Dog-eared half-demon battle programmer.

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~X~ Feb 25 2013, 3:08pm replied:

Sorry, no official servers yet (we've ran out of ironz and time)
Ask some server owners to install this mod plz.

Also, more bugfixes are on their way.

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~X~ Apr 8 2012, 2:12am replied:

That happens a lot! Who the hell put them so close anyway?

+4 votes   group: Half-Life & Valve Fans Group
~X~ Feb 25 2013, 3:02pm says:

I lol'd. Lifts with different speeds.

Anyway, looks great!

+1 vote   media: Entrance
~X~ Feb 6 2013, 2:04pm says:

Do your damn DM map you prick!
And don't you %s tell me you outta time!! >:(

-4 votes   mod: Monorail Quest
~X~ Feb 2 2013, 1:32am says:

Here's the thing that kills games - tv console optimization...

+2 votes   media: Fallout: New Vegas
~X~ Feb 2 2013, 1:30am replied:

+1'd that

The notable cool thing about Oblivion was FACEGEN. The other one - the ability to lag and crash on EVERY machine.

-2 votes   game: Oblivion
~X~ Feb 2 2013, 1:10am says:

"Um... Heavy! There's too much of you!"

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~X~ Feb 2 2013, 1:01am replied:

why u no liek torrentz?

OK, next release will be direct.

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~X~ Jan 21 2013, 2:57pm replied:


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~X~ Jan 17 2013, 11:53pm replied:

I've done it several times by now. No need to do it every year...

+1 vote   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Jan 13 2013, 4:32pm says:

I feel like Microsoft(c)(r)(tm)(wtf) - finding bugs so soon after release...
I think "death notice" (&#xna;me% <weapon icon> &#xna;me%) is not displayed at all.... Damn, that's why I need playtesters so much! :_(

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~X~ Jan 13 2013, 4:20pm says:

// NOTE: BTW, new Half-Life seem to ignore default.cfg and all useful stuff in it. Please "exec default.cfg" for the first time manually (press ~ for console; if you have no console, run XDMdev.bat). And THEN customize your settings. Otherwise strange things may occur.

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~X~ Jan 13 2013, 2:02pm replied:

Sometimes wrong score limits reported, some minor bugs, bad .res files. Also new map added in the patch (made in 2 days - gotta have some rest...)

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~X~ Jan 13 2013, 10:59am replied:

UPDATE: old download was successfully replaced here on ModDB.

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~X~ Jan 13 2013, 8:42am replied:

sorry, was busy testing and debugging.
Currently, bots don't actually play CoOp (don't recognize routes and goals). It is a very complicated and time-consuming job (considering I'm doing this all alone). Bots only shoot or avoid monsters.

Best for monster-DM are:

I used hldm_battleschool for crash tests with 32 players.
As for HL1 singleplayer maps, bots are not smart enough yet. :(
Anyway, I put some DM starts for most c2a5* maps and some other (maps/*.ent files have them).

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~X~ Jan 13 2013, 7:59am says:

For everyone who already downloaded this mod, re-download new torrent from official site and ONLY select to download the patch. It's about 2MB.

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~X~ Jan 13 2013, 7:58am says:

Please download file from official site ( until this one gets authorized!!

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~X~ Jan 13 2013, 7:56am replied:

No crashes whatsoever.

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~X~ Jan 13 2013, 1:10am says:

// NOTE: please do not upload this mod anywhere YET!
I'll patch it a little bit soon!

PS: Expect a new map!

+3 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Jan 13 2013, 1:02am says:

Thanks a lot!
I currently cannot spend time maintaining mod and community due to some local disasters, so I did not do any promotion.
PR position is vacant :)

BTW, testing over past 3 days revealed some minor gameplay issues which will be fixed today. Torrent will be re-uploaded with new release AND patch.

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~X~ Dec 20 2012, 6:24am says:

What DX version this patch can be applied to?

+1 vote   download: Patch to v1112fm
~X~ Dec 16 2012, 3:10pm replied:

Nope. Try "G-man invasion"

+2 votes   group: HALF-LIFE 1 PLAYERS!
~X~ Dec 16 2012, 1:35am says:

Can't wait..

+1 vote   download: 2027 (TORRENT)
~X~ Dec 16 2012, 1:26am says:

Why aren't they using UED 2.0? o_O

+1 vote   download: New Vision SDK
~X~ Dec 16 2012, 1:19am replied:

There IS an old video, but it does not reflect anything from new release (2.5)
I don't have time to learn how to film game videos, sorry. :(

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~X~ Dec 16 2012, 12:59am replied:

Thanks a lot!
I really appreciate it!

0 votes   mod: G-man invasion
~X~ Dec 16 2012, 12:57am replied:

I'd love to, but I can't (=_=)

0 votes   mod: G-man invasion
~X~ Dec 12 2012, 11:52pm says:

Download version 2.5 here:

0 votes   mod: G-man invasion
~X~ Dec 12 2012, 11:30am says:

No bots :(
No "create server" menu. :(
Um, I don't mean to be rude, but it's almost like playing with default half-life with mp_allowmonsters 1...

+1 vote   download: Unity - Uplink Demo
~X~ Dec 12 2012, 11:16am says:

Wow. I'm implementing CoOperative in my mod too. Completely without mapping. Maybe we could cooperate :)

+1 vote   mod: Unity - Half-Life Co-op
~X~ Dec 12 2012, 1:12am replied:


+2 votes   mod: G-man invasion
~X~ Oct 17 2014, 10:08am replied:

Yep. 4000. (^_^)

+2 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Sep 15 2014, 9:42am says:

Mini-update: I'm currently working on "Best N HLDM maps of the ever". Currently it's over 600. Yes, I'm reviewwing more than 4000 maps. Worst 100 will be there, too :D

+1 vote   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
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