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XenonFORT @ Base Defense

Wow, thanks for the fast response! (And sorry to not be able to correspond with the same speed).

I though Sven Coop SDK had the source code too, it's a bummer we can't have the "TF2 Goes free, Source mods go free too" moment with Goldsrc.

About Buying the game, it's just I don't want to rebuy it on my new account, and on all sales seeing that HL1 has an higher price than HL2 makes me feel they are cashcowing Gldsrc engine mods that still survive, but that's a personal point of view.

In any case I will investigate that SDK when I have the time, until then I will just switch accounts I guess xD.

Again, thanks for the response and good luck with the mod's development.

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XenonFORT @ Base Defense

It's possible to play the mod using Sven Coop Standalone?

It was released months age, yet I'm still not seeing any mod team talking about this posibility.

I tried myself several mods with varied results, from working flawless to being totally broken.

Thanks in advance for the answer and awesome mod nonetheless.

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XenonFORT @ Should ModDB focus on mods only?

I think we should be able to choose what content we want. I mean, maybe a default to what the site is right now (Seeing everything here) while not logged in, and then be able to select what to see on ModDB if logged in, in our profile.

Said that, I discovered good indie games thanks to seeing it on ModDB, as I tend to only use this site for everything, and I understand it's the main boat on the DBolical network.
Maybe a good middleground would be a kind of GET var on the URL to tell the engine we are only interested on seeing mods, like "?mods as that could also save us the trouble to login when we are tight on time.

Whatever you guys choose will be good for me, but ¡thanks for asking!

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XenonFORT @ Base Defense

Hi there, I hope this hasn't been asked before (but as comment search in ModDB is non-existant I can't do much more :/ ), but does this mod work with Sven Co-Op Standalone release?

I would love to play it with others, but it's hard to find oldscoolers nowdays :).

Nothing more to say, I just love that Half-Life 1 modding is still alive, keep up with the great work and of course, have fun.

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XenonFORT @ Mod Appreciation Week 2016

Since I knew about ModDB in the "early" times 2003-04, it became my heaven. Half-Life made me love mods, and today I can't live without them in any game.

This is my humble tribute to one of them that didn't capture too much attention since it's inception, but it really deserve it, beign it's development resilience be one of it's best attributes.

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XenonFORT @ OccupationCS: Source

A bit late, but it's a shame to learn that the mod halted development.
I understand it grow big and partly unfocused, but that was more or less the strong point of it. It was more of a warfare/weapon/ammo sandbox than a gameplay-style driven mod, which made me love it. It was fun to go K.O because of a missed bullet, and that you could "fake" your dead with it.

The only encumbrance I would point were the menus, that didn't really specify why you could "buy" o not some kind of weapons/ammo, even if you didn't choose an specialized class.

I also felt a bit loss about what was happening on the big scene (which part of the map was beign captured, who was winning and why, etc), but besides those two points, I loved it.

Said that, I'm afraid I'm more into PvE (small human team against a bigger AI one) than pure PvP, so I'm not seeing myself near WWI anytime soon (Bots are something really neglected these days), but hopefully that will change.

Good luck with your works, and have fun.

Best wishes, a Occupation Source lover :).

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Kudos for the mod and the man who made me back in the time to step forward and dive into the coding world for the first time :).

We didn't kept in contact for much, but that didn't mean I didn't estimate it a lot. I tend to come and go, but my esteem is in the same place always.

Hopefully one day I will have facts to support my words.

Until then, good luck to the team and most important, have fun!

Sincerely, a humbly less-than-newbie mapper.

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XenonFORT @ Twitch Live Stream 2016

It really looks awesome, but, as the engine is almost custom made (UI draw and netcode is the only thing kept in, if I recall well) I would suggest to release it as standalone as Sven-CoOp.

If not, it would be wonderful to see the release compatible with Sven-CoOp Standalone, as would let anyone that loved this mod to get others into playing it for free.

At least that's my humble opinion, good luck and have fun :).

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XenonFORT @ Earth's Special Forces

Well I'm here after several months of not checking in to see if ESF progressed since I last saw it.

I was one of those that where eager to download the brand-new (at the moment) open-beta and check the things that were added, I guess I was in a minority for what I readed.

It's a shame people who tested the open-beta versions didn't understand what they were, but I really miss checking how the progress is since then, as screenshots and videos can do so much.

I may ask if there will be a version compatible with Sven-Coop Standalone, for the sake of beign able to play it with any friends that missed the "golden" days of modding, it would be a great add for launch, that's for sure.

