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Wilhelm_III Dec 27 2008, 12:05pm replied:

That's what I was thinking... Nice job all the same though.

+1 vote   media: OF2 - New Explosion Effect
Wilhelm_III Oct 27 2008, 2:41pm says:

I wish someone would make a series of player modeling tutorials as good as these. Your tutorials have really helped me out!

+2 votes   article: Creating a Weapon for Source - Part 3
Wilhelm_III Jun 3 2008, 1:36pm says:

The staff keep blogs now?

+4 votes   poll: Do you read any of the ModDB Staff blogs?
Wilhelm_III Mar 29 2005, 5:18pm says:

Yay! Now I will have some where to host my mod when it's out!

+1 vote   article: Download Server Beta Testers + Splinter Cell Released
Wilhelm_III Nov 19 2004, 11:35pm says:

Nice work man /me watche j00r mod

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Theft Auto
Wilhelm_III Mar 22 2004, 6:54pm says:

I love that show! I have it on DVD. This mod better kick *** or I'll kick your's.

+1 vote   mod: Roughnecks: Operation Bug Takedown
Wilhelm_III Jan 13 2004, 7:35pm says:

Bill gates doesn't do marketing! henry ford however...

+2 votes   poll: The Greatest Marketing Genius?
Wilhelm_III Dec 20 2003, 6:30pm says:

I voted for C&C: Generals because the mod that I'm making on it is doing better than my ill-fated mod "KN-KF: TOTAL WAR" which was based on the HL engine.

+2 votes   poll: Top Games To Use To Mod In 2003
Wilhelm_III Dec 1 2003, 10:17pm says:

Errrg, what did he say? Whay are they all lyingon the gruond? Tell me! Tell me! I must know!!!!

+1 vote   member: MasterChopChop
Wilhelm_III Dec 24 2008, 11:24am replied:

I was just going to say that...

-2 votes   media: German NCO (Feldwebel)
Wilhelm_III Dec 22 2008, 12:31am says:

I KNEW you could get graphics this good out of the source engine! What's the res on those textures? The model(s) look spectacular!

+3 votes   article: Insurgency - Holiday Season News!
Wilhelm_III Dec 18 2008, 6:37pm replied:

There's a picture of a key, and right below the picture it says "to" so it's supposed to mean "the kitchen is the [key] to victory"

+2 votes   media: Hall
Wilhelm_III Dec 15 2008, 12:00am says:

I'll take two, please.

+1 vote   media: NT Mosok_short Weapon Preview
Wilhelm_III Dec 9 2008, 12:21am says:

Okay, just so the rest of you guys know, using the L4d engine isn't going to have any effect on the game play whatsoever (except for game play innovations pertaining to the technology), it's purely a technical upgrade for a total conversion mod like this.

That being said, I vote for the Left 4 Dead engine.

+1 vote   article: On Hold till L4D Map Editor
Wilhelm_III Dec 2 2008, 12:56am says:

Grats for coming back from the abyss.

+1 vote   article: Back and Alive!
Wilhelm_III Nov 18 2008, 12:59am says:

Wait, wasn't there supposed to be a vote? Congrats to the winners, somehow I knew Keept it up! would be taking first place! :O

+1 vote   article: L4D Concept Art Contest WINNERS!
Wilhelm_III Nov 16 2008, 4:18pm says:

I hate to say it, but you know what would go great with that video? Visuals. Otherwise, the voice acting was good, if that's the acting we get in the mod this is going to be great!

+2 votes   article: The Fate of Raccoon Fields - Teaser
Wilhelm_III Nov 3 2008, 10:24am says:

Woo! Australian voice again! Yeah! After seeing this though I need to go pick up UT3. Too many mods out for it now!

+1 vote   article: Mod Video Spotlight - October 2008
Wilhelm_III Oct 27 2008, 11:57am replied:

Well, actually, it would depend on what part of WW1 this mod takes place in. What you visited was the very latest stage the trenches were ever in. earlier on in the war, trenches were not made as well, because they weren't expected to be used throughout the whole war. Around late 1916 to early 1917 is when they started putting up metal panels, and in some of the better trenches, concrete.

+1 vote   media: TT Promo map
Wilhelm_III Oct 26 2008, 11:11am replied:

Tell me what to do and I'll do it... Any and all concept art needs are just one detailed PM away.

+1 vote   member: Donkey81
Wilhelm_III Oct 26 2008, 10:19am says:

I agree with the face looking manly... Also, The SoBs are neither more deadly nor are they more feared then the Space marines... I don't know where you read that, but sisters of battle are weaksauce compared to the astartes. Maybe the ordo hereticus is more feared, but nothing short of a titan in the Imperium's arsenal is more deadly then the space marines. That goes for story and tabletop (that's why everyone else is cheaper then marines).

+2 votes   article: We're still at it
Wilhelm_III Oct 23 2008, 11:25am says:

I can't believe something like this slipped under my radar for so long! This mod looks amazingly good! Though I could have done with different music in the video here...

