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WMan22 Jul 30 2014 replied:


My retardenese is a little rusty but let me see if I can translate.

"In the train escape, you have no inertia while in the moving train, so if you jump, you get thrown backwards; While this wouldn't normally be a huge problem, sometimes you might get stuck in an NPC after being flung into one and become unable to move."

+1 vote   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Mar 14 2014 says:

Awesome, hopefully this means there will be an option to disable on screen control display if you're using a controller.

+1 vote   media: Working on support for controllers
WMan22 Feb 19 2014 says:

Will this have controller support? I'm going to be playing this on Nvidia Shield and it would be great if I didn't have to use that buggy Touch Mapper.

0 votes   game: Half-Life Mobile
WMan22 Jan 1 2014 replied:

But what about the fact that jake has the head wound from a certain event in the game after chapter 1 when he goes back to the house? Is the house a dream or is it something more?

+1 vote   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Dec 24 2013 says:

Congrats on getting 3rd place! You didn't just get best sourcemod, you got the award for third best mod released this year out of any game, period. That's no small feat.

+7 votes   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Dec 23 2013 says:

I always figured that there would eventually be a seperate prequel coop campaign featuring Bryan and Junior.

+1 vote   tutorial: How to play Underhell - Coop (Unofficial version)
WMan22 Sep 5 2013 says:

Hey there guys. I've been trying to sign up for the wecreatestuff forums since yesterday but i haven't been getting any validation email even though it says it's successfully sending me the email. I've checked every category, from spam to old mail and it's not there. I figured i could ask here if there's any way i can fix that since you appear to be responding to these comments.

+1 vote   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Aug 31 2013 says:

Any chances of getting a torrent up for the game when it releases? The reason I ask this is because direct download will be so clogged it would probably download at like 10KB a second if at all. Seeding ensures that the more people download this, THE FASTER it will go.

+1 vote   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Aug 18 2013 says:

This is the best news to wake up to see ever; I can barely contain my joy.

Mxthe, you're awesome.

+5 votes   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Apr 26 2013 replied:

I think if anything that's a testament to how ******* HYPED we all are for this. I know I'm hyped.

+4 votes   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Mar 28 2013 replied:

"Good thing i am not superstitious..."

+1 vote   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Jan 1 2013 says:

That subtle bass really adds to the horror atmosphere. I've heard really good sound work in these trailers, keep up the good work.

+1 vote   media: Inquietude - "Family #3"
WMan22 Nov 11 2012 replied:

Not enough fans? Pretty much everyone i know on steam who's played underhell loves underhell. Also, Co-op is an extremely welcome edition to anything. Cry of Fear lasted long beyond what would have been it's normal lifetime for my friends and I because of Co-op.

+1 vote   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Nov 5 2012 replied:

I seriously think that the thing chasing after the main character is pretty scary. I mean, if it was just "Monster #12435432" it wouldnt be as scary, but a sihlouette that looks like a person chasing you is the stuff of actual nightmares.
You don't know why the sihlouette is chasing you, you just have the instinct to RUN THE **** AWAY from it. Because a human-like sihlouette chasing you for an unknown reason is much more frightening than some misshapen monster coming after you for the obvious reason that "It's a monster, by nature it kills people".

As for the view bobbing, yeah, i agree. The best way to simulate running in game is to do it yourself, then try and recreate it in game. Except when you're panicking, you would run at an extra speed than normal and have blurred vision. The world isn't really that clear when you're running away from something with an extreme adrenaline rush.

+3 votes   media: Inquietude - Gameplay Teaser
WMan22 Aug 20 2012 says:

This looks absolutely incredible.

+8 votes   news: Underhell Chapter 1 : Not so Monthly Update - August
WMan22 Aug 19 2012 says:

After the phone call, the odd angle of the picture at 0:28, combined with the sudden change in color made me think it changed so that the people in it are no longer looking at the baby, but looking outward at you. Upon pausing it though thankfully i realized this was not the case. That would have been terrifying.

+2 votes   media: Inquietude (Official Teaser)
WMan22 Aug 19 2012 says:

I guess I'll be the first to remark on the great sound work here in this trailer.

I thought the fact that the music quickly morphed with the mood of the person speaking into something completely sinister was really well implemented.

Also, that incomprehensible mumbling is almost pitch perfect to the kind of stuff i had nightmares about when i was much younger.

I just found this mod through randomly searching ModDB and i'm now tracking it because i know it's going to be really good.

+1 vote   media: Inquietude - Cinematic Trailer
WMan22 Mar 1 2012 says:

IT'S MARCH! WOO! Just a couple more days/weeks.

I do hope this doesn't get delayed more than a week or two.

+2 votes   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Feb 23 2012 says:

It was 11:46 PM, half awake. I decided to start the game, and holy **** lighting your way only with the flashes of a camera is a VERY inventive way to get scares. I turned to the side, flashed the camera. I won't spoil it for anyone, but here's what happened next. I NOPE'd RIGHT THE **** OUT OF THAT MOD. I will try to play again during the daytime when i'm fully awake.

+1 vote   feature: Cry of Fear Spotlight
WMan22 Feb 19 2012 says:

Wouldn't it be funny if Black Mesa Source was released

BEFORE Half Life 2: Episode Three?

Then people would go to valve and be ****** off that Duke Nukem Forever and Black Mesa Source still came out before Episode 3.

+5 votes   mod: Black Mesa
WMan22 Jan 4 2012 says:

If there is one thing F.E.A.R. 1 has taught me, its that

Long Corridors = Prepare your anus

+2 votes   media: Mental Hospital
WMan22 Jun 26 2011 says:

What is that map in the screenshot?

+1 vote   news: Help support SNIPA and Colossal (Comes with free stuff!)
WMan22 May 12 2011 says:

*(Sees this trailer and menu screenshots)*


+1 vote   media: Sandbox 1.0 Promo Video
WMan22 Mar 12 2011 replied:

Replying to WarlockSyno's comment so people will stop to read it, Kicking a door and it bursting open would be AMAZING.

+2 votes   mod: Underhell
WMan22 Feb 24 2011 says:

I'm going to play this mod once more, To remind myself exactly why don't mind paying for the remake.
Even if its really short, if its anywhere near as good as i recall the original being, i'm willing to pay a max of $10-$15 for this. I cant speak for everyone, however.

+2 votes   download: Dear Esther - Original - 2009
WMan22 Feb 7 2011 says:

Throughout the development and release of Blue Portals i have been able to see an idea turn into a reality. Even though i'm not much of a Portal player these days, i am quite impressed with the progress i am seeing. Awesome work.

+4 votes   news: Blue Portals: Post-Release News Article #5
WMan22 Feb 6 2011 replied: You may only be able to get the song with a YT to mp3 converter

0 votes   mod: [RGM] RayGunMod
WMan22 Dec 26 2010 says:

If i pre-order this game will i get a CD-Key on release that i can activate with Steam? I know i can just add it as a non steam game, but if its official steam i can recommend it to friends through the steam recommendation system.

+2 votes   game: Overgrowth
WMan22 Dec 19 2010 says:

I would love some 1920x1080 resolution screenshots i could use as wallpapers.

The dark and beautiful nighttime sequences not only are wonderful to look at but they won't burn an LCD screen in and desktop icons can be easily seen.

Loving what i have seen so far of dear esther and hope you keep up your fantastic work, and take as much time as you feel you should.

Just don't "Pull a Black mesa source/Hl2: Ep3" on us please.

+2 votes   mod: Dear Esther
WMan22 Dec 3 2010 replied:

Arent you forgetting? 2(01)1 = 2011

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