Good luck, I hope I can taste the feeling of flying and doing beamstruggles or other kind of weird experiments with friends as I did long ago, those were the times.

Have fun, and bring it on!

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XenonFORT @ Amazon joins the game dev world

It's the removal of the original netcode and adding their cloud based code what bugs me, I wonder if you can create multiplayer games without any kind of royalty too, as you are forced to use their netcode implementation.

I may be wrong, but that could be the catch. In any case, if I'm wrong, please enlighten me.

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XenonFORT @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

That's really strange. I had the bug that I was able to click on the Job done option, but the mission never finished. In any case I recommend trying to do the missions for another mechanic, and having both kits beforehand, it worked for me with "Nitro" on Jupiter, and should work with others too.

In any case you will want to take the things you really love to the Red Forest, as there is where tier3 updates are done(although reapiring and all modifications are more expensive there).

Good luck and I hope it doesn't detract your overall gameplay experience :).

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XenonFORT @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Uhm Alundaio already said that tier3 updates are meant to be done only by the Forester as far as I remember.

DdV: You have a normal toolkit or advanced one? If the mission doesn't update when you grabbed it, maybe you got the wrong one, and maybe that's what is causing him not having the Job done option.

Hope this helps, good night :)

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XenonFORT @ Sven Co-op

What I feel missing is compatibility with others hl1 mods, It's a pitty that we can play for free hl2 mods but hl1 ones are still out of the legal mirror.

In any case, gratz for the release, I hope everything goes well and evolves into a better thing over time, if possible :) (Who knows, maybe even support for other hl1 mods xD).

Have fun and good luck as always :).

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XenonFORT @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Hey, as I said before on other new's for this mod, congratulations for your position on the MotY Award, you really deserve it.

I got stuck in Jupiter's train station because after shooting a "cat" near it because of a huting mission, all loners went hostile against me, including Nitro, the Seller and even Huntsman, killing one of the best spots of the whole game with that.

My question is, is there any way to make them friendly again? and why did they turn against me if I didn't shoot at them?.

I think they should at least get neutral again after going to another map and coming back as I didn't kill any of them, but it didn't help when I went to Jupiter's Underground and came back.

Thanks in advance for any tips about this, it's really apreciated.

I humbly think we should open some kind of Wiki for this mod, it would really help to solve common questions in it.

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XenonFORT @ Release and FAQ

First of all, congratulations for winning the MOTY award, you really deserve it :).

I ran into a problem, and that is that I was able to say "Task complete" to T-Bone (Clear Sky Mechanic) when I was doing the mission of the Advanced Repair Kit. It did nothing as I would expect, but now that I got the Kit, it still does nothing when saying "Task complete" to him. I would love to remove the task completly and ask him again for the mission to check if it solves it, but so far I don't know how to do it.

In short, I want to eliminate the task about getting the advanced repair kit to make him give the mission again so I can check if it works after doing that.

Using the latest version (1.2.24) with Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 Final.

Thanks in advance, good luck and have fun :)

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XenonFORT @ OWR 3.0.8 for CoC 1.3.20 (Archived)

Hey there, thanks for the work in this mod, it's really appreciated :).

I saw in a earlier comment that this version doesn't has new weapons and to wait to AO3 release, and now that the last AO3 version is out, I wanted to ask a few things:

-This mod just remodel/retexture things, or also adds better animations for the guns? I can't find videos that confirm this in the mod's profile.

-Is this mod compatible with AO3? I wanted to test it out, but it's seems to has really dramatic increase on guns, and just wanted something that felt fresh from someone that played SoC and CoP some time ago, so I don't know what to do, to be honest.

That's all I can think about now, thanks for the time developing/merging this to CoC and also in advance for the response.

Have fun, and Merry Christmas :).

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XenonFORT @ Kingdoms

Thanks for the answer, I really appreciate it :). About the multiplayer part, it's ok that you focus on your goals first, as adding new things while the first ones aren't ready yet will make the whole project slow down a lot, but I love to read that it's already on your "implement if and when possible" list.

Also thanks for explaining the combat system you have in mind, I guess I will be able to ask about it deeper after it is more or less implemented and showcased, but it really shows potential :).

Can't wait to see how things get implemented, good luck and have fun :P.

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XenonFORT @ Kingdoms

Hi there, first of all you guys had a great idea, and so far the executions looks superb :), so I'm tracking this.

