Game designer, programmer and international man of mystery :) I am currently making and/or have previously made games using Game Maker, SDL, SFML, OpenGL, OpenFL, Löve2D, Slick2D, Unity3D, NME, HTML 5, LWJGL and LibGDX. Only a small subset of these projects have every been published: they can be found below.

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wilbefast Jun 28 2010, 4:19am says:

I'm going to grab some multiplayer footage at a friend's house shortly - he's got a powerful rig so it's likely to be long and HD. Huzzah XD

Watch this space.

+1 vote   news: Zombie Run multiplayer -- need testers and feedback
wilbefast Jun 27 2010, 5:50am replied:

Your multiplayer is ready sir :-P

Unfortunately I essentially live alone in a broom cupboard, otherwise I'd take some footage. I could try playing 2 people at once, but it might look a bit odd...

+2 votes   game: Zombie Run
wilbefast Jun 23 2010, 6:10am says:

Hehe - I was wondering what your voice sounded like :-P

Will have to get back to Spring at some point: Gundam RTS definitely shows off its potential - and yours :-)

+1 vote   game: Gundam RTS
wilbefast Jun 20 2010, 7:33am replied:


The full quote is "I will cure him, because that's my job. Then I judge will hang him, because that's his". Diderot was referring to a known criminal, but I'd hoped Murder Man would be annoying enough that the decision at the end wouldn't be an obvious one.

Please rate if you liked it :-)

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wilbefast Jun 20 2010, 7:30am replied:

They're Swiss-made first-aid kits :-P

+1 vote   game: Murder Man
wilbefast Jun 17 2010, 4:37pm says:

The "archive" button is really close to the "edit info" button, and I pressed the wrong one. How annoying :-(

+1 vote   game: Murder Man
wilbefast Jun 14 2010, 5:50pm replied:

A couple of people suggested making it 2 player actually: think it might be good fun. Not too experienced with net programming, but it'd be simple to do a shared keyboard mode...

+2 votes   game: Zombie Run
wilbefast Jun 13 2010, 6:03am replied:

At the time I didn't know any better :-S

The idea of programming terrified me: I only had experience with the Warcraft 3 map editor, and no formal education...

Now days I'd find drag and drop far too frustrating to do anything this complex, but necessity is the mother of invention...

PS - I used Gamemaker 6: this was before even 7 was released...

+1 vote   game: Supersoldat
wilbefast Jun 13 2010, 6:02am replied:

But it's *nothing like* "Soldat" :-(

I hadn't heard of Soldat before I released this some years ago, and since then people keep mistaking it for a clone! If I ever make a sequel there sure as hell won't be "Soldat" anywhere in the name...

+1 vote   game: Supersoldat
wilbefast Jun 13 2010, 6:00am replied:

A lot of people have asked for more air control: originally there was none whatsoever. Like the lack of guns and the character's fragility, this was a design choice: I wanted the game to be about momentum. Speed is power because the faster you're going the stronger your attacks are and the further you can jump.

But people kept asking for air control so I eventually added some: as a joke though I made him flap his arms frantically whenever you exercise it :-P

+1 vote   game: Supersoldat
wilbefast May 25 2010, 4:16pm replied:

Thanks for the support - always nice to hear :-)

There's very little left to do now, just a few art assets (menu screens). I have to wait for the music to be done though - I'm going to give myself a couple of weeks more lee-way, since I'm not going to be able to work on it until the end of the month :-S

+1 vote   game: Murder Man
wilbefast May 2 2010, 7:05am says:

The poor quality and lag isn't actually caused by the game, but rather the real-time encoding of the video, which is of an emulated WindowsXP. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out the parameters for ffmpeg to allow for much better quality in the future.

+1 vote   media: Murder Man, test gameplay
wilbefast Mar 20 2010, 11:00am says:

I fixed the crash-bug caused by falling onto spikes. Sorry about that one guys - clearly I should have tested by code more carefully...

+1 vote   download: Abomination - Final Release
wilbefast Mar 15 2010, 3:16pm replied:

Cheers :-)

I'm actually going to be using an original track in the very near future, along with a couple of other updates: I like the 28 Days Later one but I'd rather not have to worry about copyright.

Also there's no way it'll get publicised unless I use my own music :P

+2 votes   game: Zombie Run
wilbefast Feb 20 2010, 7:31am says:

NB - altered file to add a 32bit version (my OS is 64 so I used a VM). Should now work just about everywhere.

+1 vote   download: Beard Snake (Linux)
wilbefast Jan 25 2010, 5:07pm says:

The first game I ever made - it is technically Open Source, but you'd have to be somewhat masochistic to try to make any sense of it: I myself have made an oath to stay out of it, so don't report any bugs - I know there are a couple but nothing that severely breaks the game. I think...

Oh yeah - if you are crazy enough to want the source, ask and I'll pass it to you. It's a good example of what can be achieved using ONLY DRAG & DROP.

+2 votes   game: Supersoldat
wilbefast Jan 25 2010, 4:46am says:

Well, Scott says it's okay for me to host a couple of old Gamemaker games - all are playable if unpolished: so thanks ModDB! It's really hard to find a reliable host.

+1 vote   game: Zombie Run
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