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Means of Escape: Premature Evacuation arrives at IndieDB!
Means Of Escape

Means of Escape: Premature Evacuation arrives at IndieDB!

Means Of Escape 7 comments

Pub Games’ flagship title, Means of Escape: Premature Evacuation, has arrived on IndieDB!

Half-Life 2

RIP NightFall

NightFall: Initiation 41 comments

It is with a heavy heart that today we announce that NightFall will not continue development. While we have been pushing for a release for nearly 6 months...

Half-Life 2

NightFall & Nigredo Studios split

NightFall: Initiation 5 comments

Nigredo Studios, a Sydney-based developer, and Team NightFall have today decided to part ways. Nigredo Studios have relinquished full rights to NightFall...

NightFall Media Update #2 of 4!
Half-Life 2

NightFall Media Update #2 of 4!

NightFall: Initiation 8 comments

Hello once again from the NightFall Team! After a rough few days where the website went down, we're happy to say that everything is back up and running...

Half-Life 2

NightFall Website

NightFall: Initiation 0 comments

Due to some hosting issues the NightFall website is currently down. We are actively seeking a new host and are working internally to resolve this issue...

NightFall Media Update
Half-Life 2

NightFall Media Update

NightFall: Initiation 12 comments

Hello from the NightFall team! Its been a long time since the last update, but the team has been hard at work on the mod. As we have alot to show you...

NightFall Returns!
Half-Life 2

NightFall Returns!

NightFall: Initiation 13 comments

We've had quite an interesting time at Nigredo Studios recently. NightFall went under for a couple of weeks due to lack of motivation and the sheer...

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