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Crossfire 2.0

Mod review - 9 agree - 2 disagree

I love the tune up to the area and especially to Trent himself. But i find that with the increase in difficulty, space battles in SP take a very long time. This i can deal with as it makes the battles themselves more interesting and unpredictable.

However i find myself getting annoyed during the first mission that character Beta 4 is destroyed before i've managed to kill 1 enemy. This happens over and over most tries lasting under a minute resulting in me quitting the game. If players are forced to play on a difficulty they would not set themselves, the allied AI or at least equipment which allies use should be adapted to coupe with the extra strain of being blasted by a harder foe. Personally I haven't been killed yet on SP and I could handle being killed as that allows me to try new tactics against the enemy. But when I get mission failed due to a failure of the AI which no adaption to my tactics can solve.

I also find the lack of a pause button annoying due as it means that i cannot stop for anything during a battle as it could result in my characters death.

This is why I am only scoring this a 5/10. I can see that many other people disagree with me and I feel that this could be a mod that I would really enjoy. Before reaching the stone wall that is Beta 4 i was enjoying it. I was even looking forward to flying the new ships. But until this issue is solved I will not be playing Crossfire 1.9 again. I may download 2.0 to see what alterations have taken place. And I hope that this review is taken into consideration.

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