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If Resistance: Fall of Man was the Xbox 360's... Ummm I dunno, CoD2? Then Uncharted is definitely their Gears of War.

The amount of polish on the game is unprecedented! From the amazing animations (there are so many you'll rarely see your character do the same pose twice) to the ridiculous water effects, to the jungle that looks so real you're always waiting for a panther or something to jump out of it, to the great voice acting, this game plays more like a movie then a 3rd person shooter. There are actually some times when you didn't realize it just transitioned from cutscene to game, the only indicator being (usually) that you're being shot at or cross hairs appear on screen.

The combat is actually very reminiscent of GoW, making the comparison between the two seem more appropriate, though this would be wrong. They are two very different games, and though the cover system is very similar the fact that it's more times then not in an open environment as opposed to a cluttered cityscape (or rocky cavern) it leaves more options open to you, such as flanking (even from above!). The AI in this game is ridiculous, even on the lower difficulty settings. They duck when there's a near miss, doge in to cover if you spray some full auto AK-47 fire at them, run away from grenades, you name it. The only thing is they are sometimes too tough, taking half a clip or more to kill sometimes, despite being armoured in a white tank top. And even not dieing from a headshot (yes, you heard that right, un-helmeted, usually not even hat-wearing enemies taking a shot to the head and firing right back at you). The close combat is really fun, despite only having two buttons to press in varying combinations to pull off combos. Usually button mashing gets the job done well enough, but that doesn't matter. The thing you'll be paying attention to is the fight on screen, which even when you just hit the "square" button over and over again produces and incredible fight.

This of course is broken up by platforming fairly frequently, which is implemented rather well, with parts of the ledge you're holding onto sometimes collapsing and having to swing back and forth on vines to get enough momentum to reach the next shelf, along with your pillar-jumping affair. Fun stuff, though nothing too original.

In addition, it has 60 "treasures" to find, hidden throughout the game that all unlock some bonus content such as costumes, screen filters and concept art. There are also XBL-like achievements, awarding points for ten headshots or five brutal combos and the like. These will all most likely carry over to Home whenever it comes out.

Anyway without going into more detail, this game wrocks and is a must have for any PS3 owner.

 (Posting this here for those too lazy to read the forums)

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Sticky Sep 28 2005 says:

Danke. :)

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Stallion001 Jul 18 2005 says:

no i didnt get your pm

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chis Jun 3 2005 says:


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Stallion001 May 20 2005 says:

coming back with mapping..

Sorry i been gone so damn long :P

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TheDebonairNomad May 2 2005 says:

*Grabs Farmer from behind, drives a 12 inch MK II knife into his epiglotts, binds his hands and feet with rusty barbwire and kicks him into a vat of acid* ;(

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PsychoFarmer Apr 20 2005 says:

its cuz you suck.

no othe explanation is needed

or at least thats what i tell myself

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duckedtapedemon Apr 15 2005 says:


not true. I havent really accomplished anything either.

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chis Apr 15 2005 says:

azz0r made my avatar :o

Although I think I edited it to say cake.. not sure

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PsychoFarmer Apr 15 2005 says:

because ive had this avatar since november of 2002. its blasphemy for you to use it.

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T-RonX Apr 13 2005 says:

Who? :O

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