Would love to finally see a game where you are just one more, maybe be able to "exploit" game features and become better than the average npcs, but not the feeling you have on almost all titles that are released these days, be it player centered multiplayer where competitiviness is the main goal, or be it that you are the only one with a brain that is able to do something in the world (TES series, Far-Cry 3 & 4, Dead Island & Dying Light, and so on), so best of lucks with the project :).

That said, I'm interested in knowing how the combat will be, the recent released "Reign of Kings" has a really visceral melee combat, and was something I really missed on M&B (Beign able to Cut parts of the opponents body, blood splats, capturing others and then executing them yourself on guillotine or other instruments, etc) and would be awesome to see something like that inside the game, as it shows the power of the weapons used.

Also I would like to humbly ask if, after release, if everythings goes well, there could be any plans to expand the gameplay and be able to play the game with other people, nothing too big, just a group of 8, 4 or even 2 like most Co-Op games these days, although that I guess multiplayer is something hard to achieve, but being able to play with friends this game would be priceless, even if it is made as a mod :).

Said that, it takes me to the last question, and it is: How mod-friendly will be the game? I would love to see what the community has to offer for this game, and modding could help a lot with that :P.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the text wall, have fun and again, good luck :)

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XenonFORT @ StarForge Release Version 1.0

I don't see the random generated guns balanced and implemented in survival as the game advertised back before it even went beta, that was one of the mayor vending points, alongside a lot of others that can't recall right now but I can assume aren't getting into the game.

So, what I feel you acomplished was to create an engine, or at least added a lot of features to an existing one making it almost a new one and shipped it with a tech demo, demostrating a bit of what you could achieve with it, but not real game was shipped, imho.

Now, I'm not sure how much modding is supported or will be supported for this "game" in the future, but for the sake of it's survival, I hope it is fully moddable.

Otherwise, I have a bad feeling for the future of this game (I hope I'm wrong) as if a game that didn't felt finish is labeled as it is by the devs, making those that invest money on a game in EA hoping it will improve will stop founding the title, and those who investigate the forums to see if it really deserve to buy it will decide in most cases it isn't worth if it isn't going to get any better, killing the support in no time, making the game dead.

Again I hope I'm wrong here, only time will tell us.

And please, if you lost faith on the project, just tell the truth, I prefeer that than the bullsh-t PR from big companies tend to use.

I'm following this game since it's "Free to play" times, so I hope this game get's to where it deserves, with or without the main devs developing it.

I'm really sad that some indie games die or never get to where they planned in the first place, be DarkOut lack of multiplayer, Plannetary Annihilation's lack of proper campaing, features and even off-line save DRM-free features (these last should come eventually, but not at release when they said they would).

All and all, only time will tell what the fate of this game (StarForge) will be.

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XenonFORT @ In Country: Vietnam

Nice to see they finally made up their minds to make something totally standalone, but I would like, as most people here, some kind of Beta: Final, Sneak-Peksy version of the actual state of the mod before the port to UE4, would make us able to get an idea of how's the mod/game state is right now and give us something to tinker and have fun before the REAL beast comes out.

Anyway, good luck with the project and have fun with it :).

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XenonFORT @ Hearthlands

Just found it thanks to groupees and got it :P.

Anyway, I would humbly ask the devs what are the main differences from this game and banished, apart for the obvious graphic design.

Thanks in advance and good luck, it's always nice to see a constantly updated game :).

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XenonFORT @ Kinetic Void

The game looks awesome, I hope someday a we can see a mp mod for this game, it trully deserves it.

I got a question about the game though, it is able to be run without steam running on background? If so, you got a new buyer :).

Anyway, have fun and good luck with the project.

Edit: It seems you are using 1€ = 1$ conversion, I would recommend to set the prices in each region accordingly, or at least a bit more fair, any currency converter can help, or pages like steamprices. Again, have fun a good luck :)

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XenonFORT @ Interstellaria

I just discovered the game and I must say I'm amazed by it.

I was going to ask if there is a way to pre-purchase it and if there was any aviable beta to test it, but those questions got solved some comments before this, so there is no use to re-ask it :).

If it is going to be drm-free and have a fair price rightly converted between currencies, then I will be sure to support you :).

Good luck with the project and hopefully I will be able to leave my first impressions about the game soon :).

Edit: I missunderstood a august post from 2013 to be this year, so where I can check for the beta? Thanks in advance :).

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XenonFORT @ Stretching Starflare's Legs

I have been following this game since I saw it's page on Steam, I already own the first, and played countless hours with it.

