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Well, well....Bioshock: Infinite, what an impressive game.
We have all been very blessed with the games we either have, or will get to enjoy this year, and Bioshock is certainly going to come up at the top of many lists, as one of the best games to grace our game store shelves in 2013.
Anyone hoping to get this game, and has not yet watched a playthrough of it...don't!!
Please do not spoil it for yourself! So, in the hopes that you understand we will not be holding back in this blog, there will certainly be spoilers galore, make your choice now...either read on, or retain the pleasure of experiencing it for yourself, when you do get around to buying it!

Irrational Games, are very rational when it comes to creating impressive, intelligent content for gamers worldwide. We have finally been recognised as intelligent human beings, capable of rationalising for ourselves, lol.
Bioshock Infinite certainly allows us to do just that, and in the process takes us on a wonderland/nightmare of a journey.
Enter our main character 'Booker', the hero/villain of our story, playing out one of many realities, brought about by the genious Lutece twins...the delicious question is when...they did this ofcourse(lol), to understand and save the wonderful 'Elizabeth' from her fate at the hands of her father 'Comstock', a relentlessly power hungry religious fanatic. The game certainly does answer almost all of the questions that are raised, but it is done in such a way, that in turn, can raise more questions. You are left to your own judgements as a whole as to what is truley going on.

So, that said here is our take on the game: ***MAJOR SPOILERS***
I remember writing in my First Look blog, that the opening scene addressed the issue, of what the game was about overall, but I have to retract that statement, I was getting way ahead of myself with that one.
Now, I feel slightly more thrown by that opening scene, given what I currently believe.
Booker, having experienced the horror of war, is looking for some resolve from his emotional turmoil, and ends up turning to Religion for some solace. This is the crucial point in the story, which leads Booker down one of many paths, where he becomes a religious nut, eventually becoming our villain Comstock.
We discover Comstock, along with the Lutece twins, dabbles in pseudo-science which successfully creates rifts, or tears in the fabric of reality, allowing access to other dimensions, where other life choices has created other situations.
Comstock's penance for messing with time in this manner, is that he becomes sterile. Preventing him from creating an heir, for his religious floating throne. However, Comstock finds a version of himself, through one of these tears, that did not go through with the baptism on that fateful day, and therefore did not become the religious nut we know him to be...that someone is Booker Dewitt!
Booker walked away from the baptism, and goes on to have a family, or at least a daughter, as his wife we discover, dies in childbirth. That daughter is the one and only Elizabeth, but in not going through with the baptism......and this is where the story gets tricky.....we believe that Booker has become a drifter of sorts, someone drowning in alcohol and depression (given the state of his home that we see during some death sequences), never able to move past the horrors of what he did in war.
Believing he is a horrible father and person, forever drowning in sin, he accepts an offer given to him by a religious man. Yes that infamous line "Give us the girl, and wipe away the debt".
Booker must give this man his daughter, and all his sins will be wiped clean..a fresh start...a new beginning. That religious man is Comstock, who is Booker in another dimension of time and reality, who desperately wants a child to be his heir, and who better than his own daughter form another version of himself. We see how Elizabeth lost her finger, as she was taken through the tear as a baby, and this cross in dimension is probably what is responsible for Elizabeth's ability to create tears at will.
The Lutece twins somewhat racked with guilt, over what they have done to both Booker, and the world; in certain futures, returns to Booker and guide him in their somewhat humorous way, along his journey. They are the couple we see at the beginning, who have the conversation in the boat, that threw us here at winningmediahd, initially. Now it seems the argument they have, is more over the probability of even being able to change the future for the better, rather than what we initially thought.
Initially we assumed the game was going to be nothing more than a figment of Bookers imagination.
An experiment designed by someone or other...we were wrong!

The amount of psychology, and grasp of physics that went in to creating this game, is certainly impressive. If nothing else this game is a work of dramatic genius. The game play is fine, apart for your ability to run in a controlled manner. The graphics are great, and make you feel like you are playing some kind of Disney movie with adult themes. All in all we LOVED Bioshock Infinite!
Therefore we are giving it a Winning Score of 9.5/10, dropping that half point for those control issues.

We are really interested on other peoples take on this game. If your take on the story differs from ours then please, let us know. Leave a comment here, or on one of our walkthrough videos, and we can hash it out, lol.

Thanks again for your time,
~~Tal @ Winning Media HD~~
Here is the link to our Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough:

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