Dog-eared half-demon battle programmer.

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~X~ Dec 8 2014, 8:45am replied:

Plays even better )

+1 vote   media: SunDen
~X~ Sep 19 2014, 3:25am replied:

Just play the mod :D

+1 vote   media: G-loading screen
~X~ Aug 25 2014, 3:55am says:

Let's fly!

+1 vote   download: Half-Life: Tyrian 1.1 Full Release
~X~ Mar 4 2014, 6:32am says:

Looks.. well... Let me see...


+2 votes   media: The Cursed Forest
~X~ Mar 4 2014, 6:30am says:

>>powered by PhysX
meh :-/

+1 vote   game: Dangerous Rays
~X~ Feb 18 2014, 1:25pm says:

y u no x86 :(

+1 vote   game: Gigahurts
~X~ Feb 13 2014, 8:55am replied:

It is. Almost :D

+1 vote   media: XDM final testing
~X~ Feb 6 2014, 12:09am replied:

Thanks, man :)

+2 votes   article: X-Half-Life/XDM all multiplayer games come together
~X~ Jan 12 2014, 3:00pm replied:

It turned into long-term hobby... one of :D

+1 vote   article: XHL/XDM upcoming release
~X~ Dec 2 2013, 5:25am replied:

That's what I told u about lately - author used 4x scale on a global texture. I tried details - not very helpful.

+1 vote   media: Player ID
~X~ Oct 21 2013, 4:47pm replied:

Done. Now it's...


+1 vote   media: Energized G-Mans
~X~ Oct 21 2013, 3:58pm replied:

but first, "because we like it" :)

+1 vote   media: DOM_MorpheusXL
~X~ Sep 24 2013, 5:42am says:

Hey bro, wazzup?
Chilling, compiling?

+1 vote   member: MishGun
~X~ Sep 7 2013, 1:02am replied:

Basic knowledge these days... Is quite more 'basic' than this )

+2 votes   article: Running Half-Life under Xash3D: user's manual (English)
~X~ Sep 7 2013, 12:56am buried:



-7 votes   download: Xash3D Engine v0.95, build 2402 (outdated)
~X~ Apr 19 2013, 1:39am replied:

Yep. I can't even consider this an alpha :) Almost no entities there.

+1 vote   media: XHL Singleplayer
~X~ Mar 26 2013, 1:24pm says:

HA! Love when that happens! :D

+1 vote   media: Retro LAN Party \m/
~X~ Feb 25 2013, 3:10pm replied:

I'm not adding features anymore, sorry. Too busy with my PhD. Just fixing bugs.

Btw, superscaled textures are normally not visible for player who walks down the road.

+1 vote   media: Old XHL singleplayer map
~X~ Feb 2 2013, 1:32am says:

Here's the thing that kills games - tv console optimization...

+1 vote   media: Fallout: New Vegas
~X~ Feb 2 2013, 1:10am says:

"Um... Heavy! There's too much of you!"

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
~X~ Jan 21 2013, 2:57pm replied:


+1 vote   media: XHL Single map
~X~ Dec 16 2012, 1:35am says:

Can't wait..

+1 vote   download: 2027 (TORRENT)
~X~ Dec 8 2012, 10:06am replied:

I can try ;)

Sven is still quite unstable and also closed-source. And this mod is more... multipurpose )

+2 votes   media: CoOperative Botmatch c2a5
~X~ Oct 29 2012, 3:14am says:

lol, floor tiles do not match :P

-1 votes   media: Biodome Airlock#2
~X~ Jan 27 2012, 6:32am replied:

No trigger_hurt here. Just some unlucky guys met a grenade :)

+1 vote   media: Got gibs?
~X~ Jan 27 2012, 4:37am says:

Are you crazy, trigger_hurt? )

+1 vote   media: DM_Alpestrine gameplay screenshot
~X~ Dec 10 2011, 3:21pm replied:

thank you!

+1 vote   download: X-Half-Life Deathmatch
~X~ Jul 3 2011, 1:56pm says:

Please look for SOURCE CODE and MUSIC PACK on official site:

+1 vote   media: XDM Players
~X~ Mar 13 2011, 11:15am says:

Release date :)

+5 votes   media: Progress of the game Half-Life
~X~ Mar 13 2011, 11:14am says:

I remember this picture! It was on pirate CD and I wondered where did I miss this monster in the game. :)

+1 vote   media: HL1 Beta pics
~X~ Feb 13 2014, 8:52am replied:

who? There are bots in XDM. For all game types.

