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W.A.R. Project is something I can call - "my dream work". I'm not a skilled modder, so I'm not able to make a full mod yet. But as I like to play with files, I decided to make something to improve my skills, and it's this W.A.R. Project. The aim of this project is to create some game conversions for mostly Men of War Assault Squad - realism tweaks, multiplayer tweaks, graphic and textures rework etc. Mostly some small changes just to improve the game climate. There is also another part of this project - Men of War Vietnam variant of mod with some ideas on creating different textures for some units, some small missions tweaks etc.

Some mod details or mostly plans:

Men of War Assault Squad:

  • reworked prices of units in multiplayer
  • skirmish missions units rework to suit historical balance
  • adding new units, but only few one
  • infantry rework in multiplayer - new types of infantry etc.
  • hero tree rework - removing some units, adding new, depends on nations
  • realistic speed settings for all units in game
  • increase ranges
  • realistic speed settings of all units
  • realistic penetration values reworked for new distance system
  • adding new maps for 16, 12, 10, 8 and 6 players plus changing players number for original maps
  • new textures for units - mostly additional one, some historical one etc.
  • texture rework for objects in game - mostly creating new textures in higher resolution
  • new infantry skins
  • some sound tweaks etc.
  • Polish localization changes - only for this one language

Men of War Vietnam:

  • difficulty changes
  • textures for vehicles rework
  • multiplayer rework
  • new maps for multiplayer
  • Polish localization changes - only for this one language

Everything is just plans. I started some work, but not enough to call them as results.
Because of that I'm looking for someone to help with this project. It looks maybe like something huge, but generally I don't want to make a mod like GSM or WiW Vietnam mod. I just want to improve game, and some aspects which I think should look better. If you are interested in helping with this project simply write to me. I'm looking for everyone except researchers, mostly graphics and mapmakers, but modellers would be very helpful just to improve my idea:

  • mapmakers
  • modellers
  • coders
  • graphics
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