That said, as much as I want to help it's development, I'm afraid 20$ is not 20€, and paying more for the same game is something I don't feel it's fair, imho, so I will wait until it gets fair priced or for an steam sale, whichever comes first.

Thanks in advance and good luck with the project, if anyone is interested in know how fair priced are the games, I humbly use , not sure if there are other websites that do the same, if so use whichever you like :).

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XenonFORT @ MOTY Prizes You choose!

In a utopian world, I would choose money, but seeing how nowdays everything that money touch tends to get corrupted, I chosen the Physical Trophy.

But also seeing how mod teams nowdays can have their devs scattered across the Earth I would choose, (depeding on how the physical Trophy would be, if one for each dev or just one for the team) hardware instead.

Not to be rude, but to be honest the prize should be for the mod with the best content not the one with the best PR-Team, and a money reward would make it worse, imho.

That said, good luck to every team, and remember, "it's not the goal, but the path walked to get it, the real reward"

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XenonFORT @ Ballistic Weapons Fix

Not offense intentions at all, just that imho a community fix which objective is to be used as an standarized base for all future community releases usually limits the changes to the official stuff into balance adjustements and bugfixes, so it caught me by surprise to see new stuff added over vanilla content, which is usually limited to plugins/addons, that's all :).

About the original content being untouchable and perfect, well nothing is perfect in this life and didn't want to say that neither, just asked about it from a nostalgic point of view, nothing more, as when I asked Runestorm where I could find BW 1.5 and such as I missed some things that got changed on 2.0.

My experience on this mod has been mostly personal, having played just once on a public server when 2.0 was released and with a friend some time after against bots, so for me the vast customizations this mod had been always an awesome feature, as I could tinker the game to my own tastes, so I didn't have any idea of what could hurt or not the gaming community, and I trust you all are doing your best to keep it together, so keep enhacing the original game and, yet again good luck, you all deserve it :).

PD: Sorry for any grammar and orthographic errors, I'm almost slept on the keyboard, I hope everything is correct, thanks in advance.

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XenonFORT @ Ballistic Weapons Fix

I see, just like to have all the options possible and to keep the vanilla things as pure as they can, or be able to at least.

Don't take me wrong I love new stuff like the most, but being it a fix, I think things that change the gameplay from the vanilla theme that weren't an unintended bug (like the personal artillery shoots going down too fast) should be optional imho.

All is getting used to the changes, but an option to toggle the extras like that would be appreciated, maybe something like a toggleable option to enable old vanilla weapons could do the trick, if it isn't hard to do.

Anyway, thanks again for your time and answers, I will check what I can do and also enjoy the new enhacements while I discover them, have fun :).

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XenonFORT @ Ballistic Weapons Fix

Thanks for all the info, I will try as soon as I get in the mood for it. I will scavenge the info from the modders.txt from the fix, the official BW modding info with a bit of googling and see what I can do myself.

About the fix, are there plans on making the new mechanics for vanilla weapons toggleable? (like making the one barrel shotgun only have the normal shot and the melee, without the poison shot and true iron sights for some vanilla weapons, to name a couple)

Thanks in advance, and good luck again, I think I will go to the forums for any future suggestions/questions about the fix/WP, as it is much easier to ask there than in comments on moddb :P. Have fun :)

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XenonFORT @ Ballistic Weapons Fix

Well thanks for the answers :). It's shame that Ballistic Enhanced has been put on ice for whatever reasons there, I hope they get solved in the future.

About compiling non-compatible assets, I was certain about keeping it private for obvious reasons, but thanks for pointing it out again, it's always good to have some reminders sometimes, and could help others which didn't have it clear.

About experience coding, I have some little knowledge on c++ and java, but zero on UT modding, that's why I asked for any pointing in the good direction to the tools and for what to aim in the code to make it compatible.

Also don't worry about asking others to make it for me, I like to get my hands dirty in these cases, that's why I asked where I can get the info to do it in the first place :P.

Thanks for your time solving my questions and good luck in the future with any BW or non-BW projects.

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XenonFORT @ Ballistic Weapons Fix

First of all, congratz for the release of the fix, I can't wait to test it :).

Second I would ask if there are plans or been contacted with the authors of the CF Mutator and Herr Doctor WP for future compatibility with the fix and well, if there are any tutorial out there to make personally compatible versions of non-fix ready releases, like a link to how to compile and uncompile assets and what to look for to make the files BWfix ready until a proper official solution is made from the author themselves.

Thanks in advance and have fun, it's always great to see that BW community is still alive :).

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