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wikkid1 Jun 14 2013, 3:06pm says:

Are you making those for all screen ratios? I know that's normally the big problem with sights, they don't work unless specifically made for the ratio. It does look very nice though... very clean, I like it!

+1 vote   media: Sights demo #2
wikkid1 Jun 14 2013, 3:04pm says:

YES! That's one of the thing I've always wanted, a friggin ton of weapons to choose from. I just hope they're not all the same... the lower tier ones should be just the guns, then as they get better they will start receiving attachments with the very best guns being able to take all attachments to make it a 'one gun for any day' type of weapon. At least that's what I'd like to see. Normally I end up picking the guns that take attachments over those that don't every time. If I can have a gun with a nade launcher, scope and silencer then I'd def pick it over a gun that can only take a launcher, or only scope. It adds options for the player :) Can't wait to see the final product.

+1 vote   media: AAC Honeybadger
wikkid1 Jun 14 2013, 3:00pm says:

Awesome! Always liked the nade launchers in STALKER. The AI seems to be a little... I dunno... stupid? Walking at you while facing another way, standing STILL in the middle of the hallway while reloading. I guess maybe it's some stealth features at work or something, but it sure looks weird.

+2 votes   media: Combat teaser #2
wikkid1 Jun 14 2013, 2:56pm says:

The music probably did more damage to those bandits then the sawn-off did. Looks awesome though! Just one thing, as somebody already mentioned, it does look really really dark... is that the norm for M2 or is that just dark weather, also, is that tweakable?

+1 vote   media: Combat teaser #1
wikkid1 Jun 14 2013, 2:51pm says:

Is this something similar to SweetFX? I've been using that for a whole bunch of dx games and it sounds like it does the same stuff.

+1 vote   mod: Dark Fantasy LOL - ENBSeries Preset
wikkid1 Jun 6 2013, 8:40pm says:

Sounds good! I had what I thought as an interesting idea a while back when I was reading my way through the 150+books set in the STALKER world. It's for a anomaly detection system that interfaces with the PDA. (Obviously this is something that only makes sense if dynamic anomalies are present) Basically some sort of a system where you could approach the anomaly with the detector out, at which point it would determine the exact type of anomaly and mark it on the map until the next emission. There are some problems with this when the setting is CoP, there are no dynamic anomalies first of all, but it seems that a lot of mods add some. Then the fact that in-game the emissions happen A LOT more frequently then they do in the books, we're talking once per two weeks or so, and they know in advance the approximate time from the scientists. And of course some serious scripting would have to be done to implement such a system.

I think it would add a bit of a stalker feel to the game, the feeling that it's not just another shooter, but you're surrounded by anomalies and any wrong step could be, and often is, deadly. So assuming these conditions are met I think this system would benefit the game greatly, it would give us(players) reason to step off the path a little. Just in case you have to sprint your way back and you want to make sure that there are no un-expected anomalies hiding in the tall grass.

+1 vote   news: June update
wikkid1 Jun 6 2013, 8:06pm says:

Personally I still don't like it. I see you made it darker, but you didn't do anything to lighten the areas that were already dark (it's an issue I had with SFX until I tweaked it better) and that has the effect of making areas that were somewhat dark before become really dark. You can clearly see what I mean if you look at his face, most of it is now covered by darkness.
I do like the idea of taking some of that yellow tint out to make the picture seem darker, but I think that you also need to lighten the darks and maybe the mid-tones to even them out. Hopefully these shaders will be an optional bit.
Don't take this next bit wrong, but I don't get the purpose of your messing with shaders in the first place. You set out to change up the inventories and gameplay, so stick to that, don't go trying to do little changes all over the place, that's what the soup is for. Especially considering that anybody can easily tweak these to their liking with SFX, I know I know, not the same thing, but the visual result is largely the same. Plus assuming it's an optional feature it feels like your time could be better spent on the important bits, bits that very few people could do as well as you have done in the past.

+1 vote   media: Shader tweaks - Indoor light
wikkid1 Jun 4 2013, 3:22pm says:

"Rebirth is close..don't miss it." -- Eagerly awaiting further news :)

+8 votes   media: Deadlands
wikkid1 Jun 3 2013, 7:10pm says:

Could you write a list of the classes that is actually readable? At least make them one to a line, that collection of asterisks is guaranteed to cause a headache. Makes me wonder how the actual mod is if writing a single paragraph is beyond you.

