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x56erx Apr 2 2012, 1:29am says:

YOU ******* NEED PROPS!!!!!111111!!!!
lol, that was kind of funny :D

+3 votes   media: PROPER Brand New Media
x56erx Feb 10 2012, 12:43pm replied:

Well, even for showing me Starfarer, what sounds total awesome, thank you! I might be sad to not see this develop on in HW:2, but Starfarer doesn't seem to be such a bad choice on the other hand.
Good Luck with this.

+1 vote   article: Thiiei's Ascendency
x56erx Feb 10 2012, 12:32pm says:

hm, do you know how many new weapons and creatures are added in the current release?

+1 vote   media: Mesh Improvement
x56erx Feb 7 2012, 12:17pm says:

Okay, I've got Arma2 Free only to play this mod, could you tell me, as a complete ArmA Noob, how do I install/start it? And is there a release date for the fix?

+3 votes   mod: Dynamic Zombie Sandbox
x56erx Jan 23 2012, 4:49pm says:

The position, animation, muzzle flashes and fire rates of almost all of these weapons shown here have to be improved.

+1 vote   media: First look at weapons
x56erx Jan 17 2012, 7:10am says:

hm, the respawn of the enemys is much anoying, and the colision detection, and the clicking on units is very bugging, aswell as making a group of units (ctrl + 1,2,3)

+2 votes   game: Redsun RTS
x56erx Jan 7 2012, 12:39pm says:

Okay, I', through the TC. All I have to say:
The game is awesome, but rather short for my taste. I would love to see some more levels, as well as more upgrades. And the Revolution Level with James and Highwire was a bit missleading. Why does this whole Mission come up just there. A better intro or backstory to highwire would help there.
Still, a wonderful game, better than most modern fps games. 10/10.

+3 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
x56erx Jan 5 2012, 6:10pm replied:

Sorry, I have read the oldr log entrys and found the solution for my problem. Thank you.

+2 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
x56erx Jan 5 2012, 6:04pm replied:

Hm, somehow saved games cant be loaded. If I quit my game and then start the .bat data again, once in the mainmenu, I cant load any games. Always gives me a failure notice about dukesave data. Any more advices?

+2 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
x56erx Jan 5 2012, 1:30pm replied:

Wow, it works now and I have to say that this is mre epic than most of todays usuall FPS.

+3 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
x56erx Jan 3 2012, 11:13am says:

The game crashes every time I start the first mission. If I press any key, I'm fired back to the desktop. I'm using vista.

+2 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
x56erx Dec 15 2011, 3:26pm says:

Hey, I got one question:
Is it possible to turn of the hell knights as controller replacement in 0.45? I#ve to played to much D3 to take those srsly in a stalker game or mod.

Okay here are my suggestions for further improvments:
Add Red Dot and Holosights for any weapon.
Try to get different upgrades for every sniper weapon, rather than just one sniper tree at all.
Make a tutorial on how to get to the new levels. Maybe you can get a few lines of text into pilot, so he can take you to a central point, with a trader, a personal stash and place to sleep, and most important, entrances to all the new levels. That would be great.

+1 vote   mod: S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat
x56erx Dec 15 2011, 3:20pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Armory Sneak Peak
x56erx Dec 12 2011, 3:41pm says:

hey, as a suggestion:
Some races (like cats) could have a alternative vision mode using the alternative vision modes showed by the video. This could be used as a kind of night sight.

+6 votes   article: New Overgrowth a161 video devlog
x56erx Dec 9 2011, 5:08pm says:

Ak 47 reload animation needs to be slowed down a little bit, and maybe the way the pc puts away the empty mag should be reworked by time, but the rest is good.

+3 votes   media: Taking Point - Animation Update 3 (12/9/11) : Cron
x56erx Dec 7 2011, 8:35pm says:

new map? any relaes date in siht yet?

+2 votes   media: Space
x56erx Dec 6 2011, 3:45am says:

I just voted for yu, because you and your mod are awesome sauce :3

+3 votes   media: Update 2
x56erx Dec 6 2011, 3:31am says:

can you have diiferent types of crates for every level, while using the same technically? You could re-use older crate models for areas fitting there style then.

+2 votes   media: New Crates
x56erx Nov 23 2011, 5:38pm says:

reminds me of the rheinland ships from freelancer.

