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2 comments by XDmarcsyoXD on Dec 15th, 2012

When I was browsing through the skin folder of GTA 3 I realized how easy these skins were. They were merely a .bmp file image with the parts of the body flatly laid out next to each other. Suddenly I remembered a similar form of skin layout I had edited before...MINECRAFT! It would not take much effort to take the default skin from minecraft and lay it out in the right order for GTA. With this genius idea I set out to work using the brilliant artist modding program, 'Paint'. I copy and pasted the right parts over the original skin image and hey presto I had created a monster. I played through parts of GTA 3 in order to see how it turned out in cut scenes. Pretty damn funny XD. I had to edit it slightly to make it look more proportionate.

I was proud of my creation and who better to share it with then the fine people on MODDB. The reception it received when uploaded, I guess. What did bother me was all the negative ratings. There was nothing wrong with my me. They wanted Notch Claude and I fucking gave them minecraft thug. Oh well, at least I was able to broadcast some of my work to the world. I even was able to do the reverse, taking the default GTA 3 skin and putting it on my minecraft character. Pretty damn cool as well. I've not uploaded that skin though. Maybe if people want it enough. Can't imagine that being the case from the reception I received. >:|

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