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WiseGuys Dec 17 2007, 2:47pm says:

It would be nice if they had said why the art school judges chose the painting they did. I dont think that they made a decision based on concept and quality but based mainly on quality and it discourages me for any future competitions.

To critique the "warlord". I dont believe he is a warlord. In what way does that image say to me warlord... it doesnt, it says warrior on battlefield getting stabbed to death. The quality is great on this image but the message is lacking.

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WiseGuys Dec 3 2007, 2:06pm says:

I base my vote first on Quality of product. Quality doesnt necesarrily suggest that someone is a professional but rather that they put in the most effort.

The next is that it should describe to me the topic without my knowing the topic. I should be able to look at the image and see a warlord. Not just see a warrior. You should see that he looks powerful, more powerful than anyone in the scene. He should look bigger and better than everyone in the scene.

I am unsure how the public will vote. But I hope at least the Judges take those elements into account when considering the winner.

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WiseGuys Nov 24 2007, 4:06pm says:

it would be nice to get an update on this...

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WiseGuys Nov 22 2007, 11:30am says:

where do we begin voting??

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WiseGuys Nov 21 2007, 6:36pm replied:

Thats what I thought... Just waiting to see whats happenin now :p

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