+7 votes   download: Community Class Modpack. v 5.1
wikkid1 Jun 3 2013, 3:11pm replied:

I remember back in the AOL days they used to give 30days free with a new account. But they were so desperate to keep members after that first month that they would offer another one. At one point I spent like 6 months on AOL without paying a penny, maybe Dish is doing something similar? :)

+1 vote   media: I can't even remember what it used to look like..
wikkid1 Jun 3 2013, 3:05pm says:

I think your phrasing threw some people off, a better way would've been something like New-Left, Old-Right... as it is I also thought that what was meant to appear was (Left) Old (Right) New... only somehow the last word either got cut off or left out by accident or something.

I actually think that a dagger should be a little bit more crafted then a sword. Dagger is often a ceremonial item, it's not something you go into battle with, and that allows it to be a little more fancy. I mean if you're in a situation where you need dagger to perform like a sword then you already lost. So I don't think that the original is all that out of place, it's not meant to be a melee weapon and so it doesn't need to be sturdy and plain like most melee weapons are. To me the new proposed skin looks like a knife, a hunting knife perhaps.

+1 vote   media: New Steel Dagger - Left, Old Steel Dagger - Right
wikkid1 Jun 3 2013, 2:56pm says:

My first thought was parasol = umbrella :/ I guess they are shaped a bit alike. Is there just one type of these things in game by default? Meaning maybe you could just substitute some sub-type for the new ones? Otherwise, considering your concern about the new ones, it would make sense to keep the old ones.

+1 vote   media: Question: Old Emperor Parasols or the new ones?
wikkid1 Jun 1 2013, 6:55pm says:

Hm, 8 months since last infos... beginning to look like this mod is going the way of countless mods before. Endless development, grandiose plans, but eventually news slows down, and so does the development... sad times

For me, and the way I prefer to play, nothing has so far beat the combination of SMRTR with Complete. Truly best of both worlds... I'd be much unhappy to find out that this SUPRSMRTR is not coming.

+1 vote   mod: S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat
wikkid1 Jun 1 2013, 6:51pm says:

Good stuff! Personally not a big fan of the AKs, especially the older models, but good skins are important for all. Nothing destroys immersion faster then a bad skin or broken animation. Not sure how I feel about the addition of Shoker mod, we discussed it earlier and it seems that we both hated the exact same thing, so hopefully the way you found that works around juggling all the pouches will work well.

+1 vote   media: Updated AK-74
wikkid1 Jun 1 2013, 6:33pm says:

I really hope you guys will also be distributing the mod through the torrent network. Nothing makes me upset more then having to go to third-party sites to get a comfortable download. This is obviously something that should be of great importance to the team, I mean it makes perfect sense that you want to get your product out to as many people as possible, and having to download 5GB through an http server sucks!

I have had to use torrent sites to download mods before, it's so much faster that I'd probably be able to start playing the mod before people downloading via http would even finish the first half of the download.

Other then that little worry I'm super excited to see that mention of a release within a month or two. AFAIK there are very few CoP mods still in development, and this being one of the two I'm watching out for. Would be really great to get this in the earlier part of summer, a lot of people will have a bit of extra time to devote to gaming, and that's good. :)

+3 votes   media: Insight on BETA testing
wikkid1 May 31 2013, 12:07pm says:

Good stuff! Although to be honest I'm beginning to get weary of all the delays every mod team keeps throwing up. I mean, I understand that it's people working in their free time and etc etc etc, but also with every week the chances of anything getting released get smaller and smaller. We've seen it many times already, and even this news mentions that you basically quit working on the mod, almost permanently. Don't get this wrong, just venting.

Just in case you haven't bumped into this yet: There's a great piece of 'ware out there that I think you may incorporate into your mod to assist with gfx, it's called SweetFX. It's pretty easy to get to work with STALKER and it easiely tweaked, maybe this is what you're looking for. I've used it in a number of dx9 games from Torchlight to Euro Truck Simulator to STALKER, it offered a nicer(then either vanilla or modded with yours, complete or smrtr) picture in all games, with some minor tweaks.

+1 vote   news: Latest news yo
wikkid1 May 21 2013, 3:11pm says:

WOW! I didn't realize anybody was still working on Morrowind. I never got a chance to play it back in the day, didn't get into TES until Oblivion, so I've always wanted to... maybe this mod will finally push me to play it some more.

+1 vote   news: [RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 2.2!
wikkid1 May 20 2013, 8:34pm replied:

The only way Crysis is better then STALKER is in terms of gfx. Outside that it's similar or worse then STALKER. And I'm speaking of the early Crysis games, starting with C2 they're nowhere near as good as STALKER, just another tunnely CoD clone.