+2 votes   article: X-Half-Life/XDM all multiplayer games come together
~X~ Feb 13 2014, 2:09am says:

You'd better take RenderSystem for particles from this mod: (opensource)

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life Episode Two
~X~ Feb 13 2014, 2:05am says:

ModDB is about modding :)

+2 votes   group: Anime Fans of modDB
~X~ Feb 12 2014, 5:05am replied:

I doubt that. I'm trying to free myself of gamedev addiction )

Also, XDM code differs WAY too much from HL SDK to be ported to Source. Also, (Source == D3D && Source != OpenGL), so (Source != SOMETHING_I_LIKE). :3

+3 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 12 2014, 5:00am replied:

The XHL singleplayer was not completed (there's one map included though). I did not add any XDM entities to original HL single, sorry. Never thought about that. (^_^)\

If you have good thoughts on where to place new weapons, you may place them with "toggleselmode 5" command, and they'll be saved to maps/mapname_patch.ent file (loads automatically everytime). You may share those files if you want.

+2 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 12 2014, 4:54am replied:

Of course! :)
cl_announcer_losecombo 0
hud_eventicontime 0
all tournament n-kill, combos, etc.:
cl_tournamentfx 0

+2 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 9 2014, 1:41pm replied:

How could you forget BattleCookies series??

+1 vote   group: Cookie lovers
~X~ Feb 9 2014, 1:03pm says:

I hate cookies in browsers, but love real-life ones :3

+1 vote   group: Cookie lovers
~X~ Feb 9 2014, 1:03pm replied:

Only if you build it from sources.
As I said before, my linux server is burned down :(

+1 vote   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 9 2014, 12:59pm says:

It's not funny after if it has been in azumanga.

+2 votes   media: have some anime GIFs
~X~ Feb 9 2014, 12:40pm replied:

Oh please, don't remind me... (>_<)

+1 vote   media: LoL
~X~ Feb 9 2014, 12:11pm replied:

That's why it's on the news :)

+1 vote   article: X-Half-Life/XDM all multiplayer games come together
~X~ Feb 9 2014, 9:56am replied:

Please ask your favorite servers owners to run this mod.
I don't own/run any game servers, I'm not an andmin, sorry. Single person can't handle all this :(

+2 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 9 2014, 9:54am replied:

As long as I don't suddenly find myself a billionaire with lots of free time on my hands, I think, yes :)

+2 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 7 2014, 11:59am says:

zog-approved building

+1 vote   media: Synth Factory
~X~ Feb 7 2014, 11:29am replied:

Unfortunately, there are no special CoOp maps. I used to play HL single, some singleplayer mods (that don't have DLLs), some maps with monsters that I found across the web - they're all in mapcycle.cop (just open with notepad). Those maps are not included, you'll have to download them somewhere else. I recommend hldm_battleschool for monster DM.

+1 vote   download: X-Half-Life Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 7 2014, 6:31am says:

There are no monsters on DM_000, try c1a3a or some other map with monsters. Also, make sure you have explicitly selected CoOp in mp_gamerules.
PS: CoOp is not very reliable, we had no time to test it properly :(

+1 vote   download: X-Half-Life Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 7 2014, 5:13am replied:

mp_monstersrespawn, mp_monsrespawntime

+1 vote   download: X-Half-Life Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 6 2014, 12:26am says:

Thanks! Please leave some feedback (^_^)/

+1 vote   download: X-Half-Life Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 5 2014, 3:16pm says:

Everyone, thanks for waiting!
Due to some health- and life-threatening circumstances this release was delayed several times. Sorry bout that. (^_^)\ I've released the full package and the source code. I'll probably release the SDK later too.
I hope all of you will enjoy this game!

+2 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Feb 5 2014, 8:04am says:

An uber-awesome tool!
What're u waiting for? DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!

+3 votes   article: Jackhammer: new cross-platform level editor (public alpha)
~X~ Feb 5 2014, 8:01am says:

Right about time :)
I'm glad most people DO want multiplayer mods, because I'm releasing a major update of my UT-style mod today!
It's a big multiplayer platform, like UT on HL engine, so it really may render some other mods redundant :D

+2 votes   poll: Mods introducing multiplayer are
~X~ Feb 5 2014, 7:56am says:


+1 vote   media: JackHammer level editor is amazing!
~X~ Jan 20 2014, 6:18am says:

LAN party was a MASSIVE SUCCESS! 8)
As soon as I get to a broadband, I'll upload XDM!

Btw, in search of newsmakers ^_^

+1 vote   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Jan 18 2014, 2:45pm says:

And finally. Tomorrow, we're enjoying LAN-party in Moscow, playing XDM3037, and, if everything goes smoothly, ... oh, I forgot, I still need a wired broadband connection to upload it, oops! (^_^)\

+2 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Jan 15 2014, 3:29pm says:

Testing, comverting, formatting, packing...
*so tired*

+2 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
~X~ Jan 2 2014, 1:35pm replied:

I will! Please don't download old versions! (T_T)
I'm releasing XDM 3037 in a week.

+2 votes   mod: X-Half-Life: Deathmatch
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