Nothing really much about me. I am the voice of Dave in the mod Desolated for Doom 3. If you want to get to know me, feel free to add my messengers =) I'll probably add more to my profile later.

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wolfpack99997 Mar 12 2010, 12:43pm says:

Well I spent 500 dollars just two weeks ago buying a PS3 and 5 games...does that count? xD

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wolfpack99997 Mar 7 2010, 3:40pm says:

Hm...I kinda liked it better in the 2D era, but I guess it's just a matter of personal taste since I tend to prefer the old graphics over the new ones. Still, it's nice work of what you did =) I'm sure you guys will come up with great models for this.

+1 vote   article: Jumping into the 3d era
wolfpack99997 Feb 20 2010, 2:05am says:

Nevermind, I got it working now. Started working after updating steam. Odd thing oo_OO

+1 vote   mod: GoldenEye: Source
wolfpack99997 Feb 20 2010, 1:49am says:

...I see no servers when I click refresh.
Am I missing something?
I didnt apply the patch because it said for server hosts only. Halp? xD

+1 vote   mod: GoldenEye: Source
wolfpack99997 Feb 18 2010, 3:27pm says:

I will say, I have been watching this mod from the start, long before I even had a computer that could handle Crysis. But I do see why you decided to can it. It really is a lot of hard work, especially with Crysis and basically turning it into a Total Conversion. It was nice to see what work you did though, we could all tell you put a lot of work into keeping this mod alive and practically transforming Crysis slowly into JP. In the end, at least you gained a lot of knowledge with mapping/texturing/animating and such =) I wouldnt say it was a waste of time because at least you actually learned some stuff along the way. But it definitely is good to put your life first to take care of all of that drama bs. I hope you're able to get your life straightened out and do something you really want to do. ^^_^^

+1 vote   article: The mod is over.
wolfpack99997 Feb 10 2010, 1:21pm says:

I wonder if this mod is going to try to recreate all of the original levels...
Cause that would be epic xP

+1 vote   article: Still Alive
wolfpack99997 Feb 10 2010, 12:54pm says:

Oooh I didnt know this one became freeware...*Snags!*

+1 vote   download: Chasm: The Rift
wolfpack99997 Jan 23 2010, 2:45pm says:

Resident Evil on the Deus Ex engine = Win.
Loved the idea since the day it was posted on Moddb. Looks like things are coming along nicely =)

+2 votes   article: TREM: Updates
wolfpack99997 Jan 16 2010, 5:53pm says:

I think the file you uploaded is corrupted. =/

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wolfpack99997 Jan 14 2010, 12:56am says:

Personally, I'd like the option to tweak how touchy turning is. Maybe a slider bar so then anyone can adjust it to how they like it.
To me personally, I found it to be a bit too touchy and turned way too quickly than I liked whenever going around corners. Nothing gamebreaking, just enough to make a difference to where some people can have it at the setting they want and be able to enjoy it. I tried getting used to it but it was a bit tricky, other than that though, it's a fun game. One of the levels kinda reminded me of Micro Machines in a way =P

+1 vote   article: Zero Gear Contest
wolfpack99997 Dec 7 2009, 11:25am says:

How the hell did I miss this?
Downloading now

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wolfpack99997 Dec 5 2009, 4:55am says:


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wolfpack99997 Dec 1 2009, 6:01pm says:

Realistic huh? I died after being shot 7 times...I thought it would take a little less than that...xP

+1 vote   article: Resistance Force: alpha version released
wolfpack99997 Dec 1 2009, 1:43pm says:

I've been waiting for this since it was announced in 2004. I will definitely dust off my copy of Doom 3 for this mod once it's released. Good luck to you guys and hope it gets done soon...for you to be done with it and for us to play it a lot ;D

+1 vote   article: A Hexeny Retrospective - 5 Years in the Making
wolfpack99997 Nov 30 2009, 9:13pm says:

I think the picture at the bottom right should be the tank instead.
And fire a lazer!! xD

+3 votes   download: Left 4 Dead 2 tank skin for Left 4 Dead
wolfpack99997 Nov 26 2009, 12:40pm says:

1-3 hours some days, zero others. College has really been taking my time away from enjoying my favorite hobby. It's a sad thing >>_<<
At this pace I'll never finish Dragon Age.

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wolfpack99997 Nov 24 2009, 6:21pm says:

I'll just try and work out the problem if it's reproducable.
The only game I've uninstalled really was Gothic 3...*Cringes*
Even after the latest community*******...slow

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wolfpack99997 Nov 24 2009, 1:42pm says:

I think I just creamed myself

+1 vote   download: DeLorean version 1.0
wolfpack99997 Nov 10 2009, 9:43am says:

Turning up the gamma in the options isnt that hard to do =P

+1 vote   article: Status update - Devil's Night Out
wolfpack99997 Oct 31 2009, 3:59am says:

+2 votes   download: Real Cars For GTA 4 v0.2 Beta
wolfpack99997 Oct 23 2009, 10:09pm says:

Looks like I'll have to upgrade my level 5 medic to a level 6 now.

Being a medic is actually fun!! For a change xD

+1 vote   article: Killing Floor Level Up DLC Released
wolfpack99997 Oct 21 2009, 4:26pm says:

I'm glad I owned this game from day one. For 20 dollars, it's turned into one of the best survival horror investments I have ever made. I've put more time into this game than L4D. I'll definitely be excited when this patch gets released.

+1 vote   article: FREE Killing Floor update coming soon!
wolfpack99997 Oct 18 2009, 10:30pm says:

...I've been waiting a long time for this day
Why does this have to come out the same day as I have to send in my faulty graphics card D; >>_<<

+1 vote   download: The Darkmod 1.00
wolfpack99997 Oct 7 2009, 6:37pm says:

This looks pretty awesome. I hope it gets more updates later.

+2 votes   download: HardQore 2 Demo
wolfpack99997 Sep 23 2009, 10:40am says:

This looks so confusing.

+1 vote   download: ASCIIpOrtal Win32 binary
wolfpack99997 Aug 14 2009, 4:13pm says:


+1 vote   download: L4D: Fat Bastard as the Boomer
wolfpack99997 Jul 21 2009, 5:20pm says:

If you guys ever need a voice actor, let me know. =)

+2 votes   game: UnrealStarcraft
wolfpack99997 Jul 20 2009, 3:33pm says:

Glad to see the Duke 3D community is still kicking.

Gonna grab this now =)

+2 votes   download: WGRealms
wolfpack99997 Jul 16 2009, 8:56pm says:

I think now would be a good time for an update =)

+1 vote   mod: The Chosen One
wolfpack99997 Jul 16 2009, 6:30am says:

I can't wait to get my hands on that sword =P

+3 votes   mod: Desolated - The Crying Fate
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