+2 votes   media: AFF:Planetstorm
Wilhelm_III Oct 22 2008, 11:14am says:

Well, this was retarded as ****. Seriously, 9/10 of these videos are just pointlessly weird and or retarded. Good camera work I guess, but that was about all that WAS good.

+2 votes   article: Flying Fenix - A Gears of War Machinima
Wilhelm_III Oct 15 2008, 12:58am says:

I can has unlockables with achievements?

+1 vote   article: Beta 2.3 and Steamworks
Wilhelm_III Oct 2 2008, 12:13pm says:

I gots to play me some more INS :O I've been neglecting mods because of warhammer: age of reckoning...

+1 vote   article: Mods Get Steam'd
Wilhelm_III Oct 2 2008, 12:07pm says:

What? What the hell? Where's the aussie voice? I WANT THE AUSSIE VOICE! GET HIM BACK NOW!

Also nice mods :D Great lineup this month.

P.S. If the narrator's not AUSTRALIAN next month, there'l be... Probably not much to deal with, but at the very least another post from me complaining! So, yeah... Dave wrocks.

+2 votes   article: Mod Video Spotlight - September 2008
Wilhelm_III Sep 23 2008, 1:19am replied:

I can't argue with you at this point, we've pretty much decided to stop development and go our separate ways. But don't rule out a resurrection.

+2 votes   mod: Warhammer 40,000: Dark Conquest
Wilhelm_III Sep 9 2008, 1:23am replied:

Also, I agree entirely. Rotating mod banners FTW!

+7 votes   media: 2002 to 2004 - Mod DB v0.5 to v1.5
Wilhelm_III Sep 9 2008, 1:16am says:

Wacky? Really? WACKY? You sound like an out of touch behemoth company like EA or something... Wacky... Why don't you throw "zany" in there while your at it?

I'll be watching though.

0 votes   article: Indie Rumble!
Wilhelm_III Sep 3 2008, 2:25pm says:

This is great, the only thing I can think of to nit pick on is the voice acting.

+1 vote   media: X32I Episode 1 Trailer
Wilhelm_III Aug 15 2008, 4:08pm says:

I can has cookies for putting jpegs up?

+1 vote   group: deviantART
Wilhelm_III Aug 12 2008, 3:08pm says:

I still like the 0.5-1.5 design the best :(

+2 votes   media: 2002 to 2004 - Mod DB v0.5 to v1.5
Wilhelm_III Jul 20 2008, 12:24pm says:

Wow, great job on those little details! Did one of you hand draw those or is that a pattern you found online somewhere?

+1 vote   media: Revolver WIP
Wilhelm_III Jul 19 2008, 1:36pm says:


+1 vote   media: Modified DarkShadows Squad Script (with Health)
Wilhelm_III Jul 16 2008, 1:02pm says:

Wow, for a mod, this is amazing! I can't wait for this, you're definitely on my watch list.

+1 vote   article: X32I New Video + Progress Report
Wilhelm_III Jul 9 2008, 12:02pm says:

That looks great! I can't wait to play this mod...

+2 votes   media: Red River Canyon
Wilhelm_III Jul 9 2008, 12:00pm says:

"3D Modelisation Tools"

That was a joke, right?

-1 votes   article: Media Release 2
Wilhelm_III Jun 2 2009, 12:03pm says:

Sweet, I loves me some WW1 mods! Will there be the M1916 helmet also, or does the mode end BEFORE 1916?

One little critique though, it might just be me but does his torso (belt to neck) look a little long to anyone else?

+2 votes   article: June Update
Wilhelm_III Jun 1 2009, 12:41am says:

Wow, that looked really good! I can't wait to play this when it comes out.

+2 votes   media: Scout Death Animation
Wilhelm_III Jun 1 2009, 12:32am replied:

Did you watch the whole thing? The rick roll was itself a rick roll.

+12 votes   article: Action Half-Life 2 Release!
Wilhelm_III May 12 2009, 6:33pm says:

Looks like a nail gun :O - Love the design ;)

+1 vote   media: ULA Aeger TA Submachine Gun
Wilhelm_III May 12 2009, 6:32pm says:

That looks like it'll be hella fun to use!

+1 vote   media: AIA Kaller MLI Missile Launcher
Wilhelm_III May 12 2009, 6:31pm says:

Reminds me of the Helghast rifle from Killzone 1.

+1 vote   media: AIA Salier P6i Assault Rifle
Wilhelm_III Apr 29 2009, 11:05am replied:

The music here doesn't sound even remotely like it goes with 40k at all. It sounds like it should go to Mass Effect 2 or something (and that is by no means a complement).

-1 votes   article: April Advance
Wilhelm_III Apr 5 2009, 10:47am says:

I can't read anything because the resolution is so low.

+1 vote   article: Tutorial Batch 1 - Setting up Object Editor
Wilhelm_III Jan 3 2008, 12:58am says:

Ooh, snazzy.

+1 vote   media: US FA-6 Sidearm
Wilhelm_III Jan 1 2008, 9:33pm replied:

Are you kidding? Of course they are!

+1 vote   media: M&R .45 cal MkIII Pistol
Wilhelm_III Dec 18 2007, 12:29am says:

She seem kind of top-heavy...

