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Wills Jun 21 2009, 10:06am replied:

So you're not after opinions on the subject? Just people that agree with you? Sorry, my mistake...

+23 votes   news: L4D2 Boycott Continues
Wills Jun 21 2009, 9:35am says:

Totally agree, this has got really old now, and very boring to hear about.

+18 votes   news: L4D2 Boycott Continues
Wills Jun 20 2009, 6:04pm replied:

Thanks for pointing that out, the texture alignment is rather funky, I'll get it fixed it :D

+1 vote   media: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - First Look!
Wills Jun 19 2009, 1:27pm replied:

You havin' trouble turning 'em on? :D (Sorry it was toooo tempting!)

+6 votes   media: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - First Look!
Wills Jun 19 2009, 1:26pm replied:

Not long!

+3 votes   mod: Jailbreak!
Wills Jun 19 2009, 12:36pm replied:

All hail Dinobot King Henley! We should totally put "Property of Henley Inc." on the soles of the robots feet.

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - First Look!
Wills Jun 18 2009, 4:32pm replied:

I'll definately be inviting you back for a preview of 0.6 INtense :D Already looking forward to it!

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - First Look!
Wills Jun 18 2009, 4:30pm replied:

Yep, Deathball is back in and working! We're saving the updates for when we're closer to release :D We've also added a second whole new game mode too!

+1 vote   mod: Jailbreak!
Wills Jun 18 2009, 1:26pm says:

Yeah, we've actually made them already, but the coder hasn't got round to sticking them back in yet. :D

+2 votes   media: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - First Look!
Wills Jun 16 2009, 1:35pm replied:

Dude, it would sell thousands! :D

+1 vote   news: Theories on nude mods
Wills Jun 16 2009, 1:38am says:

Heh! Thanks for mentioning JB, Henley! Makes all the effort I put into the profile and each news post worth it :D Nice job on the article buddy!

+2 votes   tutorial: Effective use of ModDB
Wills Jun 15 2009, 4:26pm replied:

LOL! Fair enough! 0.6 will be coming out very soon (we jumped straight to 0.6 and rewrote everything from scratch on the Orange Box engine). We'll be releasing a media update within the next few days infact, to show off just how much we've added to the mod, and we've got a video interview coming up too.

Sorry it's taken so long, we were two days away from releasing 0.5 in January, when an unsolvable crash bug appeared, which we couldn't fix, prompting us to rewrite the whole mod on the Orange Box engine for more stability and added sexyness. As it stands right now, everything is back in and working except for Points and Perks, which should be added within the next couple of weeks. Once that's done, we'll be polishing and adding some bells and whistles, then releasing!

+1 vote   mod: Jailbreak!
Wills Jun 13 2009, 1:38pm replied:

Full Demo Smoother tutorial here:

And holy god I want this mod so bad. The standard of work is outstanding, and it looks hella fun to play. I know i'll be terrible at it, but then I'm terrible at all FPS games :D

+3 votes   news: NEOTOKYO° - Start your training, noobs!
Wills Jun 8 2009, 12:37pm says:

Urgh, this whole thing is out of hand, and beyond a joke now. As Lorem said, it's entirely impractical for Valve to handle this much content as a patch... Combined with the pure and simple fact that Valve haven't released all the information yet, and most of the points of the list have already been invalidated through interviews, podcasts and press releases, which clearly none of the members of this group even WANT to hear. Whatever happened to research and patience?

The group has gone too far by submitting a list of demands, and I hope this all falls on deaf ears. There was a point where I was thinking "maybe Valve will listen, and improve the game for everyone involved", but this is farcical.

I'll be looking forward to enjoying Left 4 Dead 2 with my friends, and thankfully it seems, none of the people in this group.

