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xcv2007 Dec 23 2012, 12:30pm says:

"I AM NIGHT SHIFTING AT THE MOMENT SO..." is what it says.

+6 votes   media: new screens (0.16-0.17)
xcv2007 Sep 20 2012, 8:14pm replied:

To me the saddest part was right after the Resonance Cascade started, where you walk through a hall filled with people dead, and sad music playing. It actually made me feel bad for what happened.

+9 votes   media: ValveTime Review - Black Mesa
xcv2007 Jun 11 2012, 3:45pm replied:

You were suppose to kill Hunters with the gravity gun? Because, to be honest, I just shot it many many times.

+1 vote   media: Probable danger is seen
xcv2007 Jun 11 2012, 3:43pm says:

So are you improving areas like Balmora with the buildings you can't go in?

+2 votes   media: Improving some areas.. again!
xcv2007 Jun 11 2012, 3:40pm replied:

It's not scary!... when you have infinite ammo and a few rocket launchers constantly shooting everywhere.

+2 votes   media: Chapter 3
xcv2007 May 29 2012, 7:50pm says:

Not bad, but I think you should add more shine to the half-life thingy -no idea what the shape is-

+1 vote   media: SPACE of 2319 ICON
xcv2007 Apr 27 2012, 2:50pm says:

wait, is this an original? What I mean is, is this directly from Dark Secrets 1?

+1 vote   media: tds4-cityhall-hallway01
xcv2007 Apr 7 2012, 1:37pm replied:

I can understand why you would want to have it released to public ASAP, but he does kind of have a point. I admit that I do like patching it, but that's not the point.

On another side, you can just view it as we being testers. I don't know about you, but that sounds thrilling!

+2 votes   download: Patch 04.04.2012
xcv2007 Feb 20 2012, 1:20pm says:

The last puzzle remind me of Half-Life, which is good.

+1 vote   media: Puzzle Test v2
xcv2007 Feb 10 2012, 4:53pm replied:

u r soh originol (sarcasm)

+4 votes   media: The Elder Scrolls V:The Revenge :D
xcv2007 Feb 5 2012, 11:12pm replied:

Better than without the patch, apparently.

+2 votes   download: Titan: XCIX - Part ONE 1.0 Widescreen Patch
xcv2007 Feb 5 2012, 7:11pm says:

Ironic, i was watching Barney's Mind and just as I went here he was saying "STOP IT! STOP IT!"

+1 vote   media: Don't Stop
xcv2007 Feb 3 2012, 1:08pm says:

In the canals where the manhacks would normally break through some boards on an opening of a fence, if you use the explosive pistol (not sure what it's called) The bullet doesn't go through the hole, but instead explodes where there was boards.

P.S. The explosive pistol might be overpowered.

+1 vote   article: Magic or Science Update Alpha v0.1
xcv2007 Jan 20 2012, 1:58pm says:


+1 vote   media: NEW!Crossbow
xcv2007 Oct 19 2011, 11:06am says:

an elemental?

+2 votes   media: New images of skyrim that showed up.
xcv2007 Oct 5 2011, 2:03pm says:

Wonder what he's looking at...

+1 vote   media: Pictures from my desktop
xcv2007 Sep 20 2011, 5:04pm replied:

Pokemon because of a song I was listening to.

-2 votes   media: Chapter 6 "We can change this world" - [INGAME]
xcv2007 Sep 13 2011, 12:56pm replied:

it makes me think of some song that probably exists. And Pokemon, for some reason.

-2 votes   media: Chapter 6 "We can change this world" - [INGAME]
xcv2007 Sep 12 2011, 1:29pm says:

Reminds me of Oblivion for some reason.

+1 vote   media: Pelagiad: Guild Of Mages
xcv2007 Sep 6 2011, 3:06pm replied:

OK, I've looked over the models.

the Beehive tree, is missing textures for the beehive.
the stove is missing textures for the inside of it.