+1 vote   media: Ensign WIP
x56erx Nov 22 2011, 11:59am replied:

okay lets agree on that: It true that double cocking is usefull at all. And also it's quit unrealistic for somebody to use a military P90 to have civi. mags for them. Animations arent't that shinny but heck, as long as there is a P90 in here, I'm fine with it. Just fix the mag size to 50 and skip the upgrade for that. You could think about having a semiautomatic version with a long barrel in there though (using 30 rounds mags of course).

-1 votes   media: Brainlab
x56erx Nov 22 2011, 11:35am says:

this is so fukcing tracked! Go pawn some Z's!

+1 vote   article: Ten years of Half Life: Decay
x56erx Nov 19 2011, 3:03am says:

cornflakes guy meme ftw!

0 votes   media: Rurik
x56erx Nov 16 2011, 2:00am says:


+1 vote   media: Ensign re-worked WIP
x56erx Nov 4 2011, 6:29pm says:

haha, the last ship was like a block and now this ******* awesome ****?! WTF HAAAAX! Did you change your engine?

+3 votes   media: The New Ensign 1
x56erx Nov 1 2011, 5:12pm says:

another boat to the right of the first, and I'm happy.

+1 vote   media: Making Of "Docks" 06
x56erx Oct 31 2011, 2:08pm says:

What about a more starlancer like battle style? Cap. ships firing on each other, more speed etc. ?

+1 vote   media: Kickstarter Video
x56erx Oct 31 2011, 2:03pm replied:

I do like the wings, but have to agree, wings don't fit the usnc :(

+5 votes   media: Viewer's Choice Contest
x56erx Oct 31 2011, 1:59pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Making of "Docks" 01
x56erx Oct 30 2011, 9:27am says:

what about adding a boat in the between the bots dock paths, so you can cross from one to another?

+1 vote   media: Making of "Docks" 01
x56erx Oct 29 2011, 11:35am says:

what is BB1, BB2 etc. ?

+1 vote   media: Ship Types
x56erx Oct 18 2011, 1:22pm says:

the butstock...

+1 vote   media: CoD2 MP-44
x56erx Oct 16 2011, 11:54am says:

I love the fact that you add so many unique items to the mod!

+2 votes   media: Saint's Black Sword
x56erx Oct 15 2011, 12:26pm replied:

I'm not trying to say source couldn't look good! Hey, look around! How many other HL2 (okay it still is source) based mods, having a cave map, feature such a beautiful design and look? There are many, but not many do llok this good.

+3 votes   media: the caves
x56erx Oct 15 2011, 12:16pm replied:

looking on how far you guys have come, and that there is (as far as I know) never been talked about that there could be killstreaks, his comment is okay, don't you think? Your answer naming him a moron let's me ask you: What game devs are you, insulting you own community? Also don't you think it's pretty lame to copy a game like CoD this much?

+5 votes   article: Taking Point Controls (WIP)
x56erx Oct 14 2011, 7:54pm says:

haha, are you guys serious? This is ******* awesome! Wouldn't believe this is source if i woudln't know it.

+9 votes   media: the caves
x56erx Oct 12 2011, 5:52pm says:

Correction: Cargobays hld cargo, not the carried ships, therefore this is a hangar.
awesome btw.
All you need are some props letting this place look as if you overworked mechanics would try to do anything to keep the fighters/bomber in shape, despite being in mid-battle

+2 votes   media: Cargo ...pants? ....errrrm BAY!
x56erx Oct 11 2011, 8:05pm says:


+2 votes   media: The final front? ......ear?
x56erx Oct 1 2011, 6:46pm says:

it does!

+1 vote   media: Rusty makes a mockup level
x56erx Sep 29 2011, 5:40pm says:

The shotgun sound is miising the Boom! Headshot factor and the knive, well how can you cut wood away with it? Crowbar is at least some club like weapon would be a better thing for this task. The M4 (smg replacment?) needs to have an iron side mode, just for the hell of this nice visor.
The rest looks good. Any ideas on how the combine replacments gonna look like?

+1 vote   media: WIP Gameplay
x56erx Sep 13 2011, 3:55pm says:

thoso bots seems to be ultra stupid, I hope they are smarter and shoot you back once or twice in the final version.

+1 vote   media: Massive gameplay
x56erx Sep 13 2011, 3:50pm says:

Will there be stricter restrictions about what ship can choose what skill? Itm every ships seems to be able to pick at least 1 of each skills, making hard classes obsolet, so will there be Carryer classes, only having abilities related to carryiers, for a dreadnaught?

