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x56erx Apr 2 2012 says:

YOU ******* NEED PROPS!!!!!111111!!!!
lol, that was kind of funny :D

+3 votes   media: PROPER Brand New Media
x56erx Feb 10 2012 replied:

Well, even for showing me Starfarer, what sounds total awesome, thank you! I might be sad to not see this develop on in HW:2, but Starfarer doesn't seem to be such a bad choice on the other hand.
Good Luck with this.

+1 vote   news: Thiiei's Ascendency
x56erx Feb 10 2012 says:

hm, do you know how many new weapons and creatures are added in the current release?

+1 vote   media: Mesh Improvement
x56erx Feb 7 2012 says:

Okay, I've got Arma2 Free only to play this mod, could you tell me, as a complete ArmA Noob, how do I install/start it? And is there a release date for the fix?

+3 votes   mod: Dynamic Zombie Sandbox
x56erx Jan 23 2012 says:

The position, animation, muzzle flashes and fire rates of almost all of these weapons shown here have to be improved.

+1 vote   media: First look at weapons
x56erx Jan 17 2012 says:

hm, the respawn of the enemys is much anoying, and the colision detection, and the clicking on units is very bugging, aswell as making a group of units (ctrl + 1,2,3)

+2 votes   game: Redsun RTS
x56erx Jan 7 2012 says:

Okay, I', through the TC. All I have to say:
The game is awesome, but rather short for my taste. I would love to see some more levels, as well as more upgrades. And the Revolution Level with James and Highwire was a bit missleading. Why does this whole Mission come up just there. A better intro or backstory to highwire would help there.
Still, a wonderful game, better than most modern fps games. 10/10.

+3 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
x56erx Jan 5 2012 replied:

Sorry, I have read the oldr log entrys and found the solution for my problem. Thank you.

+2 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
x56erx Jan 5 2012 replied:

Hm, somehow saved games cant be loaded. If I quit my game and then start the .bat data again, once in the mainmenu, I cant load any games. Always gives me a failure notice about dukesave data. Any more advices?

+2 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
x56erx Jan 5 2012 replied:

Wow, it works now and I have to say that this is mre epic than most of todays usuall FPS.

+3 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
x56erx Jan 3 2012 says:

The game crashes every time I start the first mission. If I press any key, I'm fired back to the desktop. I'm using vista.

+2 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
x56erx Dec 15 2011 says:

Hey, I got one question:
Is it possible to turn of the hell knights as controller replacement in 0.45? I#ve to played to much D3 to take those srsly in a stalker game or mod.

Okay here are my suggestions for further improvments:
Add Red Dot and Holosights for any weapon.
Try to get different upgrades for every sniper weapon, rather than just one sniper tree at all.
Make a tutorial on how to get to the new levels. Maybe you can get a few lines of text into pilot, so he can take you to a central point, with a trader, a personal stash and place to sleep, and most important, entrances to all the new levels. That would be great.

+1 vote   mod: S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat
x56erx Dec 15 2011 replied:


+1 vote   media: Armory Sneak Peak
x56erx Dec 12 2011 says:

hey, as a suggestion:
Some races (like cats) could have a alternative vision mode using the alternative vision modes showed by the video. This could be used as a kind of night sight.

+6 votes   news: New Overgrowth a161 video devlog
x56erx Dec 9 2011 says:

Ak 47 reload animation needs to be slowed down a little bit, and maybe the way the pc puts away the empty mag should be reworked by time, but the rest is good.

+3 votes   media: Taking Point - Animation Update 3 (12/9/11) : Cron
x56erx Dec 7 2011 says:

new map? any relaes date in siht yet?

+2 votes   media: Space
x56erx Dec 6 2011 says:

I just voted for yu, because you and your mod are awesome sauce :3

+3 votes   media: Update 2
x56erx Dec 6 2011 says:

can you have diiferent types of crates for every level, while using the same technically? You could re-use older crate models for areas fitting there style then.

+2 votes   media: New Crates
x56erx Nov 23 2011 says:

reminds me of the rheinland ships from freelancer.

+1 vote   media: Ensign WIP
x56erx Nov 22 2011 replied:

okay lets agree on that: It true that double cocking is usefull at all. And also it's quit unrealistic for somebody to use a military P90 to have civi. mags for them. Animations arent't that shinny but heck, as long as there is a P90 in here, I'm fine with it. Just fix the mag size to 50 and skip the upgrade for that. You could think about having a semiautomatic version with a long barrel in there though (using 30 rounds mags of course).

-1 votes   media: Brainlab
x56erx Nov 22 2011 says:

this is so fukcing tracked! Go pawn some Z's!

+1 vote   news: Ten years of Half Life: Decay
x56erx Nov 19 2011 says:

cornflakes guy meme ftw!

0 votes   media: Rurik
x56erx Nov 16 2011 says:


+1 vote   media: Ensign re-worked WIP
x56erx Nov 4 2011 says:

haha, the last ship was like a block and now this ******* awesome ****?! WTF HAAAAX! Did you change your engine?

+3 votes   media: The New Ensign 1
x56erx Nov 1 2011 says:

another boat to the right of the first, and I'm happy.

+1 vote   media: Making Of "Docks" 06
x56erx Oct 31 2011 says:

What about a more starlancer like battle style? Cap. ships firing on each other, more speed etc. ?

+1 vote   media: Kickstarter Video
x56erx Oct 31 2011 replied:

I do like the wings, but have to agree, wings don't fit the usnc :(

+5 votes   media: Viewer's Choice Contest
x56erx Oct 31 2011 replied:


+1 vote   media: Making of "Docks" 01
x56erx Oct 30 2011 says:

what about adding a boat in the between the bots dock paths, so you can cross from one to another?

+1 vote   media: Making of "Docks" 01
x56erx Oct 29 2011 says:

what is BB1, BB2 etc. ?

+1 vote   media: Ship Types
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