+1 vote   download: Dark Ages Addons
xcv2007 Sep 6 2011, 12:48am says:

Time to build a little on this! The windows on the castle, are they suppose to be tinted? and I noticed when you hit the torches (the ones on the wall, not sure if standing ones) for some reason have a yellow texture of wooden dent/damage. Is this a texture issue? If possible, perhaps fix the ladder sounds to sound more wooden and not like metal.

I've yet to look at all the models, I'll probably do so Tomorrow.

+1 vote   download: Dark Ages Addons
xcv2007 Sep 6 2011, 12:44am replied:

OK! It looks soo much better without all those errors (and a few missing textures). OK most of them are minor errors. On the second floor of the castle, exiting the (Office?) room, the hall is very dark, brighten it up with a torch or two. The torch in the bank (on top of the castle) has no flame. and if possible, maybe make the flames smaller, the flame is rather big for a torch (especially that a majority of the buildings are wooden (I think).

+1 vote   download: Dark Ages Map v.0.8.5.
xcv2007 Sep 4 2011, 3:32pm replied:

all I know is that it looks Viking. Oh and that I want it, to put it in my collection.

+1 vote   media: DW Expansion Västhelm WIP
xcv2007 Sep 4 2011, 3:32pm says:

I wished I could play Oblivion right now, so I can play this mod.

+1 vote   media: DW Expansion Västhelm WIP II
xcv2007 Sep 3 2011, 2:43pm says:

Cool, it certainly makes the screen look cleaner.

+1 vote   media: New HUD
xcv2007 Sep 3 2011, 9:58am says:

the interiors are very beautiful, but there appears to be missing textures and models. In the castle (the two fountains) there is no Throne, doors or torches of any kind. Perhaps this was because I wasn't on your server, I have no idea, I was on singleplayer.

+1 vote   download: Dark Ages Map v.0.8.5.
xcv2007 Sep 2 2011, 2:38pm says:

Will they actually appear as Headcrabs? Or will there be a replacement, or a completely different NPC? I like the idea of Alchemy as a skill, I've had the same idea before - for something completely different, and in all honesty, non-existent.

+1 vote   article: Basic combat and dungeon system
xcv2007 Aug 29 2011, 5:35pm replied:

I use Fullscreen when I'm not talking to anybody off the game, or if I just feel like playing in Windows.

+2 votes   poll: How do you set your resolution for PC gaming?
xcv2007 Aug 29 2011, 5:25pm replied:

Strange example. That would be rather nice though.

+2 votes   poll: Expecting a sequel of your favourite mod?
xcv2007 Aug 27 2011, 2:27pm says:

Why only the demo?

+1 vote   download: HD Textures for the Dungeon Siege III Demo
xcv2007 Aug 16 2011, 2:46pm replied:

the only reason I've yet to remove headcrabs (despite doing what valve said) for some reason didn't work. I believe it has something to do with copy-paste Hl2's game folder. I'm not making it from SDK because for some reason I can't use the newest versions, top of that, the other ones are now replaced with a mod name, which I currently have yet to figure out how the hell to get rid of it. What you're looking at right now is just NOAMZ with a few replaced skins, but the actual mod will be different than what you see right now.

0 votes   media: Game Feel
xcv2007 Aug 16 2011, 2:33pm replied:

It doesn't really have a story and in game it counts how many kills until you die, and is concentrated on purely killing zombies. The headcrabs, I intend to eventually remove them, get different zombies, and of course add others. Nor is this my map, it's just a demonstration as to how it would be. It's inspiration comes from NOAMZ and Left 4 Dead, the most part.

0 votes   media: Game Feel
xcv2007 Aug 16 2011, 2:30pm replied:

I just used the line tool.

+1 vote   media: Possible Map
xcv2007 Jun 20 2011, 11:31am replied:

It'd be cool either way.

+2 votes   media: Rebellion Distress
xcv2007 Jun 20 2011, 11:26am replied:

I hated that, but it did make it fun. So that would be cool.

+1 vote   media: Human Assassin
xcv2007 Jun 20 2011, 11:25am says:

Since when did the scientist have guns?