0 votes   article: Support ship preview
x56erx Sep 2 2011, 8:59am replied:

thats what she said...

+4 votes   media: Tank turret re-centering
x56erx Aug 27 2011, 4:50pm says:

What about the scaling of the ships, strikecraft seems far to overpowerd and big, while galaxy class looks way to small.

+1 vote   article: One Week Of Continuum
x56erx Aug 22 2011, 11:25am replied:

shouldn't be that hard to get that in? Maybe you could also add a cqc elite combine unit, only carrying shotguns and being very aggressive.

+1 vote   media: Civil Protection Shocktroopers
x56erx Aug 22 2011, 9:37am says:

I would also make some riot controll cops, armed with shock sticks and some shields. And a thougher soldier variant for NP.

+1 vote   media: Civil Protection Shocktroopers
x56erx Aug 21 2011, 12:05pm replied:

Are you both retarded?
A modification means to change a game etirely or by parts of it by your own, maybe adding new stuff. It's a possibility to share your very own vision of a game and how it have should had been. Also it's free, except for the price of the game it is bades off.

A DLC is piece of content that the developers released/developed after the actuall release of the game, even though they often implemented parts of it in the original game. They develop these parts after the game, to sell them shared from the game the dc is based of.
They are a way to make people pay for things that should have been in the game but were cut due to unrealistic time managment and the lust for money.

If these modders say they make a DLC, it is likely that they mean to release a digital add-on for the mod, that they have crafted with source.

So before you comment and troll try to read and think.

+22 votes   article: 1187 - Rogue Train DLC
x56erx Aug 19 2011, 12:58am says:

If you manage to get a good ground texture for the impact crater, this will bring together some very good atmosphere for such WW2 styled games like CoD (running towards enemy lines under arty/mortar fire).

+1 vote   media: particles 2
x56erx Aug 13 2011, 7:09pm says:

More enemies and more weapons add new and fun moments to adventureĀ“n`killing stuff ^^

+1 vote   media: New Creatures
x56erx Aug 12 2011, 7:12am says:

Well, with the old smg, the visiual effects on injury and blood textures, this mod is back n the way for something great. The muzzleflashes (of the smg) looked a little bit as if they were in the wrong place (next to the smg). Also, add some shacking to the grey fade, to indicate the player that the pc is so baddly injured he can't even stand tall anymore (about 15 hp or less maybe?). This will turn every near death situation in a andrenalin driven fight for survival, as it gets harder to survive an ecounter if your aim and move is decreased. Pistol looks good also, its good to see these little changes, freshign it up and making it fun to use it, even if you have played HL 2 / mods very often. Last thing: Blood. If you want to achieve an even more realistic flair, try to make a blood texture for the ground, looking like a big mess of blood.

+3 votes   article: We Are Hiring! And We Have Some Videos Too
x56erx Aug 2 2011, 11:42am says:

as long as there going to be the hands, I will still complain about it.

-1 votes   media: CoD2 updated sprint
x56erx Jul 26 2011, 9:13pm replied:

the fence makes it spy save and uderlines how important it is for the brotherhood.

+7 votes   media: Nod Tech Center
x56erx Jul 19 2011, 4:27pm replied:

read the description before commenting.

+8 votes   media: Tremor
x56erx Jul 18 2011, 4:20pm says:

very nice!

+1 vote   media: Weapon Design
x56erx Jul 15 2011, 4:03am says:

Hands are to small, but looks good otherwise.

-2 votes   media: US Military Armour Design
x56erx Jul 11 2011, 12:30pm says:


+1 vote   media: New Character Sheet
x56erx Jul 8 2011, 3:40pm replied:

better than those "hands"

0 votes   article: CoD2 Back2Fronts sprinting feature and other updates
x56erx Jun 22 2011, 9:20am replied:

wow, this looks very cool! I would suggest that there should be still some more small parts of debris and junk to collect for res in the middle of the explosion.

+1 vote   media: debris & shockwaves (first implementation)
x56erx Jun 16 2011, 3:26am says:

nice work!

+1 vote   media: Combine Infantry Battle Armor(IBA)
x56erx Jun 1 2011, 10:35am says:

lol, this is going to be better then CoH Online :P :P :P
u mad, THQ? Problem Relic?

