn't find the file after strating the download (but it seems others can download normally, so may be my ISP or whatever thing in the middle :/) so I'm hand-tied now.

Someone with the non-corrupt file could reupload it or use a torrent? Thanks in advance ^^.

+2 votes     download: Community Bonus Pack 3, Volume 4 (version 2)
XenonFORT Feb 26 2013, 11:47am says:

Just miss some Co-Op footage and you will have everyone asking to be a betatester xD ^^. It really looks great ^^.

+3 votes     game: Signs of Life
XenonFORT Feb 26 2013, 11:46am says:

So you will be able to construct or rebuild a spaceship? Or this will only occur at the start of the game?

+1 vote     media: Player's Room
XenonFORT Feb 15 2013, 2:53pm replied:

So you can't create your own Listen/Dedicated Server? Was willing to get it on the near future when a daily dead hits it, but if doesn't let you have your own servers I think I will pass, as I did with BFBC2 and BF3. Waiting answer (If it ever arrives) to decide ^^.

+4 votes     game: Lead and Gold
XenonFORT Feb 15 2013, 2:37pm replied:

Yeah, almost nobody this day remember the breaking changes of the Update to, good ol' times :P

+1 vote     article: Valve have broken every Half-Life mod
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