+3 votes   media: Gratitude
wikkid1 May 20 2013, 7:39pm says:

*shudder* Man, that syringe looks menacing as hell! I remember my mother poking me with those when I was much younger. We didn't have disposable ones back in those days, at least not in ussr.

+1 vote   media: UI overhaul
wikkid1 May 20 2013, 7:32pm says:

Good lookin gun! Personally I really wish that there were more one-handed options in CoP. I mean actually USEFUL ones, like the mp7 that's in SMRTR, amazing piece for artifact hunting. But being the only piece of it's type basically means that it's the only viable option, I like to have choices though :) Thanks again for doing all this work.

+1 vote   media: v1.4 - Glock 20
wikkid1 May 20 2013, 7:27pm says:

This is sounding good... I'm still downloading 1.3 but already can't wait for 1.4. It's been a while since I've gotten my CoP fix, playing with the same old mods is entertaining for some time, but eventually even that gets boring. Currently my fav build for CoP is my own merge of SMRTR and Complete (they work really well together.) Once I try out Swartz 1.3 I may end up with a new fav.

+2 votes   news: Status update on 1.4
wikkid1 May 20 2013, 7:11pm says:

Could you please add these to some torrent trackers as well? It's a real PITA downloading 1.3GB off the web servers, slow as hell too.

Otherwise thanks a billion for continuing to work on this mod, there are so few decent (playable AND fun) mods that are still being worked on, it would be a shame to see an awesome game like CoP die out due to lack of interest.

edit: I realize I can add this to any tracker myself, but I think it's much better for everyone if the author does so, gives the torrent legitimacy IMO.

+1 vote   download: Swartz mod v1.3 full version
wikkid1 Apr 9 2013, 9:50pm says:

Good stuff! With S2 out of the picture these mods are our only hope. It's good to see that some modders out there are still working on stalker... a truly under-rated series, I can't think of a game more under-rated then the stalker series.

+2 votes   news: Swartz mod v1.4 in the works
wikkid1 Apr 4 2013, 9:30pm says:

I really hope that this is a poor attempt at April Fool's joke.

I honestly hope you guys are kidding... Dragons? WTF?! Have you nothing better to spend time on? We don't need friggin dragons in STALKER, it's ridiculous! Seriously, I just can't believe that you guys would do something like this, you've been doing well so far, but if this is not a joke then this mod is getting removed from my watch list immediately, to never come back... and I've been waiting and watching this mod a long time.

0 votes   media: 2nd Poll Choice!
wikkid1 May 20 2012, 7:20pm replied:

oh ok, so I was wrong about that part. Still though, I think it would be interesting to add the ability to mark them onto the map... Running away from dogs or boars with the detector out, as opposed to an assault rifle, doesn't seem like a smrt :) choice. Although my slightly tweaked mp7a3 is a monster.

+1 vote   mod: S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat
wikkid1 May 20 2012, 2:18am replied:

As far as I know, the detectors currently in game only show locations of the static anomalies, ones that are in the marked anomaly zones. But since this mod(smrter) will add dynamic anomalies, it would be nice to have some sort of system for marking them in order to make rapid movement less dangerous.

+1 vote   mod: S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat
wikkid1 May 19 2012, 10:52pm says:

Hey there, you mention that you havent found GOTZ for CS and ShoC. I know that its definately included in CS Complete, and for ShoC I have something called Atlas, its not as nice as Voron or GOTZ, but to somebody who knows the scripting it should be easy to make it more fully featured(using the Atlas as a base I mean.) If you like, drop me a msg and I'll get you the .script files, and whatever other files you need.

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R God Of The Zone
wikkid1 May 19 2012, 10:45pm says:

Heya smrt, I've been enjoying(and waiting for) your mod for a long time. And just recently, while reading through the stalker books I got an idea that I think would be interesting in-game, if it can be implemented well. Basically its a special detector that only detects anomalies, but its interfaced with your PDA. So that when a stalker is close enough to an anomaly to be picked up(and maybe even identified) by the detector, he can mark it on his map, making the anomaly appear both on the PDA map as well as the mini-map... at least until the next blow-out(in the books the blow-outs seem to be a much rarer occurrence then in the game, maybe once every week or two, and they can be somewhat accurately predicted.)

Anyway, I think this detector/PDA feature would add a bunch of depth to exploring the field. Taking the time to mark out the anomalies will let you later sprint around them if there's a bunch of swine on your tail.

+1 vote   mod: S.M.R.T.E.R. Pripyat
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