+1 vote   media: WIP High Poly Render Outlaw Class 2
Wilhelm_III Sep 25 2007, 9:54am says:

I am eagerly awaiting October. This'll be a great birthday present (my birthday is in October ;) )

+1 vote   article: Insurgency Beta 2 is coming: October 2007
Wilhelm_III Sep 9 2007, 12:29pm says:

Umm, shouldn't he be holding the handle up top? Or, I guess you're working on the animations and rigging still...

+1 vote   media: Imperial Guard Plasma Gun
Wilhelm_III Oct 10 2005, 8:05pm says:

Cool avi, hope you stick aorund ;)

+2 votes   member: GDawgTUK
Wilhelm_III Jul 18 2005, 5:40pm says:

Hey so.. What public relations have you been doing as of late?

+1 vote   member: scribbles.
Wilhelm_III Jul 17 2005, 5:41pm says:

Hey man, I figured I'd get the first post in your porfile.

+1 vote   member: cloaked
Wilhelm_III Jul 11 2005, 11:59am says:

That looks alot like the Halo 2 battle rifle...

+1 vote   media: The RF-A42 Skinned
Wilhelm_III Jul 6 2005, 12:28am says:

Love your profile picture :O

+1 vote   member: Spitfire2
Wilhelm_III May 24 2005, 5:50pm says:

Where did you get your avtar? Or did you make it? Either way I love it!

+1 vote   member: Vecha
Wilhelm_III Mar 29 2005, 5:25pm says:

Oi! You need to do more stuff, I am the only one who ever visits your profile.

+1 vote   member: Agent_DarkBooty
Wilhelm_III Jan 22 2005, 3:25pm says:

Wlcome to moddb, I hpe you stay :)

+1 vote   member: xSqUiDx
Wilhelm_III Jan 18 2005, 1:33am says:

Welcome to moddb, I hope you stick around :)

w00t, first post.

+1 vote   member: grandmoder
Wilhelm_III Jan 15 2005, 5:08pm says:

Hey miede, glad you signed up, do you plan to go on the forums?

(w00t! first post)

+1 vote   member: TheMiede
Wilhelm_III Jan 4 2005, 7:18pm says:

Hey, I hopr you find JKII. <-what the hell is that doing in this comment? Maybe you should click on it...

+1 vote   member: ILikeLucasArts
Wilhelm_III Dec 31 2004, 2:44pm says:

Here is the link for the dawn of war tools, I just noticed you wanted to know

Either or works. Or did you mean that you wanted tutorials?

+1 vote   member: dominoes007
Wilhelm_III Dec 31 2004, 2:36pm says:

Thanks for taking interest in DC, and welcome to moddb, even though you joined in Augest O_o.

+1 vote   member: Koroshiya_Ichi
Wilhelm_III Dec 19 2004, 10:34pm says:

Welcome to the forums, I hope you stay, it's pretty cool here :) Also, you need to viset this mod :paranoid:

+1 vote   member: itachi_
Wilhelm_III Dec 12 2004, 7:24pm says:

Welcome to the forums, I hope you stay.

+1 vote   member: Dr.Freeman
Wilhelm_III Dec 11 2004, 2:53pm says:

Don't be afreid to sign up on our forums!!!

+1 vote   mod: Solstice
Wilhelm_III Dec 11 2004, 9:16am says:

Do you play warhammer 40,000? I am guessing you do because your name is black temp and you have one of the warhammer 40,000 symbols as you avatar. I do too, I play IG, SM, and I used to play tau and eldar.

+1 vote   member: Blacktemp69
Wilhelm_III Dec 7 2004, 11:48pm says:

Welcome to the forums, Starzie. I hope you enjoy your stay ;)

+1 vote   member: Starzie
Wilhelm_III Dec 1 2004, 10:51pm says:

Hey, welsome to the forums.

W00t, first comment.

+1 vote   member: MrDev
Wilhelm_III Apr 26 2004, 11:30pm says:

First comment!!!!

+1 vote   member: maia777
Wilhelm_III Feb 23 2004, 9:37pm says:

All I can say is I'm glad you're doing it at 10am becausr I'm never on then. That's eastern time right?

+1 vote   article: modDB Server Outage
Wilhelm_III Jan 22 2004, 8:56pm says:

Hey, you want an avatar right? Give me a pic and I'll make you one.

+1 vote   member: Talkerdude
Wilhelm_III Jan 13 2004, 6:03pm says:

All I can say is I hope you fix it and good luck.

+1 vote   article: Forum Trouble...
Wilhelm_III Oct 12 2003, 10:21am says:

Hey Hornet, when are you going to add me to the team members list?

+1 vote   mod: The Frozen Dawn
Wilhelm_III Sep 29 2003, 4:55pm says:

This pic was done by Agent_DarkBooty, but was posted by me, because he has not signed up yet. Although he will soon ;)

+1 vote   media: Kristoffian Schutze uniform
Wilhelm_III Sep 28 2003, 9:20pm says:

Hey, I'm the first to post! Anyway I hope you fix my site :P

+1 vote   member: gh0st
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