+8 votes   news: L4D2 Boycott Group emails Valve with their demands
Wills Jun 4 2009, 6:51pm says:

Ahaha! I just realised... THIS is a bug fix for L4D and L4D2. They stated they wanted to deal with rage-quitters somehow! It's a social bug fix! Get all the rage quitters to form a waa-group and not buy the game at all, and leave it fun and enjoyable for the people who want to play and have a good time :D

I do understand why people are frustrated, but relax and let Valve release a few more details first before jumping on the hate-wagon.

Personally, I'm really excited for L4D2, and can't wait to play it. L4D was the best £25 I ever spent, providing more fun, hours, friends and memories per pound than anything else I've ever spent money on. The fact is, we don't know all the details yet, and Valve have never let me down before, so as soon as I can pre-order it on Steam, they've got my sale.

+4 votes   news: L4D Community on the rise
Wills May 31 2009, 7:45pm says:

Absolutely beautiful guys! Love that you guys are pushing the Source engine so hard with this, it shows how versatile it is.

+2 votes   news: Interview and atmosphere video
Wills May 29 2009, 6:18am replied: +1 vote   mod: Jailbreak!
Wills May 29 2009, 5:03am says:

Woo! Go SPAS12! Been following this over at lopers, downloading now.

+2 votes   news: Half - Life 2: Calamity Released
Wills May 28 2009, 6:10am says:

Yep, gonna wait for the Steam version, but seriously can't wait for this :D

+3 votes   news: NS2 teaser trailer, new website and pre-orders!
Wills May 3 2009, 6:24am replied:

Aye, we're definately not dead, but we ain't sleepin' either! Progress on the Orange Box conversion is going extremely well now, and we're up to Dev 5, with a large portion of the features back and in very stable. You should start seeing new media and and updates in around a month from now.

+1 vote   mod: Jailbreak!
Wills Apr 29 2009, 2:59am replied:

0.6 has a completely different codebase from 0.5 and is re-written from scratch.

+1 vote   mod: Jailbreak!
Wills Apr 29 2009, 2:58am replied:

I'm working on FragOut? Crap, I'd better do something else DuckSauce will kick my ***!

+1 vote   mod: Jailbreak!
Wills Apr 26 2009, 3:20pm replied:

Don't worry, it does. It just has recoil so the view point ended up out of line.

+3 votes   media: Jailbreak Source!
Wills Apr 18 2009, 7:13am says:

Great article guys, very fun to read! And gameplay is the core of any game, graphics come second to me, so making graphics suited to the gameplay as opposed to ultra-realistic is definately the way forward. Good job!

+2 votes   news: The Name is Cool. The Graphics SSSUUUUUCCKKKK!!
Wills Apr 17 2009, 4:22pm replied:

LOL! Yes, players getting kicked in the *** if they stand behind too long would be genius :D

+2 votes   news: Dedicated server update and new media: horses are here.
Wills Apr 17 2009, 2:23pm says:

"doesn't ask you to sacrifice a kitten in the process"

What on earth will I do with all these kittens now then? Can I get compensation? Well, Henley, well?!

Great stuff though guys, good job!

+4 votes   news: EU Download Server Activated
Wills Apr 17 2009, 2:21pm says:

Haha! Nice! You guys deserve to be on Steam, hope you get the opportunity! So are the horses animated? And as horrible as this sounds, can they become collateral damage?

+5 votes   news: Dedicated server update and new media: horses are here.
Wills Apr 15 2009, 4:16pm says:

Indeed, the Unreal editor costs developers extra to release with their game. Given that clearly they decided against this when Mirror's Edge was released, they haven't paid the fee, so this will probably get patched out pretty quickly if Mirror's Edge has auto-updates. Doubt there'll be legal action against fans though... That's the fastest way to lose an argument these days!

+1 vote   news: Mirrors Edge Level Editor
Wills Apr 13 2009, 8:06pm says:

Man, those pickup effects are fantastic! I've said it before and I'll say it again, you guys are geniuses :D

+2 votes   news: Grenade/Pickup effects and other news
Wills Apr 9 2009, 4:48pm replied:

LOL! Sorry man :D To make it very clear:


+3 votes   mod: Jailbreak!
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