+1 vote   article: Warmap Teasers
x56erx May 22 2011, 4:16pm replied:

He is talking about this version of the Miranda:

+1 vote   media: Akira class
x56erx May 15 2011, 2:42pm says:

Looks more like a destroyer imo. Nice model anyway.

+3 votes   media: Hermes class frigate
x56erx May 11 2011, 6:34pm says:

nice one!

+1 vote   media: Davion Headquarter
x56erx May 4 2011, 7:44am says:

we can haz more weapons?

+1 vote   article: Features of version 1.2
x56erx May 1 2011, 7:39am says:


+2 votes   article: video update and screenshots
x56erx May 1 2011, 7:37am replied:

well I just looked at the other images, and have to say that I miss judged him, and also that I was thinking about drows, so sorry, no offense, the models look good.

+2 votes   media: Shadow Elf Adventurer
x56erx Apr 30 2011, 12:34pm says:

The skin could be darker and the face could need something to show that his is a dark elf, not a a very dark human.

+1 vote   media: Shadow Elf Adventurer
x56erx Apr 22 2011, 7:36am says:

may I ask: what was wrong with the old model (description made me curious about that).

+1 vote   media: CoD2 Mauser Kar98k + Zielvier
x56erx Apr 9 2011, 7:18pm says:

does this weapon behave like the old HL2 smg (like in strider mountain) or is it a different weapon? I hated it so much to have the same old weapon in sm with just a new model.

+1 vote   media: Rooftop Retreat 10 new screens
x56erx Mar 20 2011, 2:12pm replied:

ever thought about taking the model from the smod squad mod? That was kinda good.

+1 vote   media: PTS Defence Soldiers
x56erx Mar 20 2011, 12:41pm says:

again very cool, but these guys should have some special abilities imo to make outline there role as the last guard of the precious portals, maybe riotshields or so. I guess some one somewhere coded riotshields for Hl2 Combine, so it would be a cool thing to have such guys in the mod.
Also, did you ever think about adding a "heavy" combine soldier, like the ones from FEAR as some kind of mini bosses?

+1 vote   media: PTS Defence Soldiers
x56erx Mar 18 2011, 5:04pm replied:

exploding debris is unrealistic too....
should just build up a thight cloud of scrap and debris.

+1 vote   media: Gameplay trailer 1
x56erx Mar 18 2011, 2:16pm says:

Omg n1!
I always thought the same about the way to simple combine troops structures in hL2. Good work.

+1 vote   media: Special Units
x56erx Mar 14 2011, 2:16pm says:

add more contrast, and make the lines clearer, so you really can read it.

+1 vote   media: Character Sheet
x56erx Mar 11 2011, 5:58am says:

I guess it's just a model, built from one of these model kits. Maybe I'm wrong, but have you noticed ll the missing details (paintings as warnings for weapons or the turbines, etc.)? Also, the whole heli is ver shinny, an atribute that is often given to such models as a last finish and a wayto secure there surfaces from damage. Also there is a rotorblade missing on the upper rotor.
Nice model though, did you thought to browse trough Devian Art for inspirations?

+1 vote   media: Weird heilcopter picture
x56erx Mar 7 2011, 3:40am replied:

well, then...what the domain name? :P

+3 votes   article: Progress Report: March 6th, 2011
x56erx Mar 1 2011, 9:36am says:

Veeeeeeery nice!

+5 votes   media: Ruined Anorean Guardian
x56erx Feb 23 2011, 8:16am says:

niiiiiiice update, gentleman!

+2 votes   article: CoD2 Back2Fronts 4 new weapons promo
x56erx Feb 19 2011, 8:51pm says:


+1 vote   media: Map 2 - high view distance
x56erx Feb 13 2011, 9:02pm replied:

K, why not add a BS2 like smash melee attack for them and iron sights? Taking things out of standard HL2 mod standards? :P

+1 vote   media: New SMG1 and Pistol Models
x56erx Feb 13 2011, 5:44pm says:

Animations look very cool, but in what kind are these models new?

+3 votes   media: New SMG1 and Pistol Models
x56erx Jan 21 2011, 9:04am says:

finally a mod with a good explsion system for spaceships, may the lord of mod be praised! :P
Did you guys ever think about letting bigger shipps explode with some larger pieces of space junk? If they remain that could create atmosphere, and you could also enable players to enable salvage them.

+2 votes   media: Explosions in Gemini Wars
x56erx Dec 17 2010, 9:57am says:'s a track!!

+1 vote   article: Windows client released!
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