+1 vote   media: Scientist
xcv2007 Jun 19 2011, 2:54pm says:

Look strange, not in a bad way.

+1 vote   media: more screenshots
xcv2007 Sep 25 2010, 12:39pm says:

The screaming reminds me of Dungeon Siege, good times.

+2 votes   download: Hall battle - theme song
xcv2007 Feb 4 2009, 9:55pm says:

Is it saying 'wtf!'

+3 votes   media: Azure Sheep In-Game Screenshot
xcv2007 Mar 1 2008, 3:19pm says:

doesn't look like its very known... I'm downloading it right now...

+1 vote   download: HL2 : Antagorism (05.2 undone)
xcv2007 Aug 24 2011, 12:03pm says:

will they say brains in their native language?

+1 vote   media: Character concept
xcv2007 Aug 24 2011, 12:01pm replied:

You gotta remember, you can use pretty much anything as a weapon.

+1 vote   media: Introducing the "Spatula"
xcv2007 Aug 14 2011, 9:01pm says:

how exactly do you get headcrabless zombies?

+1 vote   media: Headcrabless Zombie
xcv2007 Aug 10 2011, 6:51pm replied:

seems it is in Japan, at least the picture is. It IS Japanese writing.

+1 vote   media: E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy medias
xcv2007 Jun 20 2011, 11:35am says:

V3 looks soo much different, in a good way of course.

+2 votes   media: Apartment v3
xcv2007 Jun 20 2011, 11:27am says:

a HL1 version of GMod? Cool!

+1 vote   mod: Go-Mod
xcv2007 Jun 20 2011, 11:24am says:

so is it like Half Life Source, but the expansion? I heard rumors they were going to do that, but never did.

+1 vote   media: Shotgun
xcv2007 Jun 20 2011, 11:21am says:

the player view of the weapon,

+1 vote   media: m249 render
xcv2007 Jun 20 2011, 11:20am says:

are you going to get models that match Source graphics?

+1 vote   download: SMOD Opposing Force Demo Version
xcv2007 Jun 20 2011, 11:18am says:

sounds interesting.

+1 vote   mod: SMOD:Opposing Force
xcv2007 Jun 19 2011, 2:57pm says:

imagine a blue haired one... that'd be funny.

+1 vote   media: WE NEED MODELERS! also, this is how he looks.
xcv2007 Jun 19 2011, 2:55pm says:

I kinda like white hair... Might just be me, but I do like white hair, at least on someone that isn't really old.

+1 vote   media: possible protagonist concept... WE NEED MODELERS!
xcv2007 Jun 19 2011, 2:32pm replied:

are you going to update them for Ep2 and for Ep1?

+1 vote   media: 1187_ep2_devmap
xcv2007 Jun 19 2011, 2:28pm says:

cool, I was wondering when it would get to fixing the misaligned stuff.

+1 vote   article: Preview 1.1
xcv2007 Jun 19 2011, 2:25pm says:

looks pretty cool. I like simple, but nice looking HUDs

+1 vote   media: New HUD
xcv2007 Feb 16 2011, 6:34pm says:

I don't see anything, all I see is this picture of beauty beyond belief. Oh wait never mind, that is it.

+1 vote   media: Sculpting the terrain
xcv2007 Feb 13 2011, 9:10pm replied:

that or extend it.

+2 votes   mod: return
xcv2007 Feb 12 2011, 11:33am replied:

I believe the first Slums was only 2 maps

0 votes   mod: Slums 2
xcv2007 Jan 16 2011, 5:54pm says:

You can definitely tell it's Elder of Scrolls... because the graphics are ridiculously awesome.

+2 votes   media: The first images of Skyrim.
xcv2007 Sep 25 2010, 5:17pm says:

Sounds good, I'd make it so there isn't any headcrabs for starters. Even though you're probably going to do that anyway.

+1 vote   media: new fast zombie sounds
xcv2007 Sep 25 2010, 4:27pm says:

Three Words: Best ******* Mod

+1 vote   mod: Nightmare House 2
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