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whitewolf007 Nov 18 2009, 12:01pm replied:

Come on guys I've been watching this thing for almost 2 years now? Has it been that long?? Whats the hold up? Whats the latest news? Is this going the way of Duke Nukem Forever?? Inquiring minds need to know!!

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whitewolf007 Aug 14 2009, 10:36am says:


I am in a game design curriculum right now. I've seen some other level design tools and this one looks really fun. I've worked with Game Maker and Unreal Ed. I got the link to Sandbox from Mechwarrior Living Legends hosted here as well. From the video this looks to be a really cool game creation tool. I will definitely check it out between classes!

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whitewolf007 Aug 14 2009, 10:16am says:

Love the skybox on this one!

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whitewolf007 Aug 14 2009, 10:12am says:

Sweet Jesus man I just watched the new video. Wow man this is really quality here guys. It looks like the game we have been waiting for. I don't even think MW5 will be able to compare. Awesome man can't wait!

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whitewolf007 Aug 14 2009, 10:07am replied:

I'm totally stoked to check this out man. Especially since MW5 is being made for consoles as well so it's going to be dumbed down. Man I miss the old simulators that used every key on the keyboard and then some...
X-wing, Tie Fighter, Mech Warrior. Seriously when you guys get this thing ready for release throw up a paypal link and ill send 10 - 20 for the effort.

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whitewolf007 Aug 14 2009, 10:03am replied:


I'm a total Robotech Fan and remember Battletech Technical readouts from the 80s - 90s. I believe what you see Robotech related was a rip from the Robotech universe. Yep the Warhammer looks like a Tomahawk destroid. There is also another battletech mech called a marauder which looks exactly like the Zentraedi officers battlepod. To make matters worse there were a couple of light mechs with jumpjet capability that looked exactly like the various gen 1 Veritechs. I do believe Harmony Gold may have sued FASA at one point over the rips though.

Another bad move was the transformer Jetfire looking and transforming exactly like a gen 1 Veritech. I used to have the Technical Readout books with the sketches. I have also played the old boxed game and computer games set in the Mech Warrior universe.

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whitewolf007 Jul 8 2009, 3:14pm replied:

I wonder if any of you guys are working in the profession or are you just enthusiasts? Do you have other full time jobs because making game assets and such can take some time for sure. I do have a preference for 3ds Max. It's easier to use since i'm used to it. We are currently taking a class in Maya and I find the interface to be a bit crowded. There is also Zbush and such for texturing. The list goes on for this stuff huh?

I really can't wait to see this mod come out man! Our class talked about games we would like to see developed and Mech Warrior came up quite a bit as did a modern version of X-wing or Tie-Fighter. It seems like nowadays games that use almost every key on the keyboard are falling out of favor. Too much dumbing down of simulations!

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whitewolf007 Jul 8 2009, 12:50am replied:

Just want you guys to know i have been following this development since last year. You guys are doing great. I am a future graduate in game design and would like to know if you use 3ds or Maya to model your mechs? Well basically would just love to know what software you use to create something like this. I did not even know that Crysis has a level editor / object editor etc. Currently at school we are learning to make Unreal 2004 levels with our own textures and static meshes. I've also got an interest in modding for Sins of a Solar Empire and Fallout 3 / Oblivion. I was just wondering what kinds of tools I should be focused on. I know for texturing its good to know lots of photoshop.

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