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7 years ago by Wraiyth 0 comments

Wow, I can come up with the most riveting names for blog posts!

So Uni started back a few weeks ago, which I somehow failed to mention. Its not like its a major part of my life or anything, dunno how I could forget
Good subjects this semester. Internet Technologies teaches us how to use the internet and write HTML/Javascript/CSS (so its easy, that makes it good). Writing for Interactive Narrative is as the name suggests. Principles of Game Design is more like 'Principles of Mapping for Unreal 3', which isn't such a bad thing. Once you actually learn what the hell ALLLL those fucking buttons do, Unreal 3 is a nice, well-rounded engine. It has its quirks, but so does everything. Finally, Programming in Java, which I'm already enjoying! Because its programming.
So, I guess, expect to see a few things in the upcoming weeks, including (but not limited to) Unreal Maps, and some random writing.

Speaking of writing, we were pointed to this link for Writing for Interactive Narrative. Have a look. You'll laugh.

I've finally decided a project to get down and dirty with on Phoenix. After a long, hard think of the kind of game that would A) be fun to make, B) be fun to play and C) demonstrate a bunch of different elements in the engine, I've settled on a Tower Defense style of game. It encompasses many different systems, but most of them aren't overly complex, and its a fun game to play, and all that stuff. So it makes for a nice sample. You'll see. I'll be making some regular-ish updates here once it really, properly gets underway.
Most of the stuff in regards to the importing workflow and all that stuff has drastically changed since my video tutorials, so I'll spend some time in the future remaking those so you can all see the awesome of the engine.

There was a post on the Steampowered forums recently with a Video of Head Tracking Techniques inside of Source. Its an interesting little video, and for anyone who has seen Johnny Lee's videos of head tracking with Wiimotes, and found them interesting, you should love this stuff. It gives a couple of small, basic uses of headtracking in games, but using webcam software rather than the Wiimote/IR stuff. Things like looking down sights, or peering around corners. Its definitely a glimpse as to where gaming is headed in the future.

On the non-computer front, Metallica released a new single. I've been a big Metallica fan for a few years now, but I'm undecided on this new stuff. Its a bit of a tease, really... the intro starts off pretty sweet, and sets up something that could be fairly epic. But when it comes to the vocals... they're very raw and uncut, and the lyrics themselves aren't that flash. The song has grown on me a little since I first heard it though, but it wasn't an instant 'fall in love' kind of thing thats happened with so much of their previous work.
Rise Against, my new bandlove, also released a new single, which is on their MySpace site. But I've sworn to hell and back that I'll never, ever post a MySpace link on this site. So look for it yourself.



7 years ago by Wraiyth 0 comments
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Koroshiya_Ichi Jan 12 2008 says:

sweet no problemo, ill get the other 2 sorted as soon as some time comes available, setting up self employed at the moment which is eating away at time. That and replaying Grim Fandango, just not enough hours in the day :-(

though im struggling to maintain a sense of enthusiasm about the UE3 tutorials, single most dissapointing engine ive come to work with thus far :-( it'll get done though!

cheers again man, really appreciate you taking the time to check them and the feedback certainley helps!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lucífer Jan 12 2008 says:

why, yes I do. :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lucífer Jan 11 2008 says:

You just do!..don't question it :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
Koroshiya_Ichi Jan 11 2008 says:

cheers man! glad to see you like em I was worried they may be a bit too waffling/full of **** but if you think they do the job thats cool!

the other tutorials i dunno why they're deleted, they're not quite finished yet either way though so doesnt matter too much, but yeah if you wouldnt mind authing them thats much appreciated!

If its cool do you mind if I send any future tutorials I knock up your way? Only if time is allowing o course, i appreciate the feedback

cheers again man! take it easy

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lucífer Jan 10 2008 says:

You Rule. ^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
sbnewsom Jan 3 2008 says:

Haha, agreed. Well I hope you had a good new year too. This year is definitely going to be a challenge.

+1 vote     reply to comment
sbnewsom Jan 1 2008 says:

No problem. Its the internet, if someone insults you anyways, don't take i seriously. When I was young, I took things seriously. Remember, its just the internet.

Take care.

+1 vote     reply to comment
sbnewsom Dec 31 2007 says:

Don't worry about it. Its not your conversation.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Koroshiya_Ichi Dec 26 2007 says:

no worries man, no stress over it just wanna make sure they make some sense before they go up :-D cheers!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Halloween4 Dec 26 2007 says:

Mate your a self opinionated person, who is stating that fans of mod have not got a valid opinion, but at the same time your arguing your right to express your own opinion in what ever shape or form you like. Which makes you very hypocritical in my opinion, & not even worth having further debate with. End of discussion.

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