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WolfDM Apr 7 2014 replied:

I saw that in my gameplay too... But once I witnessed how one bandit near Jupiter Factory managed to handle 2 chimeras (!) with AKM and HK MP5 (but he didn't handle headshot from my Gsh-18 :D )... I still regret that I didn't record all that show

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WolfDM Apr 3 2014 replied:

And yet I was able to get "Man of Balance" achievement by right circumstances (Morgan's PDA, Jupiter Factory Documents, Duty Founder's PDA - all sold to Owl)

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WolfDM Apr 3 2014 says:

Greetings, fellow Stalkers,
how can I change requirements of getting certain achievements back to vanilla version? I'm talking specifically about "Man of Balance" and also "Friend of Duty/Freedom", because right now it's impossible to accept Strider's group in Janov (through Freedom/Duty) while remaing neutral with both factions (with that achievement). -> for example I throw Magpie to Freedom, they are willing to accept ex-Monolith fighters, but after acceptation I immediately(!) get "Friend of Freedom" achievement, which didn't happen in vanilla...

It was possible there - mostly I did it by throwing Magpie to Duty/Freedom and then the faction was willing to accept Strider and his ex-Monolith boys

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WolfDM Mar 29 2014 says:

Hello, dear fellow stalkers,
how much money do I have to earn to get "Wealthy client" achievement (or how it is called)? I guess it's much more than vanilla's 100k RU :)

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WolfDM Mar 23 2014 replied:

I found all of them (Danilla outside the hut, Tremor and Grouse's body inside) - all I did was I went there some time after I discovered bloodsuckers lair with Grouse and told Beard about it, while Grouse went to check something (as he noted after leaving tunnel). But! I went to that hut before Beard told me about Tremor leaving me message at Skadovsk (which means I went there on my own)

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WolfDM Mar 23 2014 says:

When I want to save Mitay from bandits, I do it by negotiating (I want to get Diplomat achievement). His two comrades are supposed to give me the artifact, which I intended to use for exchange, but they gave me the wrong one. Why did you guys change that?

And weapons of recently fallen foes are disappearing right in front of my eyes and yet there's no one else to "steal" them before I do...

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WolfDM May 29 2013 replied:

How about making a script in which underbarrel shotgun would be considered (or put in) as a grenade launcher class, but in the moment of firing the round you could replace grenade round with buckshot one which would also act like one (I mean change of trajectory, damage, weight of round etc.)
Just an idea inspired by one of old Operation Flashpoint scripts

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WolfDM May 17 2013 says:

My first reaction when I saw chimera slowly going towards me at night far away from Yanov station:

So much for hunting :)

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WolfDM May 6 2013 says:

And what about anabiotics (or what's english name for drugs that help you survive emission outside the hideout)? I think they should be availible only AFTER you do all do necessary quests for scientists, not like in vanilla where you could find them in various stashes before, which was out of logic. Hope you got that covered :)

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WolfDM Apr 30 2013 says:

I got an idea during my gameplay with similar mod - Could you make long-barreled shotgun(s) equipable with some optics (like soviet PSO-1)? In my opinion, it's reliable and powerful hunting gun (and quite accurate), which you could use at longer distances with Slug ammunition, especially when sniper ammo is not in cheap ammo category

Thanks for consideration

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WolfDM Apr 9 2013 says:

Hi, can you add upgrade "Adjustable optics" (or something like that) to upgrades for all (or most) sniper rifles? Cause it's quite annoying when you're aiming somewhere and don't see much due to really small optics (one of few Misery 1.2 issues, which bothered me). It would also made reaction/fire time faster - zoom in target -> shot -> zoom out and find another one (if they're not so close to each other) -> zoom in -> shot. Soudns weird maybe, but in my opinion, it would be nice improvement.

P.S. Great job so far, keep it up! Can't wait for your point of view on Misery in Zone :)

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WolfDM Mar 7 2013 replied:

Hm, I'd love to see reaction of Skadovsk visitors, when you enter the ship with bow and arrows and they have AK's... they'd laugh their heads off

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WolfDM Nov 20 2012 says:

I can imagine to be rewarded with this by Zulu, when you save him from snorks. According to the image text, he was greatly respected by both Duty and Freedom (no matter he was Duty emission expert - he saved warriors from both factions).

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WolfDM Oct 30 2012 replied:

Gee, thanks very much for answer(s) :/

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WolfDM Oct 29 2012 says:

Hello, I'd like to know, if player still has to pay for repairs in Pripyat at soldiers encampment? Cause you can't buy/sell anything there (apart from some supplies you're provided from time to time) and travelling to Pripyat costs not small amount of money

Who'll be specialized with AS VAL weapon class? In my opinion it's assault rifle and it suits better for recon than sniper (sniper's got Vintorez or it's modified version)

BTW, looking forward to travel via Black Road :)

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WolfDM Oct 18 2012 replied:

So it'll be more powerful than Lynx? If so... uh-oh, the hardest choice for sniper ever :)

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WolfDM Oct 17 2012 says:

Nice one :) Now choosing sniper rifle will be even more difficult

By the way, will Lynx sniper rifle look rusted again in 2.0? 'Cause when you order it from Nimble, he says it's the only one in the Zone and wasn't used much before, so there's no sense of looking that "old" and "bloodstained" (I know, it's